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01-11-2015 20:52

Climate Crisis Indonesia

We get a report directly from the scene, with Dr. Daniel Murdiyarso, at the Center for International Forestry Research in Bogor Indonesia. Then one of the long-standing reporters on tropical forests, Mongabay founder Rhett Butler. Read more >>

19-10-2015 15:02

Bono Collaterally Slashes Virgin Arrangement

The Irish musician famous for his rat-herding of United Nations bureaucrats today turned down what analysts termed a frivolous offer by media giant Virgin Records. The artist management conglomerate had offered Bono a tour organisation treaty including large scale state-sponsored concerts, which would have given visitors a guarantee that stage-diving was to take place in all of the events. United Nations Special Representative for Cultural Affairs Tevik Breibarz said the bureau regretted the decision, as customers would have been offered a money-back clause in case there was no stage-diving in some of the corporation´s presentations. Read more >>

13-06-2015 10:22

The World Revolution to Stop Global Warming

And when the broken-hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be. - Paul McCartney.
Global warming is destroying the earth and driving the human race to extinction but the official censorship in the mainstream news media is suppressing the truth about the catastrophic apocalyptic consequences of climate change and preventing the people of the world from taking the urgent action that will be necessary to save themselves and help ensure the survival of future generations. Read more >>

10-03-2015 07:09

#TIMETOACT2015 Climate Change March 7/3

Polar Bears on Parliament Square
7th March, 2015 was the day of the first big march of the year in London. It started in Lincoln’s Inn Field. The sun was with us and so was the party atmosphere. A band was playing some cracking music, food was being served and it felt like it was already summer. Despite the hot weather a group of Polar Bears had decided to join the march. An immediate hit with the crowd they had travelled over from Heathrow Airport having completed a direct action against the third runway. (Video of Heathrow Action - ) Read more >>

08-03-2015 13:30

[Good Video] London Climate March Time to Act 07/03/2015

We Arrived Late for Time to Act

March 07 2015

30-01-2015 12:10

The £469m Cost of Restoring Opencast Coal Sites:

Yesterday the House of commons debated the issue of Un-restored Opencast Sites in the UK. Totting up all the figures used in the debate means that the cost of restoring these sites has reached £469m. LAON's press release below goes on to warn that unless steps are taken to prevent new site approvals under the present regime, more sites could be left un-restored. Read more >>

07-12-2014 20:37

Bhopal – 30 years on

This is a history of the world's worst industrial accident which killed many thousands of people at Bhopal, India in 1984. In the intervening 30 years little or no compensation has been paid and what little was paid largely went in to the pockets of lawyers and middle men. Read more >>

03-12-2014 14:52

Plane Stupid and Transition Heathrow Activists Occupy Davis Commission Rooftop

Activists Occupy Davis Commission Rooftop to highlight the phony commission that won't consider anything but expanding aviation, even in the face of climate chaos. Read more >>

20-10-2014 15:37

Protest at Green Investment Bank 2nd Birthday

Biofuelwatch, the London Biomassive and UKWIN will be protesting outside the Green Investment Bank's 2nd Birthday Celebrations at 5pm on Tuesday 29 October at 2 King Edward St, nr St Paul's, EC2A 1HQ. We will be targetting GIB's wilful, ongoing, investment in Big Biomass and Waste Incineration. See for more details and event info. Join There will be cake and music! Read more >>

05-10-2014 13:05

The Coal Question and the Bradley Public Inquiry

Investors since may 2013 have been receiving warnings about not investing in Fossil Fuel Utility Companies. This press release recounts these warnings and explains why it may influence the outcome of the Bradley Public Inquiry into UK Coal's appeal over Durham County Council's rejection of an opencast mine application Read more >>

03-10-2014 16:15

The Financial Risks and the Bradley Public Inquiry

People living around the Bradley site fear that if planning approval is given for mining the 550,000 tonnes of coal on the site is that all they will be left with is a big waterfilled hole. This press release gives reasons why this fear exists Read more >>

02-10-2014 14:19

The Bradley Public Inquiry And Air Pollution

There is only one use for the coal to be mined at Bradley and that is to burn it. This press release details why doing so is going to lead to more premature deaths, more expensive health care, which we all have to pay for, and to the UK continuing to be in breach of European Law. These are additional reasons why UK Coal's application to opencast this coal should be rejected. Read more >>

26-09-2014 12:00

The Bradley Opencast Decision : the 1,600,000 CO2 Question

After the recent marches against Climate Change comes the start of a Public Inquiry into whether UK Coal should be allowed to dig up 500,000+ tonnes of coal which will be burnt to produce c 1,600,000 tonnes of CO2. This press release explains why the Inspector should take account of this when judging whether to grant the Appeal. Read more >>

29-08-2014 10:44

Grow Heathrow: You can't evict an idea (VIDEO)

Video about eviction resistance at Grow Heathrow


22-08-2014 20:40

Docs aquired from Blackpool Chamber of Commerce Occupation

Documents acquired in an occupation of a Chaber of Commerce which may be of interest to environmental campaigners. Read more >>

16-08-2014 15:23

Grow Heathrow eviction Resisted Successfuly!!

Eviction Resisted successfully on Friday 16th August.

09-08-2014 11:15

Eco-Warriors Noah's Ark Rescue Mission to South Pacific Islands

The Eco-Warriors are planning the Noah's Ark Campaign as a rescue mission for the islanders in the South Pacific whose island nations are being submerged by the rising sea levels, and we intend to travel to the South Pacific on an ocean liner called Noah's Ark to publicise our appeal to all the governments of the world to help evacuate all the low-lying islands before they vanish beneath the waves within the next four years. Read more >>

05-05-2014 23:49

50 Years to Destruction

Gathering of people to call for serious investment into and research of renewable energies and sources in light of the UN climate report giving just 50 years for world co2 emissions to be reduced by 40% and the call for the end to all fossil fuel use. Read more >>

30-04-2014 09:24

Council Asked to Act over Breach of Contract

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) has been asked to take action over the late payment of £266,000 by UK Coal. Coal extraction at the Minorca site is continuing despite UK Coal being late in making payments due under a Section 106 Agreement. LCC is being asked to take action either to get the money owed or to stop coal from being extracted and shipped out from the site Read more >>

01-04-2014 21:41

Vegan And Vegetarian Champions Ask LeBron James To Join Them

Roger Bannister British vegetarian 1st to run 4 minute mile
champion vegan and vegetarian athletes of the world ask LeBron James to cancel his fast food ad Read more >>


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