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02-09-2007 23:38 | 1 addition

Tara: March to Navan, 15/08/07

A short video of a march to Navan, the closest town to the Tara Valley, to drawn public awareness to the destruction of Irish National Heritage. Read more >>

01-09-2007 02:25

Tara M3 Legal Challenge update

Campaigners at Tara M3 Ireland Legal update.

31-08-2007 14:17

On the Fires in Greece

Who is Burning Greece?

27-08-2007 19:53

Audio Podcast on Climate Camp day of actions...

Action podcast on 19th August: interviews with particpants, witnesses and legal observers. Read more >>

26-08-2007 01:18

satirical graphic after climate camp

'We Are Armed... Only With....'
"We are armed.... only with the brutal apparatus of state repression...." Read more >>

23-08-2007 14:13

Climate camp photos from the saddle

Banner hang in West Drayton on Sun morning.
Some pictures of the day of action from one of the cycle crew. Read more >>

23-08-2007 14:02

Camp for Climate Action 2007 a Resounding Success! (Action Roundup)

The 24 hours of direct action against climate change which began on Sunday 19th August at noon has culminated in a flurry of direct actions throughout England. As previously stated, none of the actions were intended to disrupt passengers, but instead, targeted the corporations who profit from climate chaos. Meanwhile, the mass siege of BAA national headquarters has forced its closure for the day.

During the week there have been over 71 arrests and a dozen actions, covering a broad range of issues.

Find below details of all the actions throughout the week... Read more >>

23-08-2007 12:58 | 3 additions

Sipson Says Thankyou to Climate Camp

As the camp for climate action was winding down and packing up several groups of local residents were going around thanking people for all of their efforts over the last week and a half. Read more >>

23-08-2007 12:35 | 2 additions

Battle of the broad bean field ( 15 pics )

Another photo highlighting a brave eco worrior and one of her majesty's finest
These photos highlight the police tactics used as we were kettled in the broad bean field. Read more >>

22-08-2007 17:56

Climate change activity reaches Stansted Airport

Climate camp activists target Stansted Airport in an increasing wave of activity. Leaflets were handed out and a slogan attached to a wall on a main entrance/exit. Activists then left, as quickly as they had arrived, on public transport. Read more >>

22-08-2007 17:39

Climate Camp podcast

This podcast content a couple of interviews, general mood in BAA, Seize the day music and Rob Newman performance. Read more >>

22-08-2007 13:43 | 1 addition

The occupation of the BAA staff parking lot - Night and Day and blockade

On the car park - night time
The occupation went on all night and day. Read more >>

20-08-2007 18:18

Climate Camp activists blockade British Petroleum

As the 24hrs of action in support for the Climate Camp continues activists have blockaded climate criminals British Petroleum. The blockaders have super-glued themselves to the interior and entrances of BP’s central London head-quarters to draw links between the petroleum industry, aviation, and climate change. Read more >>

20-08-2007 12:07

Yorkshire neighbourhood occupy venture capitalist offices

Banners are unfurled for the benefit of passers by
Climate campers from the Yorshire neighbourhood today occupied the offices of venture capitalists Bridgepoint , new owners and would be expanders of Leeds/Bradford airport. Read more >>

20-08-2007 11:43

Pictures from the BP blockade

Lock on 1
Climate Camp protesters D-locked and superglued themselves to BPs London offices in St James, London today. Read more >>

20-08-2007 11:12

Audio report from those in the lock-on at Sizewell B

This audio report made by phone from those locked-on at Sizewell B nuclear power station was made at around 11am Monday 20th as part of the 24 hours of action against climate change. Those involved explain what they have done and why they are doing it. Read more >>

20-08-2007 10:12

Trafalgar Square Climate protest

Not waving but drowning....

20-08-2007 09:12 | 1 addition

Bridgepoint Capital (owners of Leeds airport) Offices in London Disrupted

This morning a group of 18 climate change campaigners briefly occupied the offices of Bridgepoint Capital in Warwick Street in London. Bridgepoint Capital, a private equity firm, bought Leeds Bradford Airport in April and is presseing for further expansion. Read more >>

20-08-2007 08:55

BP Headquarters Occupied in Central London

Around 30 people have blockaded the BP head offices in St James Sq, london this morning. Some are superglued to each other and some are D-locked to railings on te side of the building.

20-08-2007 07:27

Blockade at Sizewell B nuclear power station

A group of five people have locked to concrete blocks in the entrance of Sizewell nuclear power station. They started the action at 7.45am this morning and unfurled a banner reading 'nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos'. Read more >>


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