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11-10-2008 17:50

Call for creative responses to Shell's 'Oedipus'

Shell is sponsoring the National Theatre's new production of 'Oedipus',and, unsurprisingly, Art Not Oil is preparing a response on variousfronts. We're asking people if they're up for making an artwork of some kind as a response. This could be an image, song, film or poem to appear on our website, or to be printed on a postcard or something similar. We're open to ideas. (Unfortunately, we aren't able to pay for your work, but we have no wish to possess it!)
If this is of interest, we'd love to see it as soon as possible, as 'Oedipus' runs until January 2009 only. Read more >>

06-10-2008 14:30

TAG Aviation seek massive expansion at Farnborough Airport

Airbus A380 Farnborough International Airshow July 2008
TAG Aviation has published the result of its so-called consultation exercise for massive expansion of business aviation at Farnborough Airport. Read more >>

02-10-2008 14:01

The Carbon Trust: State Sponsored Greenwashing (With Help From Greenpeace)

I have a confession to make: about 18 months ago, when I was still part of the economic machine, I spent some time calculating the carbon footprint of the company I worked for. To help me, I used the guides provided by the Carbon Trust a, what I thought then, fairly reliable and objective agency of the UK Government working for, I thought at the time, reducing the overall carbon emissions of the UK. Read more >>

01-10-2008 22:33 | 8 additions

One hellllll of a mass (london)

And there's plenty more drama to come ... Read more >>

30-09-2008 09:19

EV-EON: Nice Bit Of Subvertising (Shame About The Solutions)

Here’s something nice from a group that brainstormed an idea at the 2008 Climate Camp; EV-EON []. EON want to build the first of a whole raft of coal-fired power stations in the UK, so these guys decided - and I’m guessing there are a few graphic designers and web bods involved - to make a spoof, which works well.

29-09-2008 18:29

Climate Camp 2008: illustrated diary

Kingsnorth in the distance
I went to Climate Camp during the final week of the event, and before the day of action. I went mainly to enjoy the atmosphere and attend some workshops. I also took my sketchbook though and thought it would be an interesting alternative way of documenting the event. Read more >>

27-09-2008 19:30

The European Social Forum at Malmo

European Social Forum at Malmo

By Uli Schmetzer

MALMO, Sweden, September 21 - If little else the European Social Forum (ESF) in Malmo this month ventilated the diverse aspirations of the alternative movement and the difficulty of a reunifying theme to make the dream work.

27-09-2008 08:27 | 1 addition

No police at Critical Mass London!

In an extraordinary development no police turned up for the September ride. Not only that but they were notable for their absence throughout the ride and the weather was perfect. Read more >>

23-09-2008 20:23

Lydd airport Kent-MD resigns

Managing director of Lydd Airport, Romney Marsh, Kent has resigned suddenly after a shareholder/board member dispute over the future of their expansion plans.. Read more >>

22-09-2008 17:04

Third World train service

Weekend travel and one hears the dreaded words 'rail works'.

22-09-2008 11:05

Suffragettes interrupt the Energy Minister in preparation for the Climate Rush

Who to trust? Girl with green hair? Grey politician?
Seven young women dressed as Suffragettes with red sashes that read: CLIMATE CODE RED and NO NEW COAL interrupted Energy Question Time at the Labour Party Conference on Saturday 20 September. The challenged Malcolm Wicks MP, Energy Minister, to defend his decision to build a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. They were asked to leve but confronted him again as he left the conference room. Read more >>

17-09-2008 15:22 | 1 addition

Pix of Rossport Solidarity Action in London, UK, Mon 15 Sep 08

Allseas 1.jpg
Three targets, two demands, one noizy protest, all on a sunny London aftternoon in September.

For permission to copy and use, see 'CopyLeft' at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos/videos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

NB: These pix are edited, downsized versions (up to 500x375x600px, 0.19Mpx, 288 to 416KB) for onscreen display. If you would like unedited, full-sized versions (3072x2304px, 7.1Mpx, 3.3 to 4.2MB) for print, poster, banner, re-editing, etc, please email your request to tim.dalinian.jones [at]
quoting the picture title(s) you'd like.

16-09-2008 11:48 | 1 addition

Future Heathrow publish boycott list

If you want to know which companies to boycott in regards of climate change Future Heathrow, the lobby group pushing for a third runway, have just published an interesting list of companies supporting them [1].

15-09-2008 23:02

threatened with arrest for LOOKING in a skip

If this is true then I must have commited a criminal act at least once a week for the last 20 years or so. Read more >>

14-09-2008 14:44

Virgin Airlines "On The Brink Of Collapse"

Bad news for the air industry, possibly good news for the environment, and a wake up call for anyone who thought cheap profligacy could go on forever. Virgin Airlines could be going down very soon. Read more >>

05-09-2008 15:14

Kingsnorth: Activists use climate change as defence for £30,000 tower

This week six Greenpeace activists charged with causing £30,000 of criminal damage to a power station have been on trial at Maistone Crown Court. Its a key case because they are arguing that although they caused damage it was criminal because it was necessary to prevent greater damage to property caused by the effects of climate change, specifically the Yellow River, the Larsen B ice shelf, rainforest in Amazon and Congo and properety and liveleihoods in Banagladesh and Sri Lanka. Read more >>

03-09-2008 15:19

STORMY. . . .despite the profiteers, big oil flat earthers, stooges etc: DEC 6th

DEC 6th . . . . DEC 6th. . . . DEC 6th. . . . DEC 6th

( SEPT 23 london/national demo meeting, 5 cally road Kings Cross
- downstairs from the HQ,
. . . . in the bookshop ( booze etc after!!!! ) )

REMEMBER, GLOBAL CLIMATE TURBULENCE ACTION DAY IS SATURDAY DECEMBER 6th. . . . in LONDON, mass march past USA embassy to Trafalgar square, with super-critical mass . . . . timed to have crucial effect in the middle of the polish preparatory meeting for the UN POST-KYOTO SHAPE OF THE WORLDS REACTION TO THE ACCELERATING DISASTERS WE HAVE CAUSED TO THE WORLDS ENVIRONMENT . . . . or rather, allowed a few people with a few big corporations to think they could get away with the most stupid short termist looting exercise in the history of the world . . . . what with their lack of luxury "escape pods" etc.


29-08-2008 16:11

dont forget london critical mass tonight

if you have nothing else to do tonight then come to london critical mass! Read more >>

29-08-2008 12:39 | 1 addition

The Best of Climate Camp Radio on Dissident
9pm Friday 29th of August : Dissident Island Radio Climate Camp Radio review. All the best bits from Climate Camp Radio 2008. Read more >>

22-08-2008 08:30

Climate Camp - Selected photos

Better late than never! A mixed bag of photos from the Climate Camp 2008. (All are copyright, but may be used for any sort of activism publicity.) Read more >>


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