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04-01-2008 01:19

greenwash guerillas hit shell hq

Video greenwash guerillas
at lunchtime yesterday, a small band of greenwash guerillas entered the lobby of the london shell hq to highlight the massive amount of toxic greenwash emanating from the building. once ejected they continued their work outside, warning the public of the dangers of greenwash Read more >>

31-12-2007 20:58

Will the Children's Revolution Save the Human Race from Extinction?

Proposals for the Eco Warriors to try to save humanity from extinction in a global warming catastrophe by lending support to a Children's Revolution in the villages near Heathrow Airport that are being threatened with demolition to make way for the planned third runway have been circulated by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign.

An appeal has been issued for all the environmental campaigners in Britain to come together urgently and work with the local people in the Sipson Harmondsworth and Harlington villages to create a futuristic high tech eco-village to set an example of the way forward to ensure the survival of future generations. Read more >>

29-12-2007 12:18

London Critical Mass December ride.

Start of ride
No police this time. This whole thing is sent by Smartphone. Read more >>

28-12-2007 09:43

Lydd airport stopped by..... nuke power ??

British Energy, owners of Dungeness B nuclear station have now officially objected to the planed expansion of Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh Kent.

ooer missus, saved by nuclear power ??

19-12-2007 16:50

Veg*n Climate March report

On Saturday 8th December 2007, the Campaign for Eco-Veg*nism set out to coordinate the "biggest ever mobilisation of vegetarians and vegans on environmental grounds" at the National Climate March in London. We called on veggies and vegans to join a Veg*n Climate March, which in effect would be a `veg*n block` within the main march. See report below.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more about CEV and the shocking facts regarding meat/dairy production which reveal that our diet is critical to the survival of the planet!! Read more >>

15-12-2007 00:45

Heathrow: more lies emerge

Heathrow 3rd runway consultation prospectus exposed over number of threatened homes and cost attributed to CO2 emissions Read more >>

14-12-2007 23:50 | 1 addition

Video and audio from climate change rally, London, 8 Dec 2007

Video and audio clips of most of the speeches and some of the songs performed at the Campaign Against Climate Change rally held outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, London, on 8th December 2007. Read more >>

13-12-2007 15:10

The Unconventional Action Paper is Out at Last!

This paper has all the up to date info on the RNC adn DNC protests next year. Order a free bundle while they last! Read more >>

13-12-2007 11:18

SOCPA cycling.

Why are drivers allowed to play their sound systems in the SOCPA zone but not cyclists? Read more >>

11-12-2007 13:01 | 1 addition

Critical mass

this saturday to show the fuel protestors that pedal power is the way forward Read more >>

11-12-2007 10:00

Campaign against Climate Change - London Rally

George Monbiot
Some photos from the rally near to the American Embassy in London on Saturday 8th December. Read more >>

11-12-2007 09:13

Drivers to demonstrate around Parliament.

Because of the way SOCPA legislation is worded it is unlikely that fuel protesters will be stopped by police under that particular law when they stage a juggernaut go slow around Parliament Square at noon on Wednesday. Read more >>

10-12-2007 10:29 | 1 addition

Global Climate Change March, London Dec 8, 2007

Picket at Tecso Metro, Lower Regent St. (C) Peter Marshall
The march showed growing public concern about climate change with over 6,000 marchers and several hundred cyclists making their way through the centre of London. It was a one of over 50 world-wide actions before the UN Climate Change talks in Bali. Images are copyright. Read more >>

10-12-2007 09:36 | 1 addition

Police manhandle Tesco biofuel protestors – corporate protection gone mad?

Protestors forced into metal pen
3 protestors who arrived to set up a peaceful protest against Tesco’s investments into biofuels were manhandled by Police in central London on December 8th who forced them into a metal pen. Despite, this a peaceful protest was held for an hour including a stop by 300 cyclists and 1 minutes silence for those who are suffering or who have died as the result of massive expansion of large scale biofuel plantations across the South.


10-12-2007 02:26 | 1 addition

Pictures from Campaign against Climate Change march in London.

Parliament cares nothing for the world
Around 10,000? climate campaigners marched from Millbank to the American embassy in Grosvenor square despite the pouring rain.

08-12-2007 10:38

Plane Stupid activists shut down travel agents on route of climate marc

Environmental activists from direct action group Plane Stupid have shut down travel agents and airline offices along the route of today’s National Climate March in London as part of the Global Day of Action against climate change. Read more >>

07-12-2007 12:50

Climate Change Autonomous Bloc: Stop the police filming our protest

Maintain the pressure following recent court victories and join FIT Watch
to kick the FIT off our bloc.

07-12-2007 09:45

Women Climate Activists Blockade the Department for Trasport

Women have this morning blockaded the Department for Transport preventing staff from getting to work and carrying out their policies which are catapulting us towards dangerous run-away climate change. This action comes in response to the Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly confirming the government's intentions to build a third runway and a sixth terminal at Heathrow and co-incides with the opening of their first 'consultation' exhibition. Read more >>

04-12-2007 11:32

Heathrow expansion - Harlington's "army of ordinary people"

At least 700 homes will be destroyed
Hard on the heels of Sipson's meeting came last night's in Harlington. In a packed church locals heard HACAN's John Stewart explain the deceits contained within the government's "consultation" process, followed by a precise analysis from NoTRAG's Geraldine Nicholson on what Harlington could really expect to suffer.

Sipson has always been considered to be the ultimate victim of this particular expansion, not least because the whole village is set to disappear under Terminal Six. The biggest displacement of people in the UK since - as local MP John McDonnell pointed out - the Scottish clearances.

03-12-2007 17:17

Veg*n Climate March update

Be part of history in London this Saturday! Be part of the biggest ever mobilisation of vegetarians and vegans on environmental grounds!! Veg*nism is the solution to many of the catastrophies facing the planet - it`s time to tell the world!! Read more >>


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