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31-01-2007 01:28

Irish Embassy protest against Shell Hell

Video and original press release of the Tuesday morning action against the London Irish Embassy. Read more >>

30-01-2007 15:03 | 1 addition

Protests at Irish embassy in Lond against Shell's hell in north west Ireland

Samba and rope access skills
Man climbed outside of Irish embassy in London in protest over the Irish government's collusion with Shell's hellish activities in Norht West Ireland Read more >>

27-01-2007 17:40

Video: 24/01/07 - Shell blockades London

Video of an evening of Shell garage blockades in London. Read more >>

25-01-2007 15:43

Hell at Shell petrol Stations: London blockade

car pushes its was through blockade
Two Shell petrol stations blockaded by activists words and photos Read more >>

23-01-2007 20:57

Green Seniors : Green Networks...Climate Change Speaker Network

Climate change is arguably the most important issue of our times. Communicating that message, and making people aware of what they can do to combat climate change, is a major part of the solution.

A national UK Speaker Network has been set up by Peter Hale of Climate Concern UK. It is called the Climate Change Speaker Network. Read more >>

22-01-2007 15:21


The Alabama 3 will play a benefit gig for Plane Stupid this Friday 26th at Brixton Jamm. Read more >>

20-01-2007 17:32

Farnborough Airport Public Inquiry

A public Inquiry is to be held on Tuesday to consider a demand by TAG Aviation to double the number of weekend and bank holiday flights at Farnborough Airport. Read more >>

20-01-2007 16:30

Stop Lydd Airport Expanstion-Public Mtg etc.

Rspb to hold public meeting against Lydd Airport Expansion- Council consultation period opens... Read more >>

02-01-2007 18:18

01-01-07: Save Iceland banner drop, London, UK

Supporters from arrived on the Millennium Bridge at some time after 10am and attempted to drop banners from the Tate Modern Gallery, from the roof of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge. Read more >>

01-01-2007 16:42 | 1 addition


ON new years day 2007 a group of activists climbed ST PAULS cathedral and the Tate Modern simultaniously to hang banners, as well as on the millenium bridge to kick start a year of decent against heavy industry in Iceland and Trinidad Read more >>

24-12-2006 16:41

Plane Stupid Newsletter #6

“This is a deeply traumatized community which has been lied to for years and years by the aviation industry and one political party after another. There is a litany of broken promises. I wonder just how you might feel if you had endured all this for years! I am so angry I am almost incandescent with rage at the immorality of it all.”
- A resident of Harmondsworth, near Heathrow

21-12-2006 16:34

Airport Chaos

Dense fog is causing chaos across the UK's airports, with BA cancelling all domestic flights from Heathrow. Cancellations are also happening across the country, including Gatwick, Manchester and Scottish airports. Read more >>

17-12-2006 19:34

Santas Against Excessive Consumption hit London, 16.12.06

Santas Against Excessive Consumption (SAEC) went out to play for the second year running on Saturday December 16th 2006, dropping in on the Shell-sponsored Natural History Museum (NHM) on the way to the consumer hell that is Oxford Street. Read more >>

05-12-2006 01:12

Preview recorded for ResonanceFM, of Platform's new opera 'Andwhilelondon burns'

Listen to an interview with James Marriot of Platform discussing his recent joint project with John Jordan an opera/audio walk entitled 'And While London Burns' "a soundtrack for the era of climate change".
Interview recorded by Pennie Quinton for Resonance FM104.4 Read more >>

04-12-2006 17:57

Road pricing dependent on make of vehicle

Since road pricing in the UK is inevitable and the reasons are to deal with congestion and to limit carbon pollution damage it seem fair to have a charge for use of roads dependent on how environmental a vehicle is much like Livingstone's proposed pollution charge but with a pay per mile levy built in as well. This could limit the charge on those driving environmentally friendlier vehicles. Read more >>

24-11-2006 15:59

Peak Oil : High tide for an oil addicted world

2006 has seen awareness of Climate Change reach new levels and those who have said for so long that something should be done to reduce CO2 emissions are seeing action slowly – perhaps too slowly – beginning to happen.

The incredible levels of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere are a result of the massive explosion of the human population in the 20th century and the resulting use of resources – especially the burning of fossil fuels –due to our rising living standards and expectations.

22-11-2006 23:00

Student Sit-In Halts LSE Oil Baron Peter Sutherland's Lecture

LSE Students sit-in
LSE students this evening demonstrated their opposition to the appointment of current BP Chair, Peter Sutherland, as the prospective Chair of LSE Court of Governors by staging a mass sit-in and halting a public lecture that he was due to give at the university. Read more >>

11-11-2006 18:52 | 1 addition

11th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa murder marked in London

Shell's Wild Lie at the Museum gates, 10.11.06
Having attended the unveiling of the first of two creations commissioned by Remember Saro-Wiwa (see, London Rising Tiders headed across town to the Natural History Museum, to keep Saro-Wiwa's memory alive in a slightly more confrontational fashion inside the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Read more >>

11-11-2006 12:19 | 2 additions

shell garage closed twice by protest in london

garage enjoys calm b4 the storm
the old street shell petrol garage in london was closed down twice yesterday evening by protestors highlighting shell's repression of local people in county mayo, ireland, and linking it to the 11th anniversary of the murder of the ogoni 9 in nigeria, where shell is proven to have been involved in the killing of ken saro-wiwa. Read more >>

09-11-2006 08:58

divided but not conquered

the good protester bad protester dichotomy is a view largely put forth by the media's portrayal of us. they are wrong of course.... Read more >>


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