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17-08-2007 23:16

How to set up a grey water recycling system using bath tubs and straw.

How to set up a grey water recycling system using bath tubs and straw. Read more >>

17-08-2007 21:48

Witness/photographs/videos of FIT at camp needed

During the last few days there has been lots of people who have witnessed and documented the actions of the FIT Teams and FIT Watch, mainly around the entrance to camp, whose evidence could help court cases. Read more >>

17-08-2007 21:22

Defusing The Methane Timebomb

Methane may one day lead this planet to catastrophe, but it could also be a way of giving us a bit more time to prevent catastrophe. This article will tell you (almost) everything you need to know about methane, and how it can be controlled.

17-08-2007 18:15

Police on PeeWatch at Climate Camp

A first timer at Climate Camp discovers that eco loos aren't safe from the zoom lens of an overbearing and intimidating police operation Read more >>

17-08-2007 16:43

Leaving on a Jet Plane video of a Plane Stupid performance

This is a song sung to the arriving mainstream journos and climate campers. Complete with drunk pilot the performers are rocking it out here in a retro jet style. Read more >>

17-08-2007 16:37

Polar Bear on the Climate Camp site

It's a polar bear on the climate camp. Check out the short video. Read more >>

17-08-2007 16:31

Funny video of mainstream media at the Climate Camp

This video shows a video activist talking to the mainstream media at the Climate Camp. But it looks like there's a bit of lost paperwork! Read more >>

17-08-2007 15:49 | 6 additions

Campaigners Occupy XL Airways Offices in Crawley

16:30 Friday 17th August 2007

Ten campaigners have just occupied the offices of XL Airways, a private charter company based in Crawley. One person is locked on inside the building and others are inside leafleting workers.


17-08-2007 14:38

Local Scouts visit Climate Camp + other photos

scouts learn about renewable pedal power
Today, Friday 17th August, several local groups toured the climate camp, along with several local residents who moved onto the site to camp.

One group was a local scout group with some of them doing their environment badge. They came for a tour around the infrastructure including the solar showers, compost toilets, solar panels, wind generators and power providers, the indymedia computer tent and rinky dink the pedal powered bicycle sound system. Living locally their homes are under threat from the Heathrow airport expansion.


17-08-2007 14:18 | 1 addition

Climate Camp YouTube videos

Easily viewable flash vdersion of climate camp video uploaded to Indymedia. Read more >>

17-08-2007 13:42

More pics from today's DfT protest

Arriving on the scene
Climate consultants bring the spirit of the Camp to central London Read more >>

17-08-2007 13:14

Going Green- Climate camp takes place.

From the 13th to the 21st of August 2007, a climate change camp took place in Heathrow to protest about the changes of climate and global warming. Environmental activists have been protesting together, on the issue of the increasingly worrying climate change. Read more >>

17-08-2007 11:19

Campers Glue on to DfT

*am - climate camper superglues herself to the door
9 became 10 today as a passing pedestrian joined Climate Camp supporters in a Department for Transport lock on.

Smartly dressed campers arrived at the DfT just after 8am as workaholic transport fans were scurrying to their desks.

Five superglued themselves to he doors and two to each other, jamming the revolving doors shut whilst two more occupied the roof of the doorway with a sign reading "No Airport Expansion".

17-08-2007 09:37

Climate Camp Portraits

Mark with the soon-to-be-completed solar hot showers.
One of the great things about Climate Camp 2007 is that it has drawn together people from all walks of life, from local kids coming down to play to those with the skills to provide the camp with (the very appreciated) hot showers. Read more >>

17-08-2007 08:35

Heathrow Primary School pays us a visit.

Kids from Heathrow Primary playing at the camp.
On Thursday the climate camp was visited by pupils and parents from Heathrow Primary School, which along with two other local schools will be demolished by the proposed third runway. The school is an integral part of the community with former pupils becoming teachers, and the headmaster - Mr Hobbs - serving over 25 years. The school also recieved the boroughs top marks in the last Ofsted report. Read more >>

17-08-2007 01:23

climate camp clown action

on thursday at the climate camp, a small group of clowns decided to do walkabout with a wheelie bin. when the police stopped them under anti-terrorism powers, they were in for a big surprise. Read more >>

16-08-2007 20:57 | 1 addition

Media Wars - Thursday at the Climate Camp

Dancing with .............police photographers
What was the police FIT (Forward Intelligence Team) doing at the main gate of the Climate Camp, today? Read more >>

16-08-2007 19:01

Renewable Energy at the Climate Camp

Video and text showing a summary of the different renewable energy being used at the climate camp. Sharing skills and knowledge of how to survive without mains electricity.

(i'll tidy up and caption the photos later) Read more >>

16-08-2007 17:00

Video of blockade at Farnborough Airport

24 people took part in a blockade at Farnborough Airport this morning with 9 people locked onto gates with lock-on devices. After an hour the aiport staff opened up an emergancy crash exit to allow the gathered business people in. Read more >>

16-08-2007 16:53

25 mins of climate camp interview audio - thursday

Audio of random interviews from the climate camp snaffled off of someone's video camera.

Rough and ready not fully edited.

mp3 96kbps mono


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