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16-07-2008 10:16

Greenwash Guerrillas Embarrass E.ON

Greenwash guerillas assemble outside conference
This morning, Climate Campers and friends put a fresh dent in E.ON’s tarnished reputation with a Greenwash Guerrillas demo outside the Guardian Climate Change Summit, which E.ON are sponsoring. Read more >>

15-07-2008 11:05

Espionage, news manipulation and legal threats against Eco- Warriors

Cops stop us filming
New film out now!

14-07-2008 17:50

Open statement and invitation to the trade union movement from the Climate Camp

An invitation to the trade union movement to engage in a dialogue with the Camp for Action. Read more >>

14-07-2008 11:50

Tony Blair: A Sudden Turn Of Conscience? No.

My inbox has been overflowing with love and best wishes to the planet from all sorts of people recently — one of them is no less than Tony Blair, that great peacekeeper (1), climate saviour (2) and lover of human rights (3) is pushing his big plan (yes, another one) to return the planet to its former health. It’s called “Breaking The Climate Deadlock” and you can read the latest report here [] (4). Read more >>

11-07-2008 11:50 | 5 additions

An Open Letter to the Camp for Climate Action

Dear Camp for Climate Action,

Firstly thank you for contacting me. I'm hopping mad about what I've
heard, but I may not have been told the whole story. I can tell you too
the mining community whats left of us feel utterly betrayed by rumours
about you swinging all your efforts to close down what remains of the coal
industry. There are debates about counter-demonstrations etc and press
statements from the power workers and miners. So its vital we do not take
up cudgels over this unless and until and at least that we know where each
other stand. I was a matter of interest with the National General
secretary of the NUM and the Yorkshire Area Leadership last weekend and
they are spitting feathers about the Drax demonstration. The slogans on
the demonstration and the statements made to the press by the protestsrs
demonstrated no concern for the miners, railway workers or power workers.
There was no consultation with us, no debate with us, no seeing what we
wanted or how we see the world or how we can see if there is anything is
common. 'Leave It In The Ground' was the banner which was unfurled at
Drax, 'it' being the coal, and the miners ? where do we leave them ? that
bit wasn't answered. We know where John Major and Maggie Thatcher and
Harold Wilson left us, on the dung heap, and most of us are still there. Read more >>

10-07-2008 10:21

Greenwash Guerrillas vs. E.ON

Greenwash Guerrillas
All systems are go for the E.ON demo next Wednesday, where the Greenwash Guerrillas will greet delegates as they arrive at the E.ON sponsored Climate Change Summit being organised by the Guardian. Join us! Read more >>

07-07-2008 09:17 | 1 addition

Climate Camp Publishes Inspiring Newspaper

Last week 30,000 newspapers, beautifully designed in black and bright cyan and not looking anything like a boring political paper, came off the printing press and began their journey around the country. To inspire people to camp to this years Climate Camp which sets up at Kingsnorth in Kent in less than a month's time. Read more >>

04-07-2008 18:04

Climate Camp Jingle

Here is a jingle produced by Riseup! Radio for the Climate Camp, to be held near Kingsnorth Power Station in Kent from 3 – 11 August. Please distribute and re-broadcast the jingle if you can. For more info about the camp check out

03-07-2008 14:34

Stop Airport Expansion Flashmob - 3 July - DfT London

Waiting for the moment outside the DfT
A flash mob came to the DfT at 11.00am and threw paper planes in a demonstration against the building of a third runway at Heathrow. The clear message on their t-shirts: STOP AIRPORT EXPANSION
Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved. Read more >>

30-06-2008 13:02

Coast Is Clear - Let's Suck The Oil Out!

We take you to the inner sanctum of Industrial Civilization's wealthy machine, where unnamed politicians are addressing the oil gliterati...

27-06-2008 22:39 | 6 additions

Critical Mass in Remembrance of Marie Vesco

Leaving Waterloo
June's Critical mass saw a slightly different route. As always we met at Southbank and managed to lave 7.15pm.
Following the killing of Marie Vesco on the A23 her friends, rampART and Food Not Bombs asked people to ride to Brixton, where she served free food every Sunday afternoon with Brixton Food Not Bombs. Read more >>

19-06-2008 16:32

Resources for London E.ON Demo, 16.07.08

Join the Greenwash Guerrillas to show that E.ON’S greenwash won’t wash!
Wednesday, 16th July, 8.15 AM, London

15-06-2008 14:54

Demo against E.ON, 16th July, London

Join the Greenwash Guerrillas to show that E.ON’S greenwash won’t wash!
Wednesday, 16th July, 8.15 AM, London

15-06-2008 01:03 | 1 addition

Images from the London naked Bike ride, 14.06.08

UK, London. London naked bike ride. 2008
Images from the London naked bike ride, an event organised as a protest against car / petrol culture and as a celebration of the human body and the bicycle.

12-06-2008 13:12

Paper Plane Flash Mob at the Department for Transport on 3 July

Tell Ruth Kelly to Stop Airport Expansion:
- Meet 11am, Thursday 3 July, Department for Transport (DfT), 76 Marsham
Street, SW1P 4DR (tube: St James's Park or Westminster)
- 11.03am: Reveal your 'Stop Airport Expansion' t-shirt, if you have one
- 11.05am: launch your 'Stop Airport Expansion' paper planes at the DfT Read more >>

09-06-2008 12:46

Protests against planned agrofuel power plant in Beckton

Beckton protest 4th June
On 31st May and 4th June, banner protests were held against plans to build the UK's first agrofuel power plant in Beckton, London. Around 500 local residents signed a petition against those plans, which was handed to the mayor on 2nd June (with around 100 further signatures having been added since then). The protests were organised by Biofuewatch and the London Food Not Fuel Group. Read more >>

06-06-2008 16:00

Dissident Island Tonight...

>

03-06-2008 22:26 | 1 addition

Food & Climate Change Action - London

Free food in front of Mac Donald
For the Food & Climate Change day of action, Whitechapel Food Not Bombs and Brixton Reclaim Your Food teamed up to serve free vegan food in front of a Mac Donald's in Camberwell Read more >>

03-06-2008 11:07

No Third Runway - the 'Human No' at Sipson, Sat 31 May, 2008

Protesters climb the footbridge from Hatton Cross to the start of the march
Saturday saw another protest at Heathrow. Perhaps 4000 of us making our way from Hatton Cross to the doomed village of Sipson, where a few under 3000 made a giant human 'NO' on the grass of the recreation ground and then some of us listened to speeches. Pictures (C) 2008 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved. Read more >>

01-06-2008 22:20

Climate Camp Film Night - Camden, Monday 2nd

All welcome - Free Entry!



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