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22-08-2013 14:59

Obama Not Fighting Forest Fires.. No $.. Because Of Causing Fires Elsewhere

Bush 1, Bush 2, and Obama have let the Western US burn with insufficient firefighting. Read more >>

20-08-2013 13:28

Save Our Skatepark/Southbank/Society! + No Dash For Gas campers + Anti-Fas

Check out the latest Dissident Island Radio show episode 124... Read more >>

12-08-2013 07:47

South London film night on Fracking

3 short films (2 from Balcombe, 1 from the desolate North East) and a discussion with a Balcombe resident and speakers from Frack Off, No Dash For Gas & activist. Read more >>

16-07-2013 17:54

121 - Hackney Renters, ZAD - Klaxon Radio, 52 Commercial Road, DJ Al

10-07-2013 13:21

The Rescue of UK Coal could be a Threat to Communities

This press release reveals why certain communities across the UK are not jumping up and down with joy over the rescue of UK Coal. They are now threatened with the prospect of more opencast mining, just when the UK Coal's consumption is due to drop significantly Read more >>

05-07-2013 10:25

Battersea Against Biofuels PUBLIC MEETING - Wednesday 10 July

Aim: to share information and build a campaign to stop a biofueled power plant in the new development at Battersea Power Station that will damage the climate, destroy rainforests, biodiversity, habitats (including the Orangutans) and POLLUTE LOCAL PEOPLE.


16-06-2013 12:31

FLF (food liberation front) action last friday - some pics and words

green assembly member jenny jones
a small protest specifically against asda and more generally against global food policies, corporations, monsanto, GMOs, G8 and austerity, was characterised again by massive overpolicing in a week of repressive crackdown on anti-G8 protests in london. Read more >>

15-06-2013 23:26 | 1 addition

'they owe us' - canary wharf - J14 - pics and words

tripods up
on friday, as part of the london week of action prior to the G8 in northern ireland, a few hundred people protested in the belly of the capitalist beast, canary wharf. in some ways a victory, in many ways a disappointment. Read more >>

12-06-2013 08:42

Roads to Nowhere - National Rally against Roadbuilding July 13

Nationally, there are plans afoot to build hundreds of miles of new roads, at a cost of at least £30bn. Catastrophic climate change, devastating species loss and huge cuts in public spending notwithstanding, George Osborne is determined that these roads must be built.
Come to the beautiful Combe Valley in East Sussex on Saturday July 13, site of the proposed Bexhill Hastings Link Road - the 'first and worst' of the new roads - to say NO to this destruction.
Rally, route walks and a chance to meet others who are determined to stop this madness. Organised by Campaign for Better Transport, Combe Haven Defenders and Hastings Alliance, supported by Greenpeace, the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), CPRE Sussex, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and Bexhill Link Road Resistance (Blinkrr).

09-06-2013 09:32

Stop G8 Convergence Space Going Well

Bringing Anarchism back to Soho! The Convergence Space has kicked off well - but more people needed! Read more >>

06-06-2013 22:52

vigil at EDFenergy HQ in victoria tonight - pics and report

crowd assembles
several dozen supporters held a noisy vigil at the london offices of EDF this evening after a nottingham court passed down non-custodial sentences today to 21 activists who had been involved in protesting at an EDF power station last october. Read more >>

05-06-2013 15:25

Demonstration against UK Coal at High court

Social Justice and Environmental Campaigners demonstrated at the High Court of Justice, London.

Today desperate Coal Company - UK Coal sought to over-rule the community, Durham Council and the Secretary of State’s Inspectors to be allowed to mine over half a million tonnes of coal from rural County Durham. Read more >>

28-05-2013 18:46

Marie Vesco – 5th anniversary ride

In Marie’s memory, and as a tribute to her, we have arranged a bike ride and hope to draw to the attention of the British authorities the lack of safety for cyclists and vulnerable road users in the UK. The ride will take place on 4 – 5 June 2013, from Hickstead to Portsmouth, along the route that Marie was cycling when she was killed. Read more >>

21-05-2013 23:12

Tornado Over A Mile Wide And 200 MPH Hit Moore Oklahoma In US

a tiny sliver of the devastation
Tornado Alley in the US is a group of states with extensive cattle operations and virtually no trees. Read more >>

20-05-2013 11:57

Facebook Bans Message to Peter Jackson About Filming Bilderberg Protests

Eco-warriors and other anti-capitalist protesters are preparing for massive protests against the Bilderberg Conference at the Grove hotel at Watford England from 5 to 9 June 2013 where presidents and prime ministers will secretly meet the bankers and corporate leaders who illegally employ them just one week before the G8 summit in Ireland.
Most of the mainstream media is refusing to publish or broadcast any news about the protests against the secret world government of the Bilderberg Group and even Facebook has banned a message to Peter Jackson proposing the filming of the reality TV show for the children about the imminent extinction of the human race by global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.

09-05-2013 14:40

LAON's April Review of English Opencast Sites

This review updates information on planning developments affecting new English Opencast sites. In addition, it has information on the sites that would be affected if UK Mine Holdings / UK Coal Operations were, as recent press stories indicate, to go into administration. In addition it has news on the the land slip at Hatfield Colliery, latest developments over the Helsley Wood Tip and opencast mining on the Canobie Coalfield. Read more >>

25-04-2013 16:34

Scottish Coal's Collapse : A Failure of the Planning System

LAON's Press Release questions the role the Scottish Planning System has played in this tragic sequence of events. It draws attention to the fact that 18 opencast sites are affected, not just the six often mention in most news items on this story and suggests that some form of public inquiry is needed if trust is to be restored into the Scottish Planning System and lessons learned so that this situation can be avoided in the future. Read more >>

25-04-2013 12:32

Drax AGM targeted over biomass conversion plans

Drax AGM protest
50 people took part yesterday in a demonstration and rally outside the annual general meeting of Drax Plc, at the Grocers’ Hall in London, organised by Biofuelwatch and supported by 16 other groups. The protest opposed Drax power station’s plans to convert half of its generating capacity to biomass, and highlighted the impacts that this will have in terms of increased deforestation, land-grabbing and carbon emissions. Read more >>

23-04-2013 21:20

Call out for action - UK and Germany calls for Brazil to halt Belo Monte dam

Action for the Amazon is planning to hold a small fluffy demo out side the Brzillian embassy on Friday the 26th April. Please come and show your support for the Achaur tribe who's land will be flooded, and call the Brazillian government to halt the dam buiding.
We plan to take potted plants to the embassy to offer them somthing to re-plant with. Read more >>

19-04-2013 13:02

Shell to Sea campaigner to speak in Bristol, Leeds & Manchester

Local resident and Shell to Sea campaigner Terence Conway will be speaking in Bristol, Leeds & Manchester to give an update on campaign against Shell in Ireland & promote the Rossport Solidarity Camp week of action happening there in June. Read more >>


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