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21-08-2008 15:28

Early Warning : Action in time to affect Copenhagen 09 = diary 6 Dec 08 today !

Meeting report from tuesdays opening meeting for

to coincide with the preparatory UN meeting for the Copenhagen "WHAT NEXT AFTER "KYOTO" RUNS OUT" big, globally crucial "once-in-ten-years" ( but-we-mightnt-get-a-next-ten-years ) time when the worlds signatories to Kyoto prepare the documents etc for Copenhagen itself.
( after the USAs election, post-campaign but prior to the actual inauguration, is also when diplomats etc "reset their clocks/ mental images of the world " . . . when a heck of a lot of people, imagination, etc on the streets could have a seriously useful effect . . . hence worth thinking about doing a little bit at the moment to put a mention of it into that mailout, onto the website calendar, putting it onto the Womens Institute meetings agenda - or yours !

20-08-2008 16:53

Post-Climate Camp Tat Audit

Do you have lots of equipment in your home/social centre since the Climate Camp that you don;t know what to do with? Did you learn some new skills you'd like to share? Read more >>

17-08-2008 12:58

Monday Love-18.8.8.-Amnesty/Climate Camp/Gaza/Live Music/DJs

Monday Love 7
Because We Live In a World of Conflict, Misinformation, Disinformation MONDAY LOVE part 7 boards the Good Ship with a party of Grass roots Heroes and Servants of freedom.

15-08-2008 22:59 | 1 addition

climate camp photo set

photoset

15-08-2008 14:55

More pics from the Orange March plus the not so fluffy police

Pics include the police charging into the kid filled crowd with horses and batons to arrest a guy (later released) for breaking the plastic police tape around the marchers!

15-08-2008 08:51

The 300-350 Show: Camp for Climate Action report

Report on this year's Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent including interviews with some of those involved. Read more >>

13-08-2008 20:58

National Event: Vegan Skillshare, Nottingham September 13th

Vegan Skillshare - Saturday 13th September 2008

A day of practical skill sharing for food-based vegan campaigning,
from samples on street stalls, through food fairs, to running a small
vegan catering service.

Anyone interested in food campaigning, including supporters of Animal
Aid, Vegan Society, Viva, Vegetarian Society, Food Not Bombs, Climate
Campaigners, Eco Activists, Peace Campaigners and anyone working for
Social Justice will find this a valuable opportunity for networking
and the sharing of practical skills and experiences.

A program of talks and workshops designed to guide you from your first
tentative steps into food campaigning through to a more organised and
adventurous level of activity. Arrivals welcome from 10am, or arrange
to join at the appropriate time in the structured timetable.

For more details, or to register your interest, please contact or 07846 739197


12-08-2008 23:42

Climate Camp UK 2008 Slideshow

Slideshow of stills taken at the Camp for Climate Action 2008 nr to Kingsnorth Power Station on the Hoo Peninsular in Kent, UK. This slideshow was prepared from the library of photos gathered by the photo desk of the Be the Media space on site at the Climate Camp and shown publically in the main tent during the evening on Saturday the 9th August. Viewable at Read more >>

12-08-2008 23:02

Footage of police shoving campers around at Kingsnorth protest

Footage from the Kingsnorth Power Station protest on 9th August 2008 with a considerable amount of shoving around of climate campers on the part of Her Majesty's Police Force. Video at Read more >>

12-08-2008 22:00

Photos and Videos from Saturday's orange block march and rally

Video Working class climate agency was discussed at several workshops
Here's some images and vids from the orange block march from the camp site to Kingsnorth station. As others have mentioned, the event really wasn't that fluffy, with one arrest plus another attempted arrest and baton attacks en route, plus many more arrests at the gates when demonstrators refused to obey a police helicopter dispersal order. Read more >>

12-08-2008 18:54

Urgent Call Out: Mayo Needs You! Now Is The Time

During the next 2 weeks, the Solitaire (the biggest pipe laying ship in the world) is set to begin illegally constructing the offshore section of the pipeline. It is believed that the Solitaire is on a pretty tight schedule & booked up for the next 2 years, so ANY disruption provides us with a real opportunity to delay the project significantly. Read more >>

12-08-2008 12:48 | 1 addition

NETCU and Climate Camp

The Hoo Peninsular becomes a fully functioning police state but police fail miserably! Read more >>

12-08-2008 10:02 | 1 addition

NW // Power station shut down: Netcu lying or Kent police lying?

Netcu have proudly published the following press release on their site:

"Fifty arrested during river rescue and scuffles - but protesters fail to close down power station

Around 50 people were arrested in disturbances today as climate camp protesters attempted to carry out their threat to break into Kingsnorth Power Station, near Hoo." Read more >>

11-08-2008 23:45

Climate campers target mining corporation

Glued to windows
An affinity group from Thames Valley Climate Action, inspired by this year's climate camp, occupied the lobby of BHP Billiton today, supergluing themselves to the doors and windows and climbing onto part of the architecture. After several hours, they managed to negotiate leaving without any arrests. Read more >>

11-08-2008 17:13

Climate Campaigners Target Military Base

Message to the Base.
At USAF Mildenhall today, activists linked to the climate camp made a surprise appearance. Dressed as military aircraft and traffic jam both with CO2 technicians. They attempted to entertain whilst defiantly educating the troops and passers by. They said they where there to raise awareness of the large CO2 emissions created by Military aircraft. Read more >>

11-08-2008 15:46

proof that kingsnorth was infact shut down by protesters!

the water cooling inlet system of kingsnorth power station was shut down because of four protesters who conducted a peacefull sitdown protest above it.


11-08-2008 15:37 | 1 addition

Climate Camp bail-breaker Paul Morozzo free on bail

Paul Morozzo, arrested while attempting to enter Climate Camp in breach of his bail conditions (imposed for his participation in the Drax coal train occupation on 13 June 2008), was freed by Selby magistrates court today, Monday 11 August. Read more >>

11-08-2008 14:20

The road to Kingsnorth.

The Green bloc leaves the camp.
Some more photos of the action on Saturday. Read more >>

11-08-2008 14:18

Climate camp activists target environmentally ‘irresponsible’ meat industry

This morning, six Climate Camp activists climbed the roof of Smithfield meat market to highlight the links between climate change and meat consumption. The activists dropped a banner bearing the message “Fight climate change - Go Vegan”. Read more >>

11-08-2008 12:14

Climate Camp Radio - Sunday evening show for download

Here is the Sunday evening Climate Camp show, available for download. Daily shows are live streamed (at 1pm and 7pm) and archived at Read more >>


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