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08-03-2008 17:37

New 'Turbulence: Ideas for movement' eNewsletter

'Turbulence: Ideas for movement' now has a new low-traffic e-newsletter. Subscribe now to be kept up to date! Read more >>

08-03-2008 07:58

Invitation to the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth Power Station

This summer the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents outside Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent for a week of education,
sustainable living and direct action.

Everyone is invited to the camp, which is now part of an international movement, with eight climate camps on four continents planned for this summer.

06-03-2008 18:44

Paddy's Day Of Action Against Shell

This year´s St Patrick´s day, Monday 17th March, has been called as an International day of action against shell, in solidarity with the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland. Read more >>

04-03-2008 14:20

Climate Camp 2008 to target Kingsnorth power station

The Camp for Climate Action have announced the location for this years camp to be EON's Kingsnorth coal fired power station in Kent, from the 4th to 11th of August. Read more >>

03-03-2008 18:36 | 1 addition

Mass Action: Refuse to Pay

A mass climate action is taking place on Sunday 20th April in London. People will board trains into central London, refusing to pay the high prices. There will be a convergence in the central London terminals at around 1pm. The action aims to highlight how the current public transport prices are unaffordable and must be radically lowered if we are to get people out of their carbon intensive cars. Read more >>

03-03-2008 12:32

Camp for Climate Action to target Kingsnorth power station

Today it was announced that E.ON's Kingsnorth power station in Kent will be the site of this summer’s Camp for Climate Action, running from 4 th to 11th of August 2008. Read more >>

01-03-2008 05:32

The Camp for Climate Action Will be Held in Hyde Park Says the Evening Standard

"Eco Warriors plan to hold the next climate camp in Hyde Park near Buckingham Palace, according to a leaked memo received by the Evening Standard" was the story splashed across two pages of the first edition of the London newspaper on Friday, 29 February 2008.

BBC London broadcast exactly the same story later in the day, in spite of the fact that the national meeting of the Camp for Climate Action in Nottingham, which is planning to vote on the location for this summer's climate camp this weekend, had not even started yet.

29-02-2008 13:35

Reel News Film Night @ The Synergy Centre, Southwark, London

The first of Reel News short film screenings at The Synergy Centre, Southwark, London. Read more >>

28-02-2008 22:15

Children's Revolution and New Youth Movement Could Save Humanity from Extinction

A national summit meeting of children and teenagers and university students dedicated to saving the human race from extinction caused by global warming, to be held on the site of the planned third runway near Heathrow Airport this summer is being proposed by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign.

A new youth movement is beginning to emerge in Britain as university students spearhead a drive to recruit other students to the environmental cause, and there are now plans for young people from all over Britain to come together and join forces to lend support to a massive new Children's Revolution campaign.

27-02-2008 10:54 | 5 additions

On top of Houses of Parliament roof

Anti-Heathrow expansion protesters have climbed on to the roof of the Houses of Parliament next to Big Ben.


26-02-2008 17:13

Thousands say no, no, no to Heathrow expansion

Last night's Stop Heathrow Expansion rally showed the strength of opinion against environmentally disastrous plans to build a third runway. Read more >>

25-02-2008 11:52

Plane protest at Heathrow

Four Greenpeace climate campaigners have just climbed on top of a Manchester to London plane after it parked at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal One. They are now covering the tailfin with a huge protest banner that reads “CLIMATE EMERGENCY – NO 3rd RUNWAY”. Read more >>

23-02-2008 14:36

Weird Load visits leafy Chiswick

After January's thousand strong meeting against Heathrow expansion, protest continues apace.

This week saw a 50,000 leaflet doordrop, and today local campaigners were joined by Baroness von Reichardt, partner Mr Spunky and members of her World Famous Treatment Rooms. Read more >>

23-02-2008 14:29

Poles Apart: Capitalism and Socialism As The Planet Heats Up

We are pleased to inform you that the Socialist Party will be holding a half-day school on the politics of Climate Change at the Conway Hall, Holborn on Saturday the 5th of April (1-5 pm


23-02-2008 14:12

Angry reaction promised if Government fails to drop Biofuels targets

London demonstartion, January 30th, outside Greenergy
Campaigners vowed to take to the streets in hundreds if the government refuses to drop its plans to massively increase the use of biofuels in the UK, despite mounting and now quite overwhelming scientific evidence that far from helping in the struggle to control climate change biofuels have precisely the reverse effect. Read more >>

21-02-2008 10:25

Student Climate Project's plans for London, April 2008

At their last tour event in Cambridge The Student Climate Project held a planning gathering where they pieced together plans for their next event in April. As ever, the plans are very open and it is hoped many will find ways to contribute to our work, who share our aims of inspiring students with the radical climate message. Read more >>

18-02-2008 13:10

Want to know how to take your campaign to the next level?

Applications for the Sheila McKechnie Awards Programme close on March 14! Read more >>

15-02-2008 12:41

Position Paper - 15th February 2008: Digging Machinery operating at Lismullen

According to reports on the 6th February 2008, there is digging machinery at the Lismullin
Henge as attempts are being made to bury this National Monument. Read more >>

14-02-2008 01:40 | 1 addition

Peaceful Climate Action Greeted With Heavy Handed Approach From Police

Activists involved with The Student Climate Project are deeply concerned that the police's Special Branch has being monitoring their operations, and now plans to send over fifty police to a peaceful outreach event in Cambridge this week. Read more >>

12-02-2008 17:09

Please Support the Heathrow No Third Runway Campaign

The Kids' Bloc Children's Revolution March at the Camp for Climate Action
Transforming the threatened villages near Heathrow Airport into a giant eco-village could help save them from being demolished for the planned third runway according to environmental campaigners.

Proposals for a variety of different groups to move into the area and help the local residents develop eco-friendly projects have been circulated by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign. Read more >>


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