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16-08-2007 15:31 | 1 addition

Eye in the sky surveillance at climate camp

Thurs 16th - a police helicopter drones overhead circling the camp while since the morning a large crane / cherry picker has had cctv cameras mounted on it and hoisted high over the camp. Read more >>

16-08-2007 12:55

Indymedia centre at Climate Camp

Couple of pics of the IMC public access terminals at the climate camp.

The tent is open for a total of four hours a day, over two main time slots and is running on a mixture of wind and solar power. Read more >>

16-08-2007 12:50

CLIMATE CAMP - happy days are here again!

Putting the wind up a clown!
To read the news coming out of Climate Camp you'd think it was all doom and gloom. Police blockade roads, supplies have to be carried along the lane, police invade the site, police set up traps and police lead campers into the injunction zone.

There's a thread running here of course, and it's that the cops and their bosses are doing their very best to intimidate the camp and depress the mood.

Well I'm delighted to report they're failing miserably. Everything they throw at us brings us closer together.

16-08-2007 08:04 | 3 additions

Business flights blockaded by climate activists

Two independent groups of campaigners from the Camp for Climate Action
have this morning stopped carbon-intensive private jets fom operating at
two airports in the south east.

15-08-2007 22:48

Carry on climate camping

Grounded: protesters dressed as cabin crew Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA
Carry on climate camping
Peter Lockley
August 15, 2007

Direct action may undermine public support for the protesters at Heathrow, but somehow the message about more flights needs to get through. Read more >>

15-08-2007 21:03

small pics of police blunder at climate camp on tuesday

few small pix from the provocative incursion by police yesterday as described here:

15-08-2007 20:40

Climate Camp Demonstrators Block Road to Heathrow

Police fumble aids climate camp demonstrators block road to Heathrow airport Read more >>

15-08-2007 19:49

Police force climate camp march to Heathrow airport and block A4...

Just a quick report to say that today a small march of around 80 people left from the climate camp to support a local demonstration against heathrow expansion. They were very quickly surrounded by over one hundred police - having just left the camp this happened in what could be called a side street - then quite inexplicably the police forced the group down several streets towards the airport. Still penned in on all side by police, they were then forced across the main A4 road (which police closed for some time before forcing the people across it) and then right up to the security fence of Heathrow where they were held for over one hour. Read more >>

15-08-2007 18:36

Awaiting the Four Horsemen

Four drivers from the Meltdown Chauffeur Agency went to Heathrow on 14th Aug 2007.

(to neatly coincide with Climate Camp)

As requested by their clients they waited patiently for them at the Arrival gate. Read more >>

15-08-2007 12:41

Video of police trying to remove super-glue women from climate camp gate

Video clip in MP4 H264 low res 320 x 240. 2 mins 30 secs. Approx 4mb.
Use VLC ( to view.

Made available under creative commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike license.


15-08-2007 00:25

Climate Camp Woman superglues herself to gate.

Cop top brass leave the site
As a result of resistance to the allegedly unauthorised raid ( the TSG - popularly known as the riot squad - assembled outside the gate to "restore order". Read more >>

15-08-2007 00:11

Climate Camp Workshop Audio Interview - Mark Lynas and Airport Watch/HACAN

Two short interviews with workshop providers from today at the Climate Camp (tuesday 14th august).

We asked them to give us a quick run down of what their workshop was about: Read more >>

14-08-2007 23:52

Video of attempted mass police incursion onto climate camp site

Video is H264 MP4. approx 4mb. 320 x 240, Use VLC ( to view.

Copyright, some rights reserved. Available under the creative commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike license. Non-commercial means DONT'T upload it to corporate video sharing sites! Read more >>

14-08-2007 23:43 | 1 addition

Climate Camp Tuesday 14th - Personal Report

Today was the first public day of the Camp for Climate Action just outside Heathrow. It also saw the early morning arival of some high winds and heavy rain. Undeterred more people have been arriving at the site throughout the day, with police stop and searches being at a much reduced level. Read more >>

14-08-2007 23:12

Police attempt raid of Camp for Climate Action

Around 7.30pm on Tuesday, after a peaceful opening day to the Camp for
Climate Action, approximately thirty police, backed by officers in riot
gear, attempted to raid the camp. They entered the camp without warning,
carrying cans of what appeared to be CS gas.

With their hands in the air, protesters formed a human barrier and blocked
the police, before peacefully escorting them off the site. Read more >>

14-08-2007 23:00 | 1 addition

Stand off after police incursion at climate camp, tuesday evening.

Stand off
At around 7.30 a group of around 20 police tried to march through the camp but were met with a very large and vocal group of climate campers determined not to let them go any further. After a brief scuffle police retreated and a standoff developed that lasted around half an hour, eventually dissipated by driving rain. Read more >>

14-08-2007 22:26

Phone rumors about Police raid of climate camp

Phone rumors that have been going round this evening (14th) about Police raid of climate camp.. are inaccurate, as you can see from the news ticker and has been confirmed to me by people in the camp itself. Read more >>

14-08-2007 18:15

more photos of climate camp 2007 on Monday

preparations at Sipson Lane, Sipson, near Heathrow

14-08-2007 11:55

preparation climate camp 2007 at Sipson, Heathrow

13/08/2007 preparation of camp on site at Sipson near Heathrow Read more >>

13-08-2007 22:12

Climate Camp - indymedia seems quiet today...?

Linda McCutcheon pleads with police
An event as big as Climate Camp - you'd expect to see a bit more coverage on indymedia - no?

Sadly indymedia was a casualty of the heavy, illogical and indiscriminate policing operation surrounding Climate Camp, and Sipson village in particular. The satellite truck and its power supply were caught up in a massive and pointless traffic jam. Read more >>


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