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31-03-2013 21:00

Summer action camp against Shell

Come over and stop Shell!
Come to Mayo on the 21st of June for a week of action against Shell.
Whether you've been to Rossport before or this is your first time, this is the week to come.
Check website for updates & more information.

30-03-2013 23:22

Bexhill Bypass; Round Two

Operation Disclosure
The latest on the campaign to stop the first and worst of Osborne's roads Read more >>

29-03-2013 19:14

Road Protest Info Night. Monday 1st April 7.30pm. Pogo Cafe, Hackney, London

Free Screening of Wars of the British Tree People. Followed by Discussion with Combe Haven Defenders. Monday 1st April. 7.30pm Read more >>

28-03-2013 13:17

Summer action camp against Shell

Smash Shell!
Come to Mayo on the 21st of June for a week of action against Shell.
Whether you've been to Rossport before or this is your first time, this is the week to come.
Check website for updates & more information.

25-03-2013 21:46

School for Eco-Warriors Will Teach Teenagers How to Stop Global Warming

The eco-warriors in Enfield who recently survived a terrible ordeal at the hands of the corrupt and crooked Enfield council which could have killed them, are planning to open the School for Eco-Warriors to teach young people and everyone else as well, about how to engage in direct action to stop global warming before it drives humanity to extinction this century. Read more >>

21-03-2013 12:18

Is Welsh Planning Policy for Coal about to Hit the Buffers?

The new Welsh Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Mr Carl Seargent, is about to make a decision on the Varteg Hill Opencast site application. If he decides to uphold the Appeal recommendation arising from a recent Public Inquiry it could set a new precedent for how all other Welsh opencast site applications are decided. It could have even wider repercussions across England and Scotland as well. This press release explains why. Read more >>

21-03-2013 09:27

LAON's Feb-March 2013 of Welsh Opencast Sites

This review carries news items on the state of opencast mine proposals in Wales, especially the latest news about the Varteg and East Pit proposal. It also provides some information about who Miller Argent are, the Company mining at Ffos-y-Fran and who mau be submitting a new opencast proposal for the Nant Llesg site in Gwent Read more >>

18-03-2013 18:27

Extinction Festival at the Extinction Eco-Village near Combe Haven Valley

The eco-warriors in Britain plan to hold the EXTINCTION FESTIVAL this summer at the Extinction Eco-Village on a farm near Combe Haven Valley where the government and East Sussex County Council are now getting ready to build the Bexhill to Hastings link road which the road protesters are turning into the Second Battle of Hastings. Read more >>

18-03-2013 17:24

Eco-Warriors Defeat Tory Council Thugs in the Second Battle of Enfield

A small army of High Court bailiffs, security men, tow truck drivers, and Enfield council officials who tried to steal more vehicles belonging to the children's charity that is building a school in Gambia, failed in their latest attempt to evict the Working Class Heroes from our derelict squatted MOT service station site on Thursday 7 March 2013. Read more >>

14-03-2013 14:37

Taking DRAXtic Action 24th April: venue details announced

Details of the venue for DRAX Plc's AGM and the meeting point for Taking DRAXtic Action have just been announced: Meet outside the Grocer's Hall, Princes Street, EC2R 8AD. We'll be flyering as investors go in from 10:30, and the main rally will start at 12:00. Bring things to make noise with! Read more >>

03-03-2013 13:59

Coal and the Risks Faced by Planning Authorities

This press release recounts the problems beseting the UK Coal Indusrty such as the fire at Daw Mill, the decline in the demand for coal for power generation purposes, lack of willingness to invest in coal, downward pressure on coal prices, pollution caused by coal being responsible fro premature deaths. Yet despite all this the Government wants to make it easier to dig it up!! See what you can do at this late stage to stop this plan it its tracks!! Read more >>

03-03-2013 11:03

LAON's February Review of English Opencast Sites

This review details the latest development on known actual and potential opencast sites in England, plus providing additional information on Air quality Issues and Opencast Mining, the Welsh Varteg Petition, Derelict and Unrestored English Sites and news affecting Hargreaves Services and UK Coal. Read more >>

28-02-2013 20:03

Welcome to the EXTINCTION ECO-VILLAGE Earth Fair Consumer Revolt

The Extinction Eco-Village campaign SUPPORT SITE for the Bexhill to Hastings link road protest in East Sussex will be created by the eco-warriors transforming an area of wasteland with solar power, wind turbines, Tesla free energy, permaculture, compost toilets, earth ships, and a comprehensive programme of tree planting and wildlife protection. Read more >>

26-02-2013 13:51

Operation Disclosure: 4 March - 9 April

Either the Department for Transport releases its redacted recommendations about the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR) by 5 April or we will peacefully come and get them ourselves! Read more >>

21-02-2013 10:10

Biofuelwatch plan to take DRAXtic Action to prevent a Big Biomess

Drax is planning to convert half of their coal power station (the UK’s biggest) to burning biomass – most of it imported wood. They are hoping this will secure the long-term future of the power station and allow them to continue burning both vast amounts of coal and imported wood for decades to come. We are protesting plans for this big biomess and invite you to join us at their AGM on the 24th of April. Read more >>

17-02-2013 13:26

Working Class Eco-Warriors Prepare to Fight Second Battle of Hastings

Veteran eco-warriors from the 1990s road protests in Britain are getting ready to move to Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex to take part in the Second Battle of Hastings to stop the Bexhill to Hastings link road from being built to prevent further destruction of the environment and pollution in the atmosphere, and to show solidarity with the besieged local residents of Middle England. Read more >>

05-02-2013 09:58

Does the UK Need nealy 50 New Opencast Mines?

The 20th LAON press release highlights a recent estimate that 47 new sites for opencast or the surface mining of coal are in the planning pipeline, 15 in England, 25 in Scotland and 7 in Wales. At the same time UK Coal Mining acknowledges that the demand for coal is going to drop significantly - hence the title of the press release Read more >>

17-01-2013 10:19

Bexhill Camp Resists

More people needed urgently to defend second camp Read more >>

16-01-2013 05:04

Mass mobilisation of eco-warriors for biggest road protest in history

Homeless people from towns and cities all over Britain, Europe, America and the rest of the world are being invited to join in a mass mobilisation of eco-warriors to stop the Hastings to Bexhill link road destroying Combe Haven Valley near Crowhurst village, East Sussex, site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Read more >>

11-01-2013 22:46

vedanta protest in london today - reports and pics

making noise
vedanta is a huge mining conglomerate with a long history of abuses around the world. the indian supreme court is nearing a final decision on whether vedanta can mine for bauxite in an area precious to indigenous people in india, and recent london protests, called by 'foil vedanta', are in solidarity with them. Read more >>


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