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01-08-2008 02:19

Animal Rights at Climate Camp - Final Call

All preparations are now in place for the Animal Rights presence at this year's Climate Camp, which starts this Sunday 3rd for eight days at Kingsnorth, Kent. It is near Rochester so within easy reach of London.

Climate Change is a massive Animal Rights issue. We could achieve full legal recognition of the equality of all animal lives, human and non human, and find this made irrelevant by the potentially catastrophic consequences of human induced climate change. Read more >>

31-07-2008 19:20

Climate Camp Caravan at Oxleas Wood 31-7-08

Dr Bike
The ride stops for a rest by the cafe, with workshops, talks displays and demonstrations. Very friendly atmosphere. Read more >>

31-07-2008 16:32 | 1 addition

Timeline: Climate Camp 2008

The timeline has been moved: click here for the new timeline.


31-07-2008 13:17

The 300-350 Show: Agrofuels and Climate Camp Preview

We take a look at the crime against humanity that is agrofuels, as well as previewing this year's Camp for Climate Action. Read more >>

31-07-2008 10:51

Caravan tour of Liverpool St

Pictures of the tour of the banks in the Liverpool St area. a twenty pound note was exchanged for pennies and caravaners got creative outside the RBS. Read more >>

30-07-2008 20:04 | 2 additions

Climate & Capitalism, Climate Caravan Visits The City

Penguins invading the southern end of London Bridge ...
Wednesday 30th July, the fourth day of the Climate Caravan traveling to this year's Climate Action Camp in Kingsnorth, Kent. The theme of today's leg was 'Climate & Capitalism', and so, there's probably no better place to point out the links between Climate Chaos and Capitalism's obsession with making bucks out of the depletion of the planet's natural resources, than the Square Mile.

Fleeing penguins and polar bears, and climate refugees on boats migrating due to the devastating effects of climate change, invaded London Bridge at about eleven in the morning, and they slowly made their way into the City of London. The traffic in London Bridge was brought to a standstill for about one hour, whilst protesters gave away hundreds of leaflets and the Camp's newspaper to the passers-by.

The Caravan then moved into the City itself, with a detour through several of the City's main landmarks. It eventually stopped at the global investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs, where a long speech was made through the bike sound system about the sort of 'investments' Goldman Sachs are involved in, and how this relates to Climate Change and its effects on communities and the environment. It was also pointed out that Goldman Sachs had already been targeted before by the Justice For Cleaners campaign, for their low standards of employment conditions for the City's army of invisible cleaners.

The Caravan then moved to St Paul's Cathedral where it stopped for a couple of hours for lunch. A photo exhibition was set up, whilst the bike sound system kept playing chill tunes for the participants, as well as for the many tourists that approached it to find out what was all that about.

The Caravan then set off for the meeting point at Liverpool Street station, where it was joined by some more people waiting there. It then moved to the nearby headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where bags full of pennies where thrown at the main entrances to symbolize the corporation's investments in Climate Chaos.

Here there are some pics of the day:


30-07-2008 19:54

29.07.08 Climate camp caravan - film stop.

UK, London. Oval. Climate camp caravanners watching cycle-powered cinema.
Images from Tuesday's stop for the climate camp caravan as it makes its way from Heathrow airport to Kingsnorth Power Station.
The caravan stopped at the Synergy Centre, near Oval in London. Around 30-50 people watched a film about sustainability in Cuba, on a cycle-powered cinema. Afterwards there was a Q+A session with climate camp staff, London councillors and other green - thinkers.


30-07-2008 19:12

Climate Camp - Stay Informed

"Deansgate Ridge, site of next weeks Climate Camp successfully occupied, 1km SW of Kingsnorth." - SMS 30/07/08

With the news that the site for the climate camp has now been occupied, information about how to stay informed over the next two weeks is also being revealed.


28-07-2008 18:29

Turbulence 4: 'Who Can Save Us From the Future?'

Turbulence 4
Out now!

Check out:

28-07-2008 16:26

Angry Penguins & Climate Refugees to Visit Climate Criminals

A large group of displaced penguins, a homeless polar bear, and several of human climate refugees will cross London Bridge to enter the City of London. Read more >>

26-07-2008 21:55

26.07.08 Climate Camp press conference

UK, Greater London. Climate camp press conference, Harlington Baptist church.
Images from the climate camp press conference, Saturday 26th July 2008.
The climate camp will move this weekend from its location at Heathrow Airport to a new location - Kingsnorth power station in Medway, Kent. This conference aimed to examine the ongoing situation at Heathrow and bring different groups such as Camp for Climate Action, local campaign groups HACAN and NoTRAG), and Greenpeace to discuss a broad strategy against expansion.


25-07-2008 19:49

Sizewell Blockaded yet again

As we arrived
6am and nine anti nuclear power activists head to sizewell for a day on the beach, well almost the beach, they actually stop at the entrance of Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations and lock themselves together with a number of things and seal the entrance for health and safety reasons.
Sizewell looks to be the next place for a new nuclear power station, with two reactors larger than the existing sizewell ‘B’ reactor.
After two previous blockades in the last few months, security had been stepped up and they had put a land rover and two security guards at the gate, but must have decided that this was no longer needed as when we arrived they were not there and yet again we were not spotted. Read more >>

24-07-2008 16:21

The 300-350 Show: Rolling Back Coal

We continue our look at the campaigns against coal. This week we explore why the Department for Businesses compromise of "carbon capture ready" just isn't good enough. We also look at the impressive rollback of new coal developments in the US. Will there be a moratorium on unabated coal in the US by the end of the year?


24-07-2008 12:52 | 1 addition

Community halts illegal work on Special Area of Conservation, Ireland- pls help!

The fight goes on- be part of it.
This is an urgent call for support to protect the community and environment of Rossport in Mayo, Ireland. Shell is now attempting to construct the first 200m metres of the onshore section of the pipeline without any planning permission. 13 residents were arrested on Tuesday and this morning a 10ft fence was erected and guarded by40 police & 70 security.
Help is urgently needed. Come if u can. Protest at Irish Embassy, Shell garages etc. Read more >>

23-07-2008 17:58

Fresh and Wild : The "ethical" organic store is selling Nestle products.

Fresh and Wild in Camden and Soho are selling Nestle products. Nestle are unethical and not the type of manufacturer whose products expect to find in Fresh and Wild etc.


23-07-2008 10:47

Little Peace Boat on the way to Climate Camp, arrives in Brighton Marina

Peter under sail on the "Be Disarming"
Update on veteran peace campaigner,
Peter Le Mare, in his Little Peace Boat,
"Be Disarming"
...on the way to The Climate Camp and then to Westminster, London for this 50th anniversary year of CND peace symbol on Hiroshima Day, August 6, draw attention to the linked problems of Catastrophic Climate Change and World Peace.


22-07-2008 19:39 | 1 addition

Plane Stupid Activist Glued To PM Inside Downing Street

A campaigner from the climate action group, Plane Stupid, is currently super-glued to Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the State Dining Room of 10 Downing Street.

Dan Glass, a 24 year old MSc student based in Scotland, gained access to the PM’s official residence at 5pm this evening. He greeted Mr Brown and asked the Prime Minister why he and his ministers have refused to meet West London residents opposed to the construction of a third runway at Heathrow. He simultaneously put his super-glue covered hand onto Brown’s polyester suit. When Brown went to turn away he found he had been super-glued by his clothing to Plane Stupid, and had no option but to listen to Dan.

19-07-2008 11:19

Climate Camp goes back to Heathrow: Conference Sat 26th July

A conference organsied by the Camp for Climate Action, local residents groups NoTRAG and HACA and Greenpeace to answer the question:

“What do we do if the worst comes to the worst and the Government says ‘yes’ to Heathrow expansion? Read more >>

18-07-2008 17:26 | 1 addition

Dissident Island - Climate Camp special tonight

Listen to the NUM, Climate Camp UK, Climate Camp USA, Climate Convergence USA as well as some tasty music and the usual chat and randomness Read more >>

17-07-2008 15:50 | 1 addition

The Two Degrees Show: No New Coal

James Hansen says we need a moratorium on new coal projects in order to protect the planet and all who live on it. We speak to two people involved in the global campaign against coal. Read more >>


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