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20-08-2007 02:54 | 1 addition

BAA Tent Blockade - Nightime Pictures

Pics from middle of the night sat / sun at the BAA overnight blockade. Locals supporting the protestors brought food, tea and coffee and a few beers. The atmosphere was upbeat, with live entertainment and a special appearance by the camp white rabbit. Blockaders hope to stay in place throughout the night, although police searches in the surrounding areas seem to be intensifying. Watch this space... Read more >>

20-08-2007 00:59

BAA Blockade Early On - pics from sunday

Revolution not Runways!
Pictures of the Heathrow Camp for Climate Action blockade of BAA offices, relatively early on during the blockade when few had yet reached the location. Read more >>

20-08-2007 00:24 | 1 addition

Press Release - Climate activists blockade Heathrow freight depot

19th August 2007, 21:30

At 21:00, eight protesters from the Camp for Climate Action have blockaded British Airways’ World Cargo Depot at Hatton Cross, outside Heathrow Airport. Read more >>

20-08-2007 00:24 | 1 addition

Update on BAA sit-in

At least 200 people now blocking the only road access to the main BAA building. Read more >>

20-08-2007 00:16

Photos from BA World Cargo blockade

Shortly after 8pm, an adhoc affinity group, formed at the Camp for Climate Action, walked up the perimeter road on the east side of Heathrow. Using metal tubes, eight of them formed a ring and locked on by their arms and blockaded the vehicle entrance to the British Airways World Cargo Perishables. Read more >>

19-08-2007 23:26

Sent home for bad behaviour

Police and protestors - 'this is what democracy looks like'
Leaving the camp around 3pm and trying to get to BAA, whilst some people were attacked by police with batons for attempting to exit the field, a group of around 100 protesters were eventually surrounded at the eastern edge of the field and later escorted back to the site Read more >>

19-08-2007 22:14

Audio report from some of those camping overnight at BAA

This report came in by phone at around 11pm on Sunday night from some of those currently occupying the entrance to the car park of the BAA HQ near Heathrow airport.


19-08-2007 21:28 | 1 addition

hurried pics from Sunday action

Various goings on from Sunday. I was mostly following the kids forced route march Read more >>

19-08-2007 20:46

More Pics of the Kids March from Climate Camp

The kids bloc children's revolution starts here...
Sunday 19th August 2007 - Camp for Climate Action Read more >>

19-08-2007 20:43

Video rushes of climate camp - by kryptic

Kids March, a view of the site, general march chilled action, and the BAA offices protected by Police Read more >>

19-08-2007 19:28

Late afternoon march to BAA - Cops go crazy

When the group left from the rear of the camp, at first mounted police tried to ride into people but soon backed off and allowed them to stream across the field. As the people approched the opposite side of the field there were many vans of riot police arriving in adjacent streets and deploying to meet the protestors. There were even van loads of police getting changed into their riot gear on the M4 motorway before scrambling up the bank. As protestors moved along the fence or tried to climb out of the field the police attacked them with batons and shields. I saw several hit, punched, repeatedly thrown to the ground, pushed into ditches, and sworn at. Over the next 15 minutes more and more riot police kept arriving (something like 100), many running into the field following mounted police that had galloped into a gap in the fence. Police prevented media from entering the field and a high hedge prevented them filming the scenes in the field. Read more >>

19-08-2007 18:02

Pics of Police Chasing Protestors Through Residential Area Near BAA Building

From this afternoon - Sunday 19th August - Police were chasing protestors in all directions close to the BAA building on Bath Road - in the back streets they were pushing them both away and towards BAA where a protest was scheduled to take place. Some escaped over fences and others were surrounded by police and kept there for hours - some made it through to the BAA building to hold their protest. Read more >>

19-08-2007 17:55

Climate Campaigners and Residents to demand Government Stop Runway Expansion

On Monday 11-12 noon climate campaigners are to demand a stop to aviation expansion at Downing Street. A petition will be presented against Building of a Third Runway at Heathrow and banners held by representatives of faith communities, climate campers, UK and international citizens. All concerned with our planet and children's future are invited to join us - and call for government policy to act - not fly in the face of climate change. Read more >>

19-08-2007 17:48

Scenes from the south east gate block

Riot police blocked the gate to stop the BAA office blockade. Read more >>

19-08-2007 17:30

Armed only with peer reviewed science...

Two marches left Climate Camp this afternoon, Kids Block and Peer Reviewed Science. Read more >>

19-08-2007 17:27

The kettle behind the BAA blockade

A wholly peaceful group arrived behind BAA's headquarters around 3.30 this afternoon. Despite the fact that the contingent was largely composed of the CIRCA clowns, police responded in their usual way by sending in the riot squad. Read more >>

19-08-2007 16:14

Having a Riot with the Climate Camp Police

STEP 1: Face up fearlessly to his riot shield with your Earth shield of truth
Riot Shield vs Earth Shield - who will win?

Timeline: 1600 - 19 August 2007

Location: Right outside the Camp for Climate Action, Sipson, Middlesex, during the storming of the BAA HQ.

How to confuse riot cops in 3 easy steps....... Read more >>

19-08-2007 16:05

Press release from Climate Camp Media: Police attack protesters

Riot police armed with truncheons backed by mounted police waded into protesters slowly marching from the Camp for Climate Action towards BAA headquarters. The march was part of the day of mass action which had been publicly announced the yesterday. On-site medics have treated at least five people who sustained head injuries and one person who had been trodden on by a police horse. Read more >>

19-08-2007 15:11

Today we witness the loss of Democracy

A devastating over reaction by the police on todays protesters is a dark day for democracy Read more >>

19-08-2007 13:48

Video of climate protesters breaking out of camp in a fan formation

This video shows protesters heading towards the HQ of BAA from the Climate Camp. They fan out when they pass the Police line to draw their escorts in different locations. Read more >>


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