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13-08-2007 14:08

plane stoopid graffiti

plane stoopid
thought u mite appreciate this photo...

13-08-2007 12:52

Climate Camp at 1.30pm

Phone report from the climate camp site at 1.30pm:

There are now about 300 people on site. The atmosphere seems to be relaxed, although vehicles are still not allowed in, and people are only allowed to enter the site from the Sipson end. Police are strolling around the site accompanied by campers taking notes onf clipboards. People are being searched on both ends. Lots of media vans are parked near the main entrance, including many tv crews and three satellite vans. Generator x is stuck outside the camp.

The building of infrastructure has slowed down due to the police blockade. Wheelie bins are being used to bring stuff in, the media is very interested in that. People are laying a pipe for water but currently, they have to carry it in. However, without vehicles, it is impossible to get marquees onto the site, which are needed to hold workshops and meetings.


13-08-2007 11:58

Are cops being allowed to stay on site?

Can someone at camp confirm whether the following article is true Read more >>

13-08-2007 06:33 | 1 addition

Climate Camp Sunday afternoon

Video Fit team outside footpath centre entrance.
The video and pics shows FIT team and Camp. Read more >>

12-08-2007 22:39

Residents, artists unite to celebrate villages threatened by Heathrow

Making a church
"An Airport is a non-place. This is Our Place."

This weekend local residents of Harmondsworth and Sipson, villages both threatened by the proposed third runway at Heathrow, joined artists and climate change activists in a celebration of their homes and local history.

12-08-2007 20:09

Video of Climate Camp.

Very quick edit.

12-08-2007 18:42 | 1 addition

FIT Watch at Climate Camp

FIT Watch will have an active presence at Climate Camp from Tuesday morning both at Staines Station and the camp itself.

We are also hoping to form a rota of people to stand outside camp trying to prevent FIT from taking photos, and adding to our own database of police photos.

Please help us and get involved – let’s show we will not accept their repressive policing.

We will have a workshop on Tuesday at 4:30pm at the camp to set up a rota. This workshop will also deal with the legalities of dealing with FIT Teams and will discuss how we can resist them in the future.


12-08-2007 17:59 | 1 addition

Public health issue as police blockade climate camp site

For the last couple of hours police have been obstructing access to the climate camp site near Heathrow airport and have refused to allow even water or toilets to be taken onto the legally occupied site. Read more >>

12-08-2007 16:17 | 1 addition

Independent climate camp week info line

A temporary and experimental phone service has been launched especially for the week of the Camp For Climate Action. It provides easy access to news taken from the indymedia newswire and info from the climate camp web site for people who are visually impaired or unable to read a computer display for other reasons.

0207 043 3783

12-08-2007 15:25 | 1 addition

Climate Camp police "wrong to use terrorism legislation"

Police endear themselves to locals
We know they're not terrorists, you know they're not terrorists and the police know they're not terrorists.

That was the message being given out to journalists today as reports came in of people suspected of travelling to Climate Camp being intercepted and searched under terrorism legislation outside local railway stations. Read more >>

12-08-2007 08:28 | 6 additions

Climate Camp Arrests - people needed on site

Reports are coming in of a first arrest at 2.45 am this morning. Read more >>

12-08-2007 00:40 | 4 additions

Climate Camp Land Occupied

Tripods over the camp (1)
Climate Camp activists met at a half dozen locations around London this afternoon, moving during the evening in vans to various sites near Heathrow.

Just after eleven the groups converged on a large field opposite the airport. Within minute tripods were erected and occupied with a large banner reading "Climate Camp, No Airport Expansion" slung between the two. Read more >>

09-08-2007 21:36

Call for Direct Action at the Camp for Climate Action

Activists campaigning against the impact of aviation on climate change have today released a website giving the low-down on Heathrow airport and the industries which encourage its environmentally damaging business. Read more >>

09-08-2007 20:19

Day of leafleting at Heathrow: Thurs 16th August

A day of leafleting against the aviation industry - 16th August, Heathrow Read more >>

08-08-2007 21:34

Thundering Times

Ecology, Austerity & Freedom

08-08-2007 15:51 | 4 additions

NUJ warns Climate Camp over restrictions on media

The NUJ has written to the Camp for Climate Action expressing deep concern at the restrictions they intend to impose on the media covering their Climate Camp at Heathrow Airport, and called on them to reconsider as a matter of urgency Read more >>

04-08-2007 19:33

Call To All Warriors

A Call From
The Ancient City Of
To Gather All Warriors Of The Earth
To Defend And Sanctify
The Valley of The White Mare


01-08-2007 17:48

BAA injunction judge is also a potential defendant

John Stewart and Leo Murray outside the High Court today
BAA added a new own goal to its string of recent cock ups, when it emerged the judge hearing their case today was not only a member of the RSPB but also a benefactor of both The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and The National Trust. She declared her interest as part of the opening session.

All three organisations' members risk criminal prosecution if they breach terms of an injunction being sought by BAA in court today. Read more >>

31-07-2007 18:17

UK Greens Back British Environmental Activist Imprisoned in Iceland

31 July 2007

Twenty three year old British Saving Iceland activist Miriam R. has been arrested by the Icelandic police. She was protesting against the Icelandic government's support for heavy industry, in particular Rio Tinto Alcan's Straumsvik smelter in South-West Iceland. Reports suggest she is still being held by the police. (1) Read more >>

31-07-2007 17:56

Icelandic Media Lie that No SI Prisoner is Being Held!

Arrests at the Rio Tinto Alcan smelter in Iceland
Both National Broadcaster RUV and TV station Stod 2 claim that no SI
prisoner is being held. Both news departments quote the police as a
source for this.

This is typical of the kind of massaging of the truth that both the
Icelandic police and media are used to getting away with. Read more >>


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