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07-11-2006 14:12

Travel agents disrupted in Reading!

As part of yesterdays day-of-action against short-haul flights, called for by Plane Stupid, there were direct-actions and protest against travel agents in Reading.


06-11-2006 03:35

London Plane Stupid strikes again

Flightcentres in the city and west end have been closed as part of the day of action against short haul flights. ctivists superglued the locks, and hung 'CLOSED FOR A TOTAL RETHINK' posters. Read more >>

06-11-2006 00:53 | 1 addition

London Plane Stupid Activists 'close' more travel agents!

Apparently the same thing as happened in Bristol has also taken place in London, with Plane Stupid activists postering and locking travel agents across London in a call to end short haul flights. Read more >>

05-11-2006 18:49 | 1 addition

Photos: Climate Change Protest (04.11.06)

Credit: Marc Vallée -
Photos: Climate Change Protest (04.11.06)

05-11-2006 10:17

Climate change demo - Grosvenor and Trafalgar Square pics

Outside the US embassy
The largest ever climate change protest march in Britain was just one of many that took place simultaneously around our threatened globe.

04-11-2006 22:13 | 4 additions

Stop Climate Chaos, London, 4th Nov 06 - pics

Swindon Climate Action Network and Friends of the Earth
Members of Swindon Climate Action Network and Friends of the Earth joined today's rally outside the US Embassy with around 20,000 others, before marching to Trafalgar Square to join another 10,000 at the launch of the I-Count campign. Here are some photos. Audio and possibly a video to follow. Read more >>

04-11-2006 20:04 | 1 addition

pics from london climate change march

victory signs for 'seize the day'
between 10 and 40 thousand, depending on who you believe, marched across town and gathered in trafalgar square. guess they all felt better for it. not sure if it will have bush, blair or brown quaking in their jackboots. there was some nice music. Read more >>

04-11-2006 14:29

Record turn out for London's Critical Mass

Cyclists completing a circuit of Parliament Square
Well over one thousand cyclists turned out today for a Critical Mass to the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, where they were met by thousands more protesters about to march to Trafalgar Square. Read more >>

03-11-2006 10:33

People & Planet: Carnival of Climate Chaos (London, Saturday 4 November, ICount)

In the wake of the Stern Review, on the eve of critical international climate talks in Nairobi, and shortly before the Queen's Speech, young people will demonstrate that they will not sit back and wait for the catastrophic climate change predicted for our generation. Marching from Bloomsbury to Trafalgar Square, the Carnival looks set to be one of the most impressive student mobilisations in years. Read more >>

02-11-2006 22:39

Biggest Youth Movement in History Could be About to Begin in London...

Could this be the answer to the problem of extinction?
Almost every Indymedia site in the world is right now publishing the message that the Children's Revolution kids' bloc might be leading the March for Global Climate Justice from the American embassy in Grosvenor Square, London, at 1 pm on 4 November.
Under the heading “Worldwide Children's Revolution to Try to Save the Human Race From Extinction?” the story says that the very existence of future generations may depend on urgent worldwide action to tackle global warming and climate change. Read more >>

01-11-2006 20:13

Blackout London on 4th November

Join the climate change protest at 4.30 till 7.30 pm, as we plunge London into darkness. Tell everyone - make it happen. Read more >>

01-11-2006 11:11

Capitalism ... the end is nigh

We were quite rude about this event last year (1), but perhaps we're mellowing with age so we'll give it a plug. This Saturday (4/11) sees a march and rally against climate change beginning at the US embassy at midday (2) and then heading down to Trafalgar Square for a rally with the usual (probably quite dull) speakers and a vague promise of some tunes. (3) Read more >>

28-10-2006 21:31

Worldwide Children's Revolution To Try to Save the Human Race From Extinction?

The Children's Revolution Kids' Bloc at the Camp for Climate Action
“A worldwide Children's Revolution to try to save the human race from extinction caused by global warming and climate change could start in London, England, on 4 November 2006.”
This is the introduction to a short news item posted by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign with the Washington, DC Independent Media Center, on 28 October, 2006.

25-10-2006 23:12

Swansea Climate change activists target housing development

A new action group the Swansea SA1 Snorkellers has used graffiti to highlight the fact that part of Swansea’s prestigious SA1 development on Trawler Road is being built on land that will flood unless Climate Change can be averted. Read more >>

18-10-2006 20:03

Children's Revolution Kids' Bloc May Lead the March for Climate Justice...

The Children's Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action
Plans for the Children's Revolution kids' bloc to lead the march for Global Climate Justice in London on 4 November are being considered by environmental activists in Britain.
The young eco warriors who started the youth revolt against global warming and climate change at the G8 summit protest in Scotland, 2005, will possibly once again be seen leading the way with their famous banner, “The Kids Are Revolting!” Read more >>

13-10-2006 11:16


we are currently facing eviction from the theatre we have been occupying to protest against its demolition to make way for luxury flats and offices.
profit profit profit Vs people people people

26-09-2006 20:50 | 1 addition

The Camp For Climate Action Benefit, 30th September

Benefit.. the ostrich returns!

22-09-2006 00:40

Anarchist Against the Wall, Lebanon, Climate Camp, Soy and table football

Here is a special indymedia edit of the latest news from the rampART social centre in East London. To make sure you get the latest news and listings each week, subscribe to the mailing list via Read more >>

21-09-2006 13:01

London Climate Camp meeting

Where next for climate activism in London? Second Camp for Climate Action follow-up meeting, Tuesday, September 26, 7 PM at RampART Read more >>

18-09-2006 22:20

The Camp For Climate Action Benefit, 30th September

Climate Camp benefit flyer
Benefit.. the ostrich returns!


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