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Nottinghamshire Free Spaces Feature Archive

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Nottinghamshire Free Spaces Feature Archive

JB Spray squat under threat

27-05-2010 17:37 | Free Spaces | Repression | Nottinghamshire

The JB Spray squat in Radford, Nottingham is under threat of eviction. The occupiers, who have been in the building since May 2009, have been served with notice of a court date for 3rd June. The landlord is intending to gain a possession order and make homeless the many people who have been living in the building for over a year. The occupiers have stated that they intend to resist any attempts to evict them and are asking people to support them.

The former lace factory, which was empty and unused for many years, has been occupied and used for social and community purposes a number of times in the past. On previous occasions squatters were evicted quickly. This is the first time that people have been able to settle and make a proper home in the building.

Those wanting to help with resistance to the closure of this free space should call 07817493824 or email jbspray[at]

Newswire: JB SPRAY Squat, Nottingham Under Threat of Eviction | Squatters in the JB Spray Building, prevent water company from cutting them off | J.B. Spray: Squat Lobster's First Event

Previous features: Squatters Retake Nottingham's JB Spray Factory | Spring Into Action Now! | J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied

Links: Advisory Service for Squatters

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Squatters Retake Nottingham's JB Spray Factory

17-07-2009 14:34 | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

Squatters have once again returned to the JB Spray Factory in Radford. The occupiers, a loosely formed collective currently going under the name “Squat Lobster,” have been occupying the old lace factory since late May, and have been working on the building ever since.Residents of the squat are keen to encourage more people's projects and ideas within the space and are welcoming people who want to pop round, stay round or set something up and use the space!

Audio: Riseup! Radio 17: Struggle in Our Cities

On the newswire: Grot Vs Squat? continued Nottingham Council inaction on empty properties | Beyond Borders weekend | Discussion on Public Services | radical discussion: education - weds 24 June, JB Spray | Squatters in the JB Spray Building, prevent water company from cutting them off | J.B. Spray: Squat Lobster's First Event

Previous features: Nottingham's Old County Hall Occupied | End of the Road for ASBO | Spring Into Action Now! | J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied | YES, we're open ! | Abandoned for over 7 years... | New Squatting Project in Nottingham

Links: Squat Lobster | Advisory Service for Squatters | Notts Indymedia Freee Spaces topic page

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Nottingham Gaza solidarity occupation violently evicted

01-02-2009 23:05 | University Occupations for Gaza | Free Spaces | Palestine | Repression | Nottinghamshire

Students who had been occupying a lecture theatre at the University of Nottingham have branded university authorites a "national disgrace" after they were violently evicted by university security. Around 10 security staff used force to remove the occupants into the snow outside. Students were forced to wait in the cold and only alowed in one by one to pick up their belongings. They were forced to give ID in order to be allowed entry.

The occupation of B62 in the Law and Social Science Building at the University of Notttingham was today violently evicted by university security. The occupation which has been taking place since Wednesday is in solidarity with the people of Gaza and is one of a wave of university occupations which have taken place across the UK following the recent Israeli assault against Gaza. Although the occupiers have been clear throughout that they had no intention of disrupting other students' education, the university had refused to follow the lead of Kings College in London and negotiate with the occupying students.

Previous Feature: Nottingham university occupied in solidarity with Gaza

Newswire: Eviction video & post occupation statement from Nottingham Uni | Nottingham University Gaza solidarity occupation violently evicted 1 | 2 | Nottingham Gaza solidarity occupation violently evicted | Nottingham University Authorities: A National Disgrace

Recent Gaza Demonstrations: Nottingham Gaza Emergency Protest 1 | 2 | Gaza Public Meeting at Bobbers Mill Community Centre | Nottingham Gaza Protest 'candle-lit' Vigil 1 | 2 | Nottingham Gaza Protest March Through Nottingham to Market Sq 1 | 2 | Nottingham University Students Occupation in Solidarity with Gaza 1 | 2 | Gaza support protest at Nottingham BBC | Tash's 'Collected' actions Piccys 2009

Links: Books not Bombs | Occupation Nottingham | UK Occupations | Notts Palestine newswire

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Anarchist centre opens in St Ann's

09-12-2008 17:49 | Culture | Education | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

Sunday saw the opening event of a new centre for anarchist education and culture in St Ann's. The Sparrows' Nest, named after local anarchist publication The Nottingham Sparrow, hosts a large collection of material on anarchist theory, local struggles and workers' struggles. The Sparrows' Nest is largely the work of local Anarchist Federation members and was inspired by a squatted infoshop in Ljubliana and similar projects in Carrara, Italy.

At the opening a selection of pamphlets and books were on display in four sections: The Classics (of anarchism), Neither Left or Right (referring to anarchism's opposition to fascism and the authoritarian left), Work (workers' struggles and the struggle against work) and Anarchy and Action in Nottingham. People were also able to watch films and browse the extensive library.

Newswire: The Sparrows' Nest - A centre for anarchist education and culture | Sparrows' Nest Anarchist Library & Archive, St Anns : opening event | Rebel bulletin The Nottingham Sparrow - March 2008 - No.3 | 'Rebel' bulletin - The Nottingham Sparrow - May 2007 - no.2 | New 'rebel' bulletin - The Nottingham Sparrow - March 2007 - no.1

Links: The Sparrows' Nest | Nottingham Anarchist Federation

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Community centres under fire

28-11-2008 15:44 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Nottinghamshire

The past few months have seen a number of bad news stories for Nottingham's community centres. The Chase Neighbourhood Centre in St Anns has made 30 staff redundant and is rumoured to be on the brink of closure, whilst there are reports that Neighbourhood Development Company (NDC) are looking to sell Radford's historic Tennyson Hall youth and community centre. The Chase Centre is in need of local support.

It has been suggested that with the credit crunch hitting Nottingham, local authorities may drastically cut funding for community centres and other community projects. This underlines the need for autonomous community centres, such as the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields, which continues to develop.

Newswire: Chase Centre Latest - - Please Help | Sumac Skill share goes massive! | What is the future of NDC owned Tennyson Hall? Questions need raising. | Chase Neighbourhood Centre Project Closing

Previous Feature: End of the Road for ASBO

Links: Sumac Centre | NDC Nottingham | Nottingham City Council community centres

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Derbyshire Opencast Mine Squatters: Eviction Imminent

23-07-2008 20:57 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

On Friday July 18 UK Coal were granted a possession order for the Squatted farmhouse on the planned Lodge House open cast coal mine site near Smalley in Derbyshire. It is anticipated that an eviction is imminent, particularly as the climbing team used against road protesters has been seen around the site.

On Tuesday June 18, climate campaigners from ‘Leave it in the Ground’ occupied the UK Coal’s Lodge House site in Derbyshire by barricading themselves in a disused farm building and taken to the trees on the site of the open cast mine. Under the cover of darkness activists secured themselves in the Prospect Farm building, on the site which is about to be devastated by huge machines. and claimed squatter’s rights.

Newswire: Police try and enter Bodge House | Pictures from the Bodge House opencast - 13/07/08 | Bodge House - Eviction Alert! | Eviction gets go ahead - Bodge House | Call out for help at Shipley Bodge Site | Ongoing Open Cast Coal Mine Occupation, Derbyshire - update from court | Activists disrupt work at site of opencast coal mine | Leave it in the Ground… in Court and a protest | Shipley Bodge squatted coal site recieves papers

Previous features: Coal On Hold - Derbyshire Coal Mine Site Occupied | Campaigners Trespass on Proposed Coal Mine Site

Links: Leave It In The Ground | Campaign Blog | Derby Earth First | No Opencast! article in Do or Die | UK Coal | Notts Indymedia Ecology topic page

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Nottingham's Old County Hall Occupied

11-04-2008 12:11 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | History | Nottinghamshire

Nottinghams Old County Hall, also known as the Judge's residence is now occupied

Since a few days, a group of people have occupied the Old County Hall on High Pavement as part of the international days of action for free culture and autonomous spaces. Also see feature article. The building, also known as 'the Judges' Lodgings' has both a fascinating history and is a building of outstanding beauty. So what is its history? Who's been living there over the years? And why has been sitting empty for so many years?

"For many years it was used as the Judge's Lodgings, and behind it is a really charming garden which forms an oasis of greenery which it is very difficult to see from anywhere else than the windows of the schoolrooms of Halifax Place Chapel. It is a 17th century house which was greatly altered about 1833, about which time it was purchased from the Fellows family, who had removed thither from a smaller house a little to the west. Before their time it was occupied by Lady Hutchinson, the mother of Colonel Hutchinson." That's an extract from an article on Notts History, an online collection of copyleft articles on Nottinghamshire's vibrant history. Reading through articles about the history of the Judge's Lodgings, one thing is certain. And that is that some very high ranked individuals have lived here over the centuries.

Photos: New Squat Occupied: opp. Galleries of Justice [1] | [2]

Links: Nottinghamshire History | Announcing The New Squat: Location (Nottingham) | Nottingham Braced For Squat Actions (feature) | Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces

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Nottingham Braced For Squat Actions

09-04-2008 20:25 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

Location announced: Old County Hall, 23 High Pavement, NG1, See article for more details.

Activists across Europe and beyond have dubbed April 11th and 12th as days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. This weekend, in Nottingham, a group of people have vowed to open up a new squatted space and put on various events. In an article published on Notts Indymedia they say: "By visibly taking a space in the city centre, we intend to raise awareness of squatting and so contribute to a future of squatting in Nottingham with more long-term squats elsewhere in the city."

One goal for the weekend of action is to "inspire and empower people" who have previously been unfamiliar with squatting. Discussing campaigns and sharing knowledge and skills we can support one another and be empowered ourselves, as well as drawing in new people by creating a vibrant and exciting place to be.

Get involved! The location of the venue has been announced and a full program of events has already been confirmed. See program here.

Photos: New Squat Occupied: opp. Galleries of Justice [1] | [2]

Audio: Riseup! Radio #3 The April Show

On the newswire: Events schedule - Squatting days of action | Leaflets for Nottingham squat days of action this weekend | Bookbinding & Juggling Workshops - 12th April | Action for squats and autonomous spaces in Nottingham | Notts Indymedia Free Spaces Topic Page

Previous squatting related features: End of the Road for ASBO | J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied | YES, we're open ! | Abandoned for over 7 years... | New Squatting Project in Nottingham

Links: Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces

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End of the Road for ASBO

05-03-2008 09:36 | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

According to an undisclosed source, squatters at the ASBO centre have been given notice to quit the premises by 27th Feb.

Social activists, who initially squatted the building to provide a community space, have long since left. The remaining occupants have been implicated in a string of violent attacks against the Sankofa Foundation, a project supporting asylum seekers in the lower part of the building. An attempt to reopen another part of the building was also violently repelled.

The disastrous end of the squat has prompted some to question why the wider community who benefited from the ASBO haven't helped to sustain the project.

Newswire: ASBO Squat: Destroyed & Now Evicted | asbo evicted | and now for the positive asbo news | Sankofa Foundation in Crisis | ASBO, The Last Days | asbo squat - end of days

Previous feature articles: YES, we're open ! | Abandoned for over 7 years...

Background: Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council drops by at the ASBO | ASBO welcomed by community! | Nottingham Squatting Project, The Tidy-Up :: The pictures | Council serve eviction notice | New Squatting Project in Nottingham | Notts Indymedia Free Spaces Topic Page

Links: Asbo Website | Sankofa Foundation | Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces

Video: BBC report on the vandals, forcing the closure of the Sankofa Project

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A Planning Disaster

03-08-2007 11:57 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Health | Nottinghamshire


Campaigners representing “Planning Disaster” [1], a coalition of Britain's leading environment organisations, today drew up a spoof planning notice for a new nuclear power station to be developed on the current site of Nottingham Forest Football Club. The action was to highlight the Government’s proposed changes to the planning system.

The current planning system allows people to be part of the decision making process. They can have their say on proposals for major developments such as new roads or nuclear power stations. But reforms proposed in the Government's White Paper on planning will remove the public's democratic right to challenge projects at public inquiry. Planning decisions will also be taken out of the hands of accountable politicians and handed over to an unelected, unaccountable new body called the Infrastructure Planning Commission.

Links: Planning Disaster Coalition | Nottingham FOE | Planning for a Sustainable Future: White Paper: website or PDF | House of Commons debate on the issue on 21 May 2007

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Our Square Isn't It?

26-03-2007 19:04 | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

" I went to the Playhouse Theatre, where the Lantern Parade was due to assemble from Wellington Circus. This was a really colourful event with thousands taking part. Giant puppets, youth arts, drummers, samba band and a fire show. Folks paraded from there, down Maid Marian Way, and into the square. The usual suspects there included the Sheriff of Nottingham, Lord Mayor, assorted troups of King John's Army, oh, and Robin Hood, & Maid Marian on a wire, bobbing about above the crowds. Fireworks from the roof of the council House, with guys on rotating wheels. A windmill decked with fireworks, and the crowd ohh'd and ahhh'd as yet another lot of fireworks, went off, from the Castle. Event finished at about 9pm. Now, I ask you. What other country in the world, puts on a main event of celebration in its public space, and closes down in the early evening? "

" It's lovely to have the Market Square finally finished, isn't it? Now we can start to use it again; as a great hang out, somewhere to sit around with our friends in the sun, but the question is ... Is it really our Square, or not? The council has its own agenda for the Square. It wants it kept clear of pretty much everyone except shoppers and commercial outfits. It tells us it’s employing Community Protection Officers for our safety, but all they seem to do is kick people off the steps when we try to meet by the Lions. Just try gathering there in any numbers at the moment. The point seems to be to keep away young people and anyone whose face doesn’t fit. "

Articles: £7.2m to vote Labour? | Market Square Opening Events : Saturday Pix 1 | Market Square Opening Events : Saturday Pix 2 | Market Square Opening Events : Construction & Preparation | Reclaim Slab Square (March 24) | Reclaim Our City! - leaflet text for Nottingham's Market Square reopening night | Vote for band to open new market square

Links: 'Reclaim Our City' Leaflet (PDF) | Wikipedia on the Old Market Square | Old Market Square Events (city council website) | Another Market Square site

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J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied

11-07-2006 13:33 | Free Spaces | Repression | Nottinghamshire

On Wednesday 28th June the J B Spray building in Radford was squatted. It was illegally evicted by the police on Friday 30th June and reoccupied on Saturday 1st July. A new squat is born in Squattingham!

Built in 1870 the historic lace mill, a grade 2 listed building, has sat empty for years while the owner apparently seeks community uses for the property. Unwilling to see such a beautiful building left to rot this inspired group is seeking to answer both their own need for housing and the wider community need to reclaim spaces like these as social spaces to share and bring people together.

Links to more information and pictures about the squats' progress

J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied | Spray Building Squat, Radford: A Guided Tour | Spray Squat Party 1 : Acoustic Gig | Spray Building Squat : Nottingham County Court Appearance | Spray Squat Party 2 : Acoustic Gig, with diner |

More Links: Previous article with photos | party at the JB Spray squat this Sunday

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Eco building in Nottingham

29-06-2006 04:58 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

applying the render 2
This week see’s a workweek at eco-works allotments to continue with the straw bale building that is under construction up there. The first few days were spent rendering the bale walls that were constructed over autumn and winter and preparing the foundations for the next lot of bales to go up on the second weekend. The space when finished will house the harvest café and be a space for running various workshops and courses as well as just being a place for eco-works volunteers to chill out on a hot day.

For this weeks reports see links 1 + 2 +

For Tash's Pictures of the progress of the project, see:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |

Also, for Karl's pictures of the building, see:
1 | 2 |

Read more

Nottingham Green Festival in the Arboretum

07-06-2006 09:53 | Culture | Ecology | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Green Festival in the Arboretum

Nottingham Arboretum celebrates with a Green Festival embracing all things green. Live bands, fun for children and sustainable produce. Stalls, including crafts, plants, local produce, energy conservation demonstrations, wind and solar power, social struggles and human rights issues etc and plenty of other organic, eco-friendly activities.

Event photos 1 + 2

Earlier events

Nottingham Green Festival, 2003 | Nottingham Green Festival, 2005 | Arboretum Festival Weekend [May Bank Holiday 2006]

| Nottingham Live Music Festival 1 | Nottingham Live Music Festival 2 | Nottingham Live Music Festival 3 | Nottingham Live Music Festival 4

Read more

Action stepped up at Sharp Hill

12-05-2006 20:05 | Culture | Ecology | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

The campaign to save Sharp Hill is stepping up this weekend with live music and a fresh call for support. A group of activists - with strong support from the community - have been camping at the site near Edwalton for a month in protest against Rushcliffe Borough Council's plan to build 1200 houses. They have pledged to stay at least until June 15 when the council makes its final decision, and encourage everyone to join them. A central government inspector's report opposed the council's plan. Read it (Sharphill from page 14), with the council's response.

Site photos: BBC 'Politics Show' visit | Camp Piccys | What's going to be lost, Landscape Piccys | Activist in Market Sq Photos | Hands Across the Hill Pictures | Bus Living at Wilford Hill [an earlier site]

Aerial Views Sharphill Woods Satellite view

Audio Interview: Tash's podcast of the BBC interview [6:26mins 2.6Mb]

Public Debate: Public Meeting and debate at Edwalton Village Hall[56mins 49Mb]

Links: Campaigners' response to planning document | Activists' statement | Announcement, directions and map | BBC Politics Show | BBC Politics Show watch again [RM from 14:30mins] | Rushcliffe Council: Response to Inspector's Report and Proposed Modifications | 'Savesharphill' a NEW website

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Sumac Cafe in crisis

09-01-2006 11:01 | Animal Liberation | Culture | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

The Sumac Cafe is in crisis, due to a shortage of volunteers. It is in danger of closing and an important meeting is planned to look at possible solutions. These might include reinventing the nature of the cafe, perhaps doing more 'special nights', such as the monthly People's Kitchen events, instead of serving the breakfasts during weekends.

The meeting will be held on Friday 13th January, 7pm at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham, NG7 6HX. All people with an interest in the cafe, or ideas about how it could or should be run, are most welcome.

Contact: email:

Links: Sumac Cafe website | The Sumac Centre | Veggies Diary listing

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Police escalates offensive crackdown culture poster drive

09-12-2005 14:05 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Police, allied with authoritarians at the local council and the Home Office, have been wasting taxpayers' money on a wave of offensive posters intended to terrorise dissidents and the socially excluded. This campaign has escalated with attempts to terrorise those involved in subvertising the posters.

Recent instances have included the return of the especially sinister anti-begging campaign, where the state spreads slanderous accusations accusing beggars of bankrolling drug dealers. This campaign has been connected in previous years to deaths of homeless people in cold weather, and to physical assaults on homeless people due to incitement by the posters. The campaign even led to violence and reduced revenue for Big Issue vendors who are engaged in an entirely legal activity.

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Nottm Community Print Resources are Go

17-11-2005 19:48 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Nottinghamshire

Following an earlier Indymedia appeal for storage, a location for Nottingham's Community Print Resource has been found at the Asbo Community Centre at 33-35 Burns Street, 1 Wildman Street, Arboretum. There is now an urgent call out for help in setting up the facilities, starting (during the ASBO open day) on Saturday 19th November.

Please call by from 2pm (til possibly 7pm) to check it out.

Links: Print resources - A call out | CPR to the Rescue: Nottm Alternative News article.

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YES, we're open !

12-10-2005 16:15 | Culture | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

Here an update on some new community initiatives in Nottingham:

Radford - Last night the new community cafe in the Blueprint, Radford, opened its doors for the first time. The fairtrade cafe has been set up by people who put on the famous ethical clubnight Demo, at Blueprint every last Saturday of the month. Trying to create a chilled space for people to meet and hang out, while enjoying organic cake, and eclectic DJ's. Every Tuesday, 509-511 Alfreton Road, Radford.

Links: Blueprint | Demo

Arboretum - Saturday will see the grand opening of the ASBO Community Centre on Burns Street, Radford. The occupied community space is opening its doors on Saturday at 2pm. There will be 'Broad Bean' internet access all afternoon, 'Kranks' Bike maintenance workshop from 3-6pm, 'Free Shop' open from 3pm and the People's Kitchen will be serving food from 5.30pm till 7pm. These events will be running every Saturday, 33-35 Burns Street, 1 Wildman Street, Arboretum.

Links: Download: poster / A5 flyer | Contact ASBO via email | Previous feature article on the project

Photos: Gallery | Tidy Up | Workday

Sneinton - Rumours go that a new collective has also been set up in Sneinton, to start a community cafe/open arts space there. More information to follow... (or contact

Print resources - A call out was issued this week as help is needed to set up a print workshop and resource centre for Nottingham's campaign community. In July 2004 Veggies catering campaign funded the acquisition of the resources of the now defunct Nottingham Community Resource Centre. The intention was to find premises, such as a portable office in the yard of the Sumac Centre, to set up a well equiped print workshop for community use. However a year has rolled by and it has proved impossible to find suitable premises. The situation is now desparate - the equipment must be removed from its temporary storage in two weeks. Are you involved in a project that could make use of printing equipment, in return for making it available to others? Do you have any storage space to offer? If you can help email:

Links: Call out for help | Article Nottingham Alternative News | Veggies catering campaign

Read more

The Sumac Centre needs help !

25-09-2005 14:20 | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

The Sumac Centre is an independent community and activist resource centre in Nottingham. It is made up of a community cafe, social club, radical/social library, art exhibition space, Veggies catering campaign, filmnights, talks, meeting spaces and the residents. The centre is used by various local groups, collectives and individuals working towards social change and sustainability. It has hosted many national and international gatherings in the past and hopes to continue to do so. The centre is entirely run by volunteers

At the moment the centre is in need of help. Mainly due to reduced use of the centre/bar/cafe over the summer and mortgage rates increasing. At the moment there is a shortage of volunteers meaning the centre can't be open as much. We would like to continue to support and promote the work of many campaigns and individuals and continue the work we do in our local community...

More Links: Workday October 8th | Sumac Website | Regular Events | More information on volunteering

Read more

Abandoned for over 7 years...

21-08-2005 20:50 | Culture | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

Unsatisfied with years of council inaction, an abandoned block of flats on Burns Street, Arboretum, has been occupied and turned into living spaces once again. The new homes, which are owned by the City Council had been left to rot for over 7 years.

The occupiers, who squatted the building early August, have been repairing damage and planting flowers in the garden with local residents. The council have given the new residents a 'notice to leave', stating they would obtain an eviction order through court, if they would not leave within 7 days. There is much support from local residents, as for them, the property has been an eyesore, attracting drug users and causing a general hazard.

Photo Gallery of the Squat | Notice to Leave | Announcement Garden Project | Council still no plans with previous squat (Forest Lodge) | Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) | More Photo's of the Tidy Up | Some current advice on squatting

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New Squatting Project in Nottingham

13-08-2005 01:17 | Free Spaces | Nottinghamshire

A building empty for many years has been occupied. The neighbours constantly fed up with the council inaction, a mess in the garden, drug abusers round the back of the property, windows smashed. Not something you would like to live next door to. Thus, the group has much community support, and now they're secure in their new home, there is much tidying up to do and this has already begun.

Read more | 11 comment(s)