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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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23-06-2003 22:51

Protest Art

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Obedience Pledge Required for Government Workers

23-06-2003 21:11

The Los Angeles Times reports that the document is part of the ongoing effort to eradicate any remanents of the outlawed Ba'ath party.

At issue is the sentence, "I will obey the laws of Iraq and all proclamations, orders and instructions of the Coalition Provisional Authority," a vow some in Hillah see as a direct conflict with their religious and national identities.

Hillah residents marched in protest earlier this week after government employees were told they wouldn't be paid unless they signed the document.

Complicating the issue is a fatwa issued by Shi'ite clerics calling for followers not to sign.

In an effort to compromise, community leaders requested the addition of a clause to protect "the interests of the Iraqi people."

Thus far, the civil administration seems cool to the idea, asserting that troublemakers seeking conflict are behind the issue. correspondent Lisa Ashkenaz Croke drafted this report.

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Fairford defendants seem to be winning the legal battle

23-06-2003 14:27

Good court results from the last few days...
Toby & Phil are out on bail, many other cases dropped or offered bindovers.

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Disarm DSEi - Counter Conference

23-06-2003 09:55

Call for participants in counter conference

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First Mugabe, now Charles Taylor: Who's next?

23-06-2003 02:33

U.S. intelligence (CIA), British intelligence (MI6), Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and even Russian intelligence (FSB, formerly KGB) operatives are busy in regions throughout the world fomenting dissatisfaction among the people, in order to create confusion that will lead to the overthrow of government to be replaced by leaders who do the bidding of their paymasters.

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US Senator John Kerry says he was 'misled' about war against Iraq.

22-06-2003 22:01

John Kerry says he and "every one of us" was misled by President Bush concerning Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. And he says the deception is one reason he is running for President. If he was misled, what do we make of his 156 Congressional colleagues who voted against the war resolution in October, 2002?

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Moratorium on cell towers near schools

22-06-2003 13:51

Plug pulled on Sullivan Heights cell tower - Court Cases - School Antenna Ban-BC Canada EHS sufferers: in own case - Cell Slayer Home - Save America's Redrock Wilderness - Weapons of Mass Deception

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Waitrose supports Ruthless International Arms Traders

21-06-2003 22:00

Waitrose supermarkets are supporting the Fairford RIAT by selling tickets for this show which will include fighter and bomber aircraft and a B2 stealth bomber.

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Sheffield Peace in the Park

21-06-2003 21:11

Sheffield Samba Band
Some photos from the Sheffield Peace in the Park festival.

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Electromagnetic Mindcontrol

21-06-2003 17:28

Decision of Austrian High Court - Campaign at a glance - The stage is set for our defeat -International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System - Brain Implants - Man- Made Earthquakes? - EMR and human rights abuse - Special forces 'prepare for Iran attack'- Empire of Lies

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Vigil outside Irish Embassy in your Country June 24th

21-06-2003 10:03

We go to trial on June 24th. in Kilrush, Co. Clare charged with $2 U.S. million disarmament to a U.S. Navy War Plane at Shannon Airport Feb. 3rd.
We are under a cloud of 10 year max sentences, with a likelihood of 3-5...

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Childhood Leukemia: Electric and Magnetic Fields as Possible Risk Factors

20-06-2003 20:30

Intermittent extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields cause DNA damage in a dose-dependent way - Low frequency electromagnetic fields cause DNA damage - Evaluation of rat thyroid gland - Childhood Leukemia - Mechanism - Court Cases - White House "Hyped" Iraq War - The War Built on a Lie - Secret war pact, claims Short

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UK - Ex-GM Minister on Iraq War - World's big problem is the US

20-06-2003 18:39

"[Getting rid of a murderous regime in Iraq] was not the reason why we went to war. My view is that we went to war because America wanted to establish a political and military platform in the Middle East, it saw a need for oil and of course it wished to support Israel. Weapons of mass destruction, if they existed, even on the most threatening predictions, were certainly not going to put Europe or the US at risk. But Tony Blair took the view that if you are a close ally you have more influence than if you are a protagonist.

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20-06-2003 17:30

The suicide bombers recruited in the Middle East live by a death cult philosophy which legitimates the destruction of innocent bystanders as a way of achieving paradise.
In all modern history, there has been nothing like this organized cult of death designed to achieve political aims via religious faith and reward.

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Galloway documents were forged

20-06-2003 11:04

2nd rate forgeries exposed.

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Peace in the Park

20-06-2003 00:00

Peace in the Park Flyer Front
Peace in the Park is a one day festival in Sheffield City Centre on Saturday 21st June. The event will take place on Devonshire Green, Division Street, from Midday until 8pm. The festival is one of peace and solidarity with the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, as well as everyone struggling for a life and future that is their own.

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Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields

19-06-2003 20:13

Tribute to Neil Cherry - Hillel station - To bring to light the health fraud in the mobile telephony - Berkeley, California - Healthy sentence - Former Senator Max Cleland Blasts Bush's War - AIDS Vaccines Worse Than Useless?

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Sunday times used crude forgeries to hype Iraq's WMD's

19-06-2003 16:04

The Sunday Times, like other newspapers, scold Blair for "Sexing up" his dossier. However, they themselves used crudely forged documents to pretend Iraq was developing WMD's - in 1995 ! - expsed in Tribune

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Huwaida Arraf Arrested at Huwara Checkpoint Please Protest

18-06-2003 21:44

From Bad To Worse!

ISM founder Huwaida Arraf was taken into custody at Huwara Checkpoint near Nablus today after she protested the abusive treatment Palestinians were receiving from Israeli forces.

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International law tested at Gloucester Crown Court

18-06-2003 15:12

PRESS RELEASE: At 10 am on Friday 20th June 2003 at Gloucester Crown
Court, a hearing is expected to decide if peace
activists can use international law as a defence.
Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch [1], known as `The
B-52 Two', who are currently remanded to HMP
Gloucester, are charged with conspiracy to cause
criminal damage when they tried to disarm a B52
warplane at RAF Fairford in March 2003 [2]. Supporters
will gather outside the court for The B52 Two and six
other peace activists who are in court for similar
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