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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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24-08-2004 14:01

Anata Village
Demolished Home Rebuilt in Anata Village

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Mass blockade of Faslane nuclear base - Over 70 arrested! Mass disobedience!

24-08-2004 03:34

Carry on up the Clyde! August 23rd 2004
Faslane BLOCKADED 23rd August 2004!!! Over 70 Arrests at Carry On Up The Clyde!
72 people, including four members of the Scottish Parliament, have been arrested during the blockade of Faslane naval base on the Clyde.

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Israeli activists-Peace comes from justice and coexistence

23-08-2004 20:01

The Olga Appeal-FOR TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION, FOR EQUALITY AND PARTNERSHIP --This document represents a new initiative brought by Israeli activists and scholars that deserves widespread attention and dissemination.

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"9/11 National Security Protection Act"--Sen. Roberts goes berserk

23-08-2004 17:41

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, and 7 other Republican senators, have proposed splitting the US CIA into three separate agencies, all under one National Intelligence Service--has the far right gone mad?

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Iraq: Medical Aid Workers targetted, but by who?

23-08-2004 12:41

Helen Williams outside Imam Ali Mosque, Nagaf
Welsh Campaigner, Helen Williams, took part in a 7 vehicle aid convoy, which delivered medical aid into Nagaf. On the way there the lead vehicle was blown up and severely damaged; on their return the lead car was destroyed - people are missing. The Mahdi Army welcomed them, while the Us army refused opposed them. A detailed account of events within Nagaf and Kufa.

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Bristol STW Regional NEWS : 22nd August 2004 : (VIRTUAL Version)

22-08-2004 20:41

BRISTOL STOP-THE-WAR NEWS : 22nd August 2004

Please send us details of regional events (South West, Wales
& West Midlands). See sections 9&10 for more regional events.

Bristol STW correspondence can be posted to: BSTW c/o
Greenleaf Books, Box 45, 82 Colston St. Bristol BS1 5BB

Latest Bristol News:

FREE DOWNLOAD: A magazine-style version of the newsletter is available.
Please print out copies & give or sell them to people who don't have email.

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Bristol STW Regional NEWS : 22nd August 2004 : (PRINTER Version)

22-08-2004 20:26

Welcome to the August version of Bristol-Stop-The-War News. This downloadable version is part of a tactical response to the gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.

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Ewa Jasiewicz Speech in Dublin 21 June 2004 (audio)

22-08-2004 10:38

Speakers Square, Dublin 21 June 2004
{ photos & audio by redjade }

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Why America needed 911

22-08-2004 06:43

The attacks of 911 were the Reichstag Fire for the Neo-Conservative movement. It provided the catalyst for war they had long sought. This brief details how they did it. Yes, they did it.

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Of murder and a friend

21-08-2004 19:40

I am reminded/Of murder and a friend shot through the head behind a police station/I am reminded of Anthany James Dawson pounded into a coma on the streets/of Victoria by police officers/I am reminded/Of the self lynched black and Native youth sentenced to death by the callousness and mental pimpin of this city… cuz they consume native and black boys/I am reminded;/"keep a cool head" as the song by marcus Garvey go

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Visit New York (and Bush!)

21-08-2004 07:35

Come to New York, USA, Aug. 29 to Sept. 2

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Reclaim The Bases Summer Camp 2004 - Workshops list

20-08-2004 11:20

Reclaim The Bases Summer Camp 2004

27-30 August 2004 at Bluebell Wood AWE Aldermaston, near Reading

Following on last year's successfull camp, D10 proudly presents the
Reclaim The Bases summer camp 2004 : Skill sharing, training,
workshops & tips on NVDA, anti-militarism, military bases and legal
issues with a focus on practical actions.

Please let us know if you're coming so we can plan for food, time tables,

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George speaks his mind

19-08-2004 21:32

17 minute highlights excerpted from CNN Larry King interview with George and Laura Bush August 2004.
Topics include: 911, Iraq, WMD, Mission Accomplished, and A Culture of Life....

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Iraqi soccer players angered by Bush campaign ads featuring team

19-08-2004 19:41

But they also find it offensive that Bush is using their team for his own gain when they do not support his administration's actions in Iraq.

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Friday: Protest Downing St. - STOP NAJAF SLAUGHTER -

19-08-2004 17:27

EMERGENCY PROTEST – Stop the slaughter in Najaf – Troops out of Iraq now!
Friday, 20 August
Whitehall, opp. Downing Street
Central London

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The Costs of the Iraq War Shock the US Public

19-08-2004 16:50

"If Bush wins again, the attack is the best defense delusion threatens and the realization of the self-fulfilling prophecy of the American rightwing that sees a coming clash of civilizations between Islam and the West.. The US fluctuates between democratic renewal and totalitarian regression. The imperial temptation is presently weakened but hardly excised.."

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Iraq vet: "I’ve seen guys cut their trigger fingers so they wouldn’t have to go"

19-08-2004 16:28

The new issue of Traveling Soldier is out!

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'Iraq and the War on Terror' by Paul Rogers

19-08-2004 11:48

Oxford Research Group (ORG) has published an important new book by Professor Paul Rogers on the invasion of Iraq and the so-called 'war on terror'.

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Time the Whitehall Gunrunners were Fired

19-08-2004 09:46

Gordon Brown plans to cut 100, 000 civil service jobs in the next ten years. Campaigners against arms exports, like Campaign Against Arms Trade, suggest the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO) and the part of the Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD) dealing with arms exports are suitable choices. Show your support for our call at a peaceful demonstration on September 21. Assemble at 11 am outside DESO in Bury Place London WC1A. Nearest tube Tottenham Court Road and Holbrun.

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Iraq: Unreported Upsurge In Violence

19-08-2004 09:01

With the US elections looming, the decision has been taken to remove Iraq from the mainstream news. The US people will not be told about the escalating violence and death.
The Bush gang are again acting in a way that they accuse their "Targets" of acting. This report from Welsh activist Helen Williams tells of the struggle of ordinary Iraqis living in the unreported wartorn city of Baghdad.
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