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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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“BUILD PEACE WITHOUT WEAPONS”: Burghfield Month of Action

01-06-2016 19:36

This is a press release from the Trident Ploughshares affinity group in Plymouth. You are warmly invited to come along to Burghfield and disrupt Trident.

Monday 6th June – Trident Ploughshares
Tuesday 7th June – Scottish groups

Wednesday 8th June – European mainland groups

Thursday 9th June – Yorkshire and North of England
Monday 13th June – Students

Tuesday 14th June -Southern Region

Wednesday 15th June – Wales

Thursday 16th June – Academics

Monday 20th June – Women

Monday 27th June – Religious and Faith based groups

Tuesday 28th June – Legislators

Wednesday 29th June – London

Thursday 30th June – Bristol

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New book: Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan

23-05-2016 10:48

New book from Corporate Watch

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North Korea: Kim Jong Un issues temporary ban on weddings and funerals for 'secu

08-05-2016 03:33

All weddings and funerals have been cancelled for this week in North Korea as Kim Jong-Un prepares to lavishly celebrate his official coronation as leader.

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Philippines: The Duterte Phenomenon and our attitude towards it

07-05-2016 07:46

Like it or not, Rodrigo Duterte has been leading the presidential polls in successive surveys.

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Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte’s One-Man Revolution and the CPP

19-04-2016 09:55

Jose Maria Sison & Rodrigo Duterte
Rodrigo Duterte’s authoritarian vision is no way forward for the Philippines.

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Arms fair faces lively protests

02-04-2016 14:01

DPRTE rooftop action

One of the UK’s biggest arms fairs (DPRTE) met resistance on 16th March in Cardiff town centre.

Full report with pictures and original formatting (via StCAF blog).

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The Taliban have declared war on God

29-03-2016 09:57

How the distorted acts of the Taliban is a attack on Islam

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Stop Trident replacement public meeting.

04-02-2016 15:26

A public meeting to build support for the campaign to stop Trident replacement. The vote will take place in Parliament this year.

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30-01-2016 16:53

‘Anonymous’ Targets Wall Street with ‘Operation Icarus’

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Mindanao, Philippines: Stop ‘Lumad’ killings, harassment - UN

10-01-2016 06:43

Killings and harassment of the Lumad, or the indigenous people (IP), should stop and those accountable should be brought to justice, according to Ola Almgren, the UN country representative and humanitarian coordinator.

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Joma Sison welcomes Pia Wurtzbach’s ‘welcoming Americans’ stance

02-01-2016 13:17

Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Ma. Sison found nothing wrong in the answer of newly crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach during the pageant’s critical question and answer portion where she was asked if she thought the U.S. should have a military presence in the Philippines.

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Joma Sison welcomes Pia Wurtzbach’s ‘welcoming Americans’ stance

02-01-2016 13:08

Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Ma. Sison found nothing wrong in the answer of newly crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach during the pageant’s critical question and answer portion where she was asked if she thought the U.S. should have a military presence in the Philippines.

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Archived discussion re cover-up over Alzheimer's - Borrelia link

01-01-2016 16:31

I am attempting to archive here a discussion about the relation between Alzheimer's disease and chronic persistent Borrelia infections of the central nervous system. There is an official cover-up regarding this being conducted by the United States Dept of Defense and its satellite bodies within the public health service, chiefly the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). this is because Borrelia bacteria are of military biowarfare interest.

Countries around the world influenced by the US government are also affected, and the number of people who have contracted dementia as a result of this is unknown but potentially enormous.

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Germany’s staying secretly supportive of the Turkish Kurds

24-12-2015 05:52

The main challenge of the current Syrian conflict is that, despite the formal stances of its participants, their interests are so closely intertwined that offstage agendas are being pursued behind the backs of the so called allies while the foes come to some unexpected agreements. Germany is no exclusion in this context.

Berlin, nominally being a NATO ally of Ankara, doesn’t always stick devotedly to its partnership commitments.

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China Prepares Rare Earth Mineral Sanctions Against US

18-12-2015 09:54

In response to the Taiwanese jump-start into the Pacific arms race, the Beijing politburo is weighing to slap a major package of correctional trade sanctions upon United States industrial players, sources in Singapore associated with the Communist Party´s leadership school suggested today. It was said that the party´s closely guarded internal debate had concluded China would pursue the opening stage of its carbon emission reductions under the NGO-herded climate diplomacy initiative by means of triangulation-steered de-escalation based on dialectic-materialist estimation of military carbon footprint evasion, to soften up the currency trade for industrial emission reductions.

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Secret Kurdistan’s ally

16-12-2015 10:36

My foe’s enemy is my friend. This is how the well-known wisdom puts it and it appears to have become the ideological basis of the mutually beneficial cooperation between Israel and the Kurds fighting IS terrorists and other radical groups on the Syrian land.

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Cambridge Gets Creative Against Syrian Bombing

04-12-2015 00:44

The main message of the night.
At 5:00pm on Wednesday, December 2nd 2015 Cambridge activists came together outside The Guildhall to publically express their outrage against the UK's RAF dropping bombs on Syria.

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Cambridge Says "No" to Bombing Syria!

01-12-2015 23:35

So many attended I had to make a panorama to fit them all in!
On Saturday November 28th 2015, Stop The War Coalition called for a nationwide day of action against the UK bombing Syria.

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Sheffield #DontBombSyria Protest

28-11-2015 20:09

Despite the rain several hundred anti-war protesters gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall on 28th November 2015 to protest again the the intention of the UK government to join a bombing campaign in Syria.

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Iran Using Chumbawumba Trick To Defuse Car Bombs

15-11-2015 18:49

It cannot catch the Anarchist who asks some passers-by for a cigarette, breaks off the filter tip and walks away until the improvised fuse ignites the next stage, but it does not need to – because car bombs these days do not come out of backyard garages, but out of electronics factories. And the modern industrial car bomb with its high-end multifunctional user interface can be fought on an entirely different level than its self-reliant lo-tech ancestor. Like for any serial product, the disposal thereof can be serialised as well. Doing so has turned Washington´s ground-based assassination program into a virtual train wreck.
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