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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Fox analyst: Germany's actions leave us 'no choice' but to bomb Iran

13-09-2007 21:39

"A recent decision by German officials to withhold support for any new sanctions against Iran has pushed a broad spectrum of officials in Washington to develop potential scenarios for a military attack on the Islamic regime," Fox reported on Tuesday.

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Thomas McInerney told Fox, "Since Germany has backed out of helping economically, we do not have any other choice. ... They've forced us into the military option."

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Anti-Trident Activist Acquitted

13-09-2007 21:16

The photograph submitted by Larkin, clearly showing that he is not in the road
Anti-Trident activist Brian Larkin was today acquitted of breaching the peace during a nonviolent blockade of Faslane, home port for Britain's nuclear weapon submarines.

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Faslane Activist Acquitted

13-09-2007 21:05

An activist was acquitted today on a charge of Breach of the Peace arising from blockading Faslane in opposition to the deployment of and plans to upgrade Trident. Brian argued that the Crown had a particular obligation in this case to demonstrate the facts given that 950 people have been arrested at Faslane since 1st October, with most held overnight for up to 36 hours and then released with a letter from the Procurator Fiscal stating that no charges would be brought. The Fiscal is prosecuting in only 51 cases of the 950 arrests. Brian said that the overnight detention of more than 500 people without trial constitutes a denial of their civil liberties.

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DSEi: Princess of Wales fountain dyed blood red for victims of cluster bombs

13-09-2007 17:05

Anti-arms trade protesters have today dyed the Diana Princess of Wales memorial fountain blood red in outrage at the continuing sale and use of cluster bombs, and the presence of cluster bomb manufacturers at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair, currently taking place at the ExCel centre in East London.

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Parliament Square Peace Camp Protestors in Court

13-09-2007 14:07

On Friday 14th September at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court, five peace protesters will stand trial for attending an ‘unauthorised’ peace camp in Parliament Square].

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Palestinian tennis shoes (by Latuff)

12-09-2007 22:37

The best ass kicker!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Space Hijackers Tank for Sale

12-09-2007 19:38

That tank drives past the Tidal Basin Tavern
The Space Hijackers arrived at the DSEi arms fair in a tank and proceeded to have a party and conduct an auction of the tank and a mouse just outside the main vehicle gate, as well as making a very visible protest to those leaving the fair. Images are copyright, but will be licencensed free of charge for suitable non-commercial use.

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CAAT March to DSEi Arms Fair in London

12-09-2007 19:26

The march leaves Plaistow Park
Over 150 CAAT supporters marched in East London from Plaistow to Custom House on Tuesday 11 Sept 2007 against the DSEi arms fair at the ExCeL Centre on Royal Victoria Dock, where they met with others including Critical Mass for a rally. Images are copyright, but free licences available for suitable non-commercial use.

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Public Meeting: Iran's realities: different viewpoints or systematic misrepresentation

12-09-2007 18:04

Fatemeh Keshavarz is a scholar, teacher and poet seeking to change the widespread impression that Iran is a stagnant, joyless society populated only by villains and their victims.

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Bipartisan consensus pushes for Iran attack

12-09-2007 17:43

The 2008 US presidential dance has already been decided: the winner will be a corrupt elite warmonger who will intensify and expand Bush-Cheney’s criminal “war on terrorism” into Iran and beyond, and with the full support of an acquiescent US populace. The latest rhetoric from Bush, and the candidates, spells this out in black and white.

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Tank sold at arms fair by activists

12-09-2007 12:49

Space Hijackers' first tank prepairs to leave East London yard
Activist group The Space Hijackers acquired a tank which they planned to sell at auction outside the DSEI arms fair in East London. When police prevented the tank from reaching the arms fair they announced they had a second tank which was then approaching the arms fair.

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Video of Critical Mass style ride to DSEi Arms Fair.

12-09-2007 12:27

The DSEi Arms Fair, reputed to be the biggest in the world, continues to be held every other year in London's Docklands, England, despite being allowed to sell horrendous weapons to rogue regimes.

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DSEi footage wanted, screening 'Lord of War' Thursday

12-09-2007 11:28

The weekly cinema at the rampART social centre will be screening Lord of War this thursday along with DSEi footage, so if you were filming please contribute your rushes or finished edits. Screening starts 8pm so you just have time to scream at a few delegates going into the arms dealers dinner at the Dorchester before hightailing it over to rampART for more immoral death and destruction.

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Faslane Big Blockade

12-09-2007 10:30

The Big Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Submarine base takes place on 1st October 2007

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Is the U.S. Responsible for a Million Iraqi Deaths?

12-09-2007 08:20

In October 2006 researchers from Johns Hopkins University published a peer-reviewed article in The Lancet, one of Europe's most important and respected medical journals, estimating that 650,000 Iraqis had been killed due to the U.S.-led invasion of their country, 601,000 violently. [1] The report was quickly marginalized in public debate in the United States.

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London Catholic Workers Expose Rivers of Blood at DSEi Arms Fair

12-09-2007 07:00

And The War Machine Rolls On
Tuesday Martin Newell and Zelda Jeffers poured
"Rivers of Blood" onto the rampart of the DESi
Arms Fair. DESi takes place in the London Docklands,
a place that was once devasted during WWII. The Excel
Centre now hosts a 6 Billion pound a week Arms Fair
selling weapons to some of the poorest countries in
our world.

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DSEi photos

11-09-2007 21:42

Custom House
Photos from Custom House demo and Space Hijacker's Tank

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A day at DSEI

11-09-2007 21:04

Summary of a day of protest at DSEI

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CAAT press release on DSEi arms fair and protests - Sept 11th

11-09-2007 19:56

11 September 2007
Arms fair opens in London to wave of protest

An international arms fair opening in London today was met with a wave of protest from local residents, community leaders, politicians and Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT). The comedian and writer Mark Thomas addressed a peaceful demonstration organised by CAAT outside the event. The fair, Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi), will run from today until Friday at the Excel Centre in Newham, east London.
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