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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Rumsfeld Admits No 9/11-Iraq Link

17-09-2003 14:42

Despite the fact that in a recent poll 70 percent of Americans now believe that Saddam Hussein assisted in the September 11 attacks, Rumsfeld said at a Pentagon news conference, "I've not seen any indication that would lead me to believe that I could say that."

It is not clear why well over a majority of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein had a part in the September 11 attacks. Power and Interest News Report analyst Matthew Riemer believes "that this widely held misbelief is a direct result of the speeches and statements made by various members of the Bush administration including the president himself, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Colin Powell."

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DSEI Witness Appeal - Tue 9th Sep

17-09-2003 14:23

Any witnesses, photos or videos of my arrest at Connaught Roundabout, East of DSEI ?

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A Disaster Foretold

17-09-2003 08:48

A Disaster Foretold, an article by Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom which was posted on ZNet 16 September.

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"Report From Baghdad" Part Three--Life in Iraq

17-09-2003 07:19

Childern picking scrap materials from the weapon dumbs
This is a part three of the six-part series "Report form Baghdad" by Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, to commemorate 6-months commemoration of U.S. invasion of Iraq (Sep 20), and to understand the future of Iraq.

To view the entire series, please visit:

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Cardiff activists blockade MRO arms fair in city centre.

16-09-2003 14:45

Activists from a variety of Cardiff groups have blockaded delegates at the MRO aviation fair in the city.

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27th Sept. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine: End the Occupations!

16-09-2003 14:32

Armed resistance, and peaceful resistance is growing. Iraqi people opposed to the US/UK need our solidarity more than ever. Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. We need to defeat the Project for the New American Century.

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"Report From Baghdad" Part Two--Security

16-09-2003 11:02

Iraq Ambushed and Destroyed U.S. Humvee in Baghdad
"Report From Baghdad" Part Two--Security

This is a part two of the six-part series "Report form Baghdad" by Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, to commemorate 6-months commemoration of U.S. invaison of Iraq (Sep 20), and to understand the future of Iraq.

To view the entire series, please visit:

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Minor Cracks Appearing in Congo Peace Process

16-09-2003 06:24

A massive re-organization of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is underway, bringing together the parties who fought a bloody civil war for almost five years between 1998 and 2003.

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UK Nuclear Weapon Depot Blockaded

15-09-2003 21:28

WMD Still Here!
Anti Trident activists have blockaded the main entrance to the Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Coulport in Scotland, where nuclear warheads are stored and loaded onto Britain’s nuclear weapon submarines.

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Ulla’s Pre-Trial Hearing Continues Friday

15-09-2003 21:16

URGENT: Supporters Needed for Important Pre-hearing

Today the Sheriff set another pre-trial diet to discuss witness relevance and the right to a line of defence that the Procurator Fiscal assumed to be relevant. This was despite objections from Ulla’s defence solicitor. The next hearing will now be on Friday the 19th September at 9am in Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

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Over 1,500 American Soldiers Wounded Since March

15-09-2003 20:26

While the Pentagon frequently claims that the casualty rate of Americans in Iraq is low, they often fail to give statistics of U.S. soldiers who have been wounded and have had to be evacuated from Iraq.

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DSEi activists run rings around the Police (literally)

15-09-2003 12:00

The L.I.T. team perplexed at the meaning of this odd symbol aimed at them.
A tale of subversion from the final Disarm DSEi event.

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Indymedia film screening at spitz tonight

15-09-2003 11:04


Indymedia London Cinema screenings this month will see a film night extravaganza:

7PM on Monday September 15th at the Spitz Gallery/Venue 109 commercial street E1

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"Report From Baghdad" Part One--Introduction

15-09-2003 10:21

Iraq Children in Destruction
With 6-months commemoration of U.S. invaison of Iraq (Sep 20) coming. Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, compiled a 6-parts series call "Report from Iraq", includes: People of Iraq, former Iraqi military commander, U.S. Military, human rights workers from UNICEF, Voice in the Wilderness, Amnesty International; Shi'ite and Sunni religious leaders from Baghdad, Fllujah, and more!

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DSEi critical mass bike ride

14-09-2003 23:12

First crossing the Thames
Pictures of Wednesday morning's critical mass bike ride to the EcCel centre

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pictures from RTS on A13 - dsei wednesday 10th

14-09-2003 19:25

critical mass bikes and sound system
pics from rts group surrounded by police after taking the A13 main road

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Pictures - police action on victoria dock road - wed 10th dsei

14-09-2003 19:13

crowd near custom house DLR
Pics from the protests against DSEi where a samba group and other marched down victoria dock road on wednesday's direct action day.

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Distraught DSEi delegates

14-09-2003 18:40

By around 5pm on Wednesday (Destroy DSEi) the area around the ExCel centre was completely gridlocked. There must have been lots of delegates trapped in the mayhem. But right near Canning Street station was this car with a woman in military uniform in the passenger seat. This was like a beacon to protesters.

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14-09-2003 18:33

Now that DSEI and Cancun are drawing to a close its time to mobilise the mass support of the UK

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DSEi protesters got it all wrong

14-09-2003 18:32

It appears that the hundreds of protestors who took action against DSEi at the Excel centre in London's Docklands have got it all wrong. The DSEi show was not an arms fair at all. According to the local daily paper, The Newham recorder, Spearhead, the organisers of the event, say that this was an "open event that can promote cost effectiveness".
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