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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Disarm DSEI protest at Clarion Offices next Thursday

02-08-2009 17:56

From 8-11 September 2009, Clarion Events are bringing Defence Systems & Equipment international (DSEi), the world’s largest arms fair, to East London’s ExCeL Centre.

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Stop the Weapons before they reach DSEi

02-08-2009 17:53

target your local arms dealer

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Riding the "Green Wave" at the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and Beyond

02-08-2009 08:36

A public protest against the Iranian government, Paris, 25 July 2009
The huge publicity given to Iran in the establishment Western political and media systems is closely connected to the U.S., NATO, and Israeli campaign to destabilize and change regimes in Iran, a campaign that is part of a larger program of power-projection, subversion, territorial expansion, and serial warfare.

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The Honduran Miltary Coup: "Obama will have to decide"

02-08-2009 00:01

"Obama will have to decide to label what has happened a coup d´etat, recall Ambassador Llorens and cut US assistance to Honduras or continue backing down before the hard wing of the imperial system."

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Obama and Afghanistan (by Latuff)

01-08-2009 20:35

Obama and Afghanistan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Support Pensioner CND protester appearing at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court

01-08-2009 08:22

A pensioner from Tregaron, will be appearing at the Magistrate's Court in Aberystwyth (by the seafront)for the refusal to pay fines for CND blockades

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Browne Ignores Brit Opposition to War ..Dogs Used as Minesniffers in Afghanistan

31-07-2009 16:45

As British polls fraudulently report opposition to Afghan war at only
58 to 63% and ministers of Browne's govt. promote the war on
American airwaves, news comes of dogs being used by US
Marines as minesniffers

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Wanted: computer games expert to help develop nuclear weapons

30-07-2009 15:18

This is an excellent job opening for anyone who likes violent computer games and wishes to contribute to defending the realm from North Koreans and aliens. The British nuclear deterrent is certainly safe in AWE's hands.

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“Responsibility to Protect” is Warmed-Over Imperialism

30-07-2009 05:57

"Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) is the latest American device to justify military aggression and regime-change in the developing world. “The doctrine is a warmed-over version of so-called 'humanitarian' military intervention – another excuse for big powers to make war on weaker nations.” The doctrine is “reminiscent of the term 'protectorate' – a legalism for a country that is run as a virtual colony of one of the big powers.”

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Smash EDO - Open letter to The Argus

29-07-2009 10:12


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"Breaking the Silence:" Testimonies of Israeli Soldiers

29-07-2009 08:53

"Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that collects anonymous testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifada."

Its new booklet features 54 damning testimonies from 30 Israeli soldiers on their experiences in Operation Cast Lead. They recount what official media and government sources suppressed.

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Honduras imposes State of Siege in South: The Struggle Shaking "America"

28-07-2009 20:09

"People here have been fighting for Zelaya’s return for a month now. They are incredibly committed and won’t back down,” he said. He urged people to call Congress and the White House and demand that the U.S. government pressure Micheletti to lift the siege.

White House comment line: 202-456-1111
Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121

Send an email to Barack Obama using the Latin America Solidarity Coalition/School of the Americas Watch site

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Mixed Victory for Shut ITT campaigner

28-07-2009 13:09

the latest trial relating to the Smash EDO campaign, see

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Honduras Coup: the US Connection

27-07-2009 14:33

General Vásquez's troops occupy the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa
The topic most widely debated in Latin America at the moment is what Obama’s administration has got to do with the recent coup in Honduras.

The answer is straightforward – everything. The coup is aligned with US strategic objectives and is going to be used by Washington to regain positions in the region which it lost during George Bush’s presidency.

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DISARM DSEi activist arrested for holding a banner outside army showroom

26-07-2009 21:37

Last Saturday, 25th July, activists gathered outside Dalston Kingsland shopping centre, for a demonstration against the army showroom which recently opened there.

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Chavez: US plans to invade Venezuela through Colombia

26-07-2009 18:15

US military presence in the Americas (2009)
Veneuzelan President Hugo Chavez asserted that the U.S. “has plans to invade Venezuela,” and “wants to convert Colombia into the Israel of Latin America.”

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EU Court of Human Rights supports criminalisation of boycott of Israeli goods

26-07-2009 13:20

The latest ruling by the European Court of Human Rights passed by a vote of 6-1 states that it is not a violation of human rights to criminalise the calls for a boycott against Israeli goods.

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Nationwide Antifa Action Day Iran, Germany

26-07-2009 11:11

Nationwide Antifa Action Day Iran: Attack the German-European collaboration
with the Iranian regime!
12th of August

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Smash EDO: Rescheduled public debate

25-07-2009 13:32

7.30pm at the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton:
Smash EDO public debate: Is Breaking the Law to Resist War Crimes Ever Justified?

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US Bases and Empire: Global Perspectives on the Asia Pacific

25-07-2009 11:56

US military troops and bases around the world, 2002
The US bases deployed around the World bristle with an inventory of weapons whose worth is measured in the trillions and whose killing power could wipe out all life on earth several times over. Their presence is meant to signal, and at times demonstrate, that the US is able and willing to attempt to control events in other regions militarily.
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