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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The Iraq war - a fading memory?

20-03-2009 21:54

Since the illegal invasion of Iraq six years ago to this day, over one million Iraqis have been killed. Two million have been forced to flee the country and nearly three million are displaced within Iraq. Nearly five thousand coalition soldiers have been killed and several hundred thousand injured and yet no one has been brought to book for the war crimes committed.

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Direct Action Germany: 11-15th March

20-03-2009 16:25

13-15/03/2009 - Overview of the actions of the „united we stay“ weekend (Berlin)
13/03/2009 - Arson attack on a vehicle of the german army (Berlin)
12/03/2009 - Windows of a Sparkasse smashed (Berlin)
12/03/2009 - 5 vehicles of the post burned down (Hamburg)
11/03/2009 - Color against the NPD's national center (Berlin)
11/03/2009 - Attack on the car of the project leader of the Frankfurt's airport (Frankfurt)
11/03/2009 - Color and stones against Carlofts (Berlin)

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Catholic Workers sentenced for action at Northwood Military Base

20-03-2009 13:56

Martin and Susan
Two Catholic Workers, Susan Clarkson and Martin Newell, were convicted of "criminal damage" at Watford Magistrates Court yesterday morning (Thursday March 19th) following an act of witness to mark the Catholic 'Feast of the Holy Innocents' in December 2008 at Northwood Military Headquarters in North West Lond

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Newsletter Shut down NATO/ NATO-ZU No 2

20-03-2009 13:23

Dear supporters of Shut down NATO,

welcome to our 2nd newsletter in which we want to inform you about the state of preparations for our peaceful and non-violent operation against the NATO-summit April 4th in Strasbourg. The day of action gets closer and there is yet a lot to do. Therefore we strongly need your help (see #10, jobs). Please read this newsletter completely and carefully – its content includes important information also about preparation for the active operation.

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Smash We Can! NATO summit coming up.

19-03-2009 19:11

It's time to start making plans to travel to the NATO summit in Strasbourg France, here are some links

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Resisting War Crimes is NOT a Crime

19-03-2009 15:22

The Message is Simple
Free Elijah James Smith and Robert Alford

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VIGIL CAMBRIDGE, in solidarity with Tristan Anderson & Palestine

19-03-2009 11:26

Posting to let people know about a vigil in Cambridge at 5pm-7.30pm tonight, Thursday, 19th March, outside the Guildhall, Market Square

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Tristan Anderson - CRITICALLY INJURED & KILLED PROTESTORS - Ni’ilin, West Bank

19-03-2009 09:33

This is a news alert sent out to local and national media offices to inform them of Tristan Anderson's injury and of the deaths in Ni'lin of Palestinian demonstrators, including children, killed in the last 6 months by the Israeli military. This also contains some links to footage of the incident (which is really horrible but important and is documents the lack of crowd's or stone throwing at the time of the shooting). Also Gabrielle Silverman, Tristan's girlfriend speaks really powerfully on Democracy Now and would be good to get a link to this up on Indymedia.

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Invade Jersey Now! Mark Thomas at the MoD, London

18-03-2009 17:18

Mark Thomas
Around a dozen demonstrators protested outside the Ministry of Defence on Tuesday lunchtime (17 March) calling for a British invasion of Jersey, and the recover of the deeds of the war office from that tax haven. Most of the visitors and workers going in and out of the building refused to take the leaflets Mark Thomas was handing out, though some were amused. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Solidarity with Tristan Anderson, another victim of Israeli Apartheid (Latuff)

17-03-2009 17:36

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of Rachel Corrie, Brian Avery, Tom Hurndall, Tristan Anderson and all the peace activists wounded or killed by Israeli Occupation Forces while defending the Palestinians.

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Smash EDO Commemorate the 6th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

17-03-2009 16:03

Smash EDO Press Release

17th March 2009

For more Details call 07754135290


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Free The EDO 2

17-03-2009 15:54

Free Robert Alford and Elijah James Smith.


21st March 4 till 5.30, Horfield Prison, Cambridge Road off Gloucester Road. Meeting at Golden Lion at 3pm onwards.

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Direct Action Germany: End of February

16-03-2009 21:26

City mayor caked! (Oldenburg)
03/03/2009 - City mayor caked! (Oldenburg)
03/03/2009 - First attack against the Thor Steinar shop in Friedrichshain (Berlin)
02/03/2009 - Spontaneous demonstration for Christian S. / Stones against a Commerzbank (Berlin)
28/02/2009-01/03/2009 - Arson attack on expensive cars (Berlin)
01/03/2009 - DHL branch painted olive green (Berlin)
26/02/2009 - Army vehicles burned down! (Burg)
26/02/2009 - "Erik and sons" hacked!
24/02/2009 - Tires of two police vans slashed (Berlin)
24/02/2009 - Police prevents arsons attack – probable target the german army (Karlsruhe)
19/02/2009 - Package station of Wuppertal's post office colored (Wuppertal)
18/02/2009 - War memorial rendered nicer (Göttingen)
Mid-Feb - Antifa actions during the neonazi demonstration

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Canadian lawyers want prosecution of Bush

16-03-2009 16:42

Efforts continue to bar George W. Bush from entering Canada, or to indict him, because he is credibly accused of torture and other offences constituting war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.

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US Govt. War On Animals And Their Protectors.. A Compilation

16-03-2009 15:24

Government Bullies Are Pawns of Blood Bullion Billionaires
animal killing by Military, FBI, USDA, NIH, EPA, Commerce Dept, US Fish and Wildlife Etc

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Protesters Want Bush Handcuffed on Landing Tomorrow

16-03-2009 10:24

A leader for the protesters said Canada should not welcome a "war criminal" on its soil. he said Canadian police should put Bush in handcuffs for the alleged torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. "The guy is supposed to be in jail on the 17th, he is under our jurisdiction."

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We Stand with the Iranian Students - Manchester Protest 25 March, 1pm, UMSU

15-03-2009 16:03

Recently Arrested Students
Manchester HOPI are calling a day of action on the 25 March at the University of Manchester Students' Union (UMSU) starting at 1pm. We are calling this demonstration in solidarity with members of the Students for Freedom and Equality group, who have been arrested and tortured by the Iranian regime for standing up against imperialism, militarism, homophobia, patriarchy and state repression.

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Bristol 21/22 March - EDO Decommissioners defendant solidarity events

15-03-2009 12:07

Prison solidarity poster
Solidarity picket of Bristol prison – Saturday 21 March at 3pm
This event is an act of solidarity with all the EDO Decommissioners awaiting trial, but especially the 2 defendants remanded in prison since January 17 2009. Of these 2, one Robert Alford remains in HMP Lewes in Brighton, whilst the other Elija (James) Smith), is now held at HMP Bristol.

AND - Solidarity dinner plus talk & film with Ciaron O'Reilly – Sunday 22 March from 6.30pm

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LONDON: Eleventh of Every Month Until Justice Campaign

14-03-2009 11:48

Pictures from London and the March 11th 'Eleventh of Every Month Until Justice' street action. Visit for more details on International Days of Truth Action and to see more pictures/reports from around the world.
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