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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Sheffield Stop the War meeting

14-10-2003 18:00

Special Meeting: Crisis in the Middle East
There can be no peace without an end to occupation

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Even More Stills of Manchester Camp X-Ray

14-10-2003 17:29

Manchester Camp X-Ray 1
Even More stills of Manchester Camp X-Ray

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More Stills from Manchester Camp X-Ray

14-10-2003 17:13

Manchester Camp X-Ray 1
More stills

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Stills from Manchster Camp X-Ray

14-10-2003 17:06

Manchester Camp X-Ray 1
Stills from video clips of Manchester Camp X-Ray.

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Stop Bush!! and Invitation to OSAN first meeting

14-10-2003 15:53

Are you interested in doing something during Bush's visit to the UK?

The Oxford Students' Activist Network (OSAN) is a new organisation that seeks to
create a platform for co-ordinating actions and campaigns on a wide variety of
issues, and act as a space for radical politics in Oxford.

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Campaign against the Arms Trade- Protest at BAE Systems in Edinburgh

13-10-2003 20:57

Protesters gather at North Edinburghs BAE Systems to expose the Arms Trade
In front of BAE Systems dozens of protesters assembled today, Monday the 13th of october, to express their anger about the companys involvement in arms trade.

The protests were called by CAAT- Campaign against the Arms Trade - under the theme "Site Unseen -Exposing the Arms Trade".

Prtoests are also announced in Dumferline and Glasgow.

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US Soldiers to America: Bring Us Home Now!: PART 2

13-10-2003 20:46

The following interview was with a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army. He has been deployed both in Afghanistan and most recently in Iraq in Falujah and in Kirkuk, which have been the heart of Iraqi resistance and attacks on US forces.

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US Soldiers to America: ''Bring us home now; we’re dying for oil!"

13-10-2003 20:37

I had the unique opportunity to interview five US military servicemen who just got back from Iraq, or in the case of two men, corresponded with their wives so that I could ask questions of these soldiers by mail. When the two I corresponded with came back just last week, I was able to complete the interviews I started several months ago with some new details on how the war is actually going.

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The "People's War" in Nepal

13-10-2003 20:22

A View on The "People's War" in Nepal
By: Sage Radachowsky, posted - 12.10.2003 17:47
Imc Germany:

2003 September 18 -- Western rural Nepal (location cannot be disclosed for security reasons)

Fog slowly rolls down the hill through the pine trees. I can see eight waterfalls from where I sit, and the quiet immense majesty of Dhaulagiri, one of the highest mountains in the world. I sit in front of the house drinking tea. But the quiet of this scene belies the intense conflict raging here, reflected in daily gun battles, bomb explosions, and existing at all times inside everyone's heart and mind.

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Bolivia: Map of the battle in El Alto

13-10-2003 20:12

What happenned in the streets of El Alto, at October 12nd

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Pictures from Camp X-ray Manchester

13-10-2003 19:32

Pictures from 'Camp X-ray'

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Keep Space for Peace - Menwith Hill October 11th

13-10-2003 18:47

On Saturday October 11th a coach from Sheffield arranged by Sheffield Social Forum, CND and Samba travelled to Menwith Hill outside Harrogate to take part in a call to Keep Space for Peace. Below is a report of the day written by the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB.

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Report from Climate Trashers Critical Mass, 10.10.03

13-10-2003 10:14

A quick rant outside Bechtel
what we did on Friday rush-hour

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More Dead in Democratic Republic of Congo

13-10-2003 05:48

Following on the heels of a massacre earlier this week in the Ituri province town of Katchele, new bloodshed has been discovered in South Kivu province (see for background report).

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Stop GW Bush's visit - Gtr Manchester Activist meeting 16th Oct

12-10-2003 18:26

The Greater Manchester Coalition to Stop the War is hosting an open meeting and brain- storming session to plan for a whole range of different protests for GW Bush's state visit to the UK on 19th, 20th,21st Nov.
Venue The Friends Meeting House, Mount St, Manchester city centre. Thursday 16th October @ 7pm . Absolutely everybody welcome.
(pdf flyer for meeting with this message)

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Gi Special! - promotion call-out

12-10-2003 17:21

2/Majority Of Americans Say Iraq War Not Worth It
5/Outrage Over Making Soldiers Pay For Leave Tickets;Bush Should Pay!!
6/Pentagon Incompetence Killed U.S. Soldiers; Cancelled Friendly Fire Protection “Too Costly”
7/101st Airborne In Deep Shit;Nobody Ready To Replace Them In February
8/British Reservists Getting Out ASAP Long Tours Of Duty In Iraq Too Much
10/Democratic Party Unanimously Votes For More Dead American Troops;


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Activist groups at Oxford University Freshers' Fair

11-10-2003 23:29

The Oxford University Freshers' Fair was a real success for the social justice and anti corporate globalization groups.

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Chomsky: Dominance and its Dilemmas

11-10-2003 15:56

October 10, 2003

The past year has been a momentous one in world affairs. In the normal rhythm, the pattern was set in September, a month marked by several important and closely related events. The most powerful state in history announced a new National Security Strategy asserting that it will maintain global hegemony permanently: any challenge will be blocked by force, the dimension in which the US reigns supreme. At the same time, the war drums began to beat to mobilize the population for an invasion of Iraq, which would be "the first test [of the doctrine], not the last," the New York Times observed after the invasion, "the petri dish in which this experiment in pre-emptive policy grew." And the campaign opened for the mid-term congressional elections, which would determine whether the administration would be able to carry forward its radical international and domestic agenda.
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