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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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EVENT - Vigil for the Oxford Six

06-09-2009 07:08

At 9pm this Monday, campaigners will gather at Camden Lock to set adrift six floating candles, one for each of the Western Saharan students arrested and beaten by Moroccan police whilst on their way to a peace conference in Oxford.

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Brian Haw in Parliament Square - 3,018 days and counting!

06-09-2009 05:19

I spent a night in solidarity with Brian Haw on August 19th - his 3,000th day of protest. I enclose 12 photos.

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Preparing the ground for military aggression against Venezuela and Latin America

06-09-2009 04:32

Revolutionizing praxical theory!
Preparing the ground for military aggression against Venezuela and Latin America: The Big Lie Strategy in operation.

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Opinion: Honduran coup has been far from bloodless

05-09-2009 22:52

"Women protesters can face worse. On Aug. 14, a young mother was grabbed by police while participating nonviolently in a large protest. They separated her from male detainees and drove her out of town, where four officers of the National Police raped her and then raped her again with a baton.
Rapes while in custody, assassinations and disappearances that are terrorizing Hondurans remain largely unreported in the U.S. press. On July 11, for example, Roger Ivan Bados, a longtime trade unionist and activist in the opposition party Union Democrática, was forcibly removed from his home and killed. Others who participate in demonstrations or other activities have been kidnapped, then found dead."

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IAEA Chief: Iran Threat "Hyped" - The Leaking Game

05-09-2009 22:49

Great to hear him weigh in on the issue.

He also said any attack on Iran would be "an act of Madness" that would enflame the entire region, if not the world.

"Western nations and others worry Iran is moving toward development of nuclear warheads."

No they don't. Their own intelligence services have said there is no such program in existence, nor does Iran show a desire to move towards weaponization.

The ONLY people claiming otherwise, entirely without evidence, are the Israeli, American, and British Extremists who plotted to attack the oil-rich regional rival, long before Ahmadinejad or the atomic energy program were issues.

These are the same people who lied to us about the threat posed by Iraq's non-existent arsenal of WMD, in order to scare us all into a nightmare of a war and occupation.

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Vigil for Oxford Six

05-09-2009 20:39

Vigil will show solidarity with the Oxford Six, a group of students arrested and beaten after protesting at the refusal of Moroccan authorities to allow them to travel to England for a British Council sponsored peace workshop in August

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Pictures of action on Barclays from climate camp

05-09-2009 17:39

message to barclays
Actions against the banks look like being repeated over the next week during Disarm Dsei protests. These pics were taken during the action against climate polluter and arms trade investor, Barclays Bank. Just a warm up, perhaps?

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Public organising meeting on Afghanistan: Why the troops must come home

05-09-2009 12:49

Details in brief

Date: Monday 7th September
Time: Meeting to start 7.30 pm
Location: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge

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PanAm 103 Over Lockerbie

05-09-2009 11:53

If there's anyone out there who is not already thoroughly cynical about those on the board of directors of the planet, the latest chapter in the saga of the bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland might just be enough to push them over the edge.

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Washington Refuses to Call Off Its Dogs in Honduras

05-09-2009 11:40

School of the Americas Graduate General Romeo Vasquez
"While President Obama issues vacuous statements claiming to support the general principle of electoral democracy, his own State Department officials blame President Zelaya for provoking the coup.” Nobody in Latin American believes the U.S. is not complicit.

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Disarm DSEi announces meet-up point for start of protest

05-09-2009 00:00

Disarm DSEi will be meeting at 12 noon on Tuesday 8th September outside the Royal Bank of Scotland on Whitechapel High Street, near Aldgate East Tube, before going on to visit several companies in the City of London that invest in the arms trade.

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ElBaradei slams Western allegations against Iran and opposes sanctions

04-09-2009 20:21

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei
“Nobody is sitting in Iran today developing nuclear weapons. Tehran doesn’t have an ongoing nuclear weapons program. But somehow, everyone in the West is talking about how Iran’s nuclear program is the greatest threat to the world. In many ways, I think the threat has been hyped."

[Head of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei, interview with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1 September 2009]

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Disarm DSEi banner drop Southampton

04-09-2009 13:23

Please resize images to 640px
Banner dropped in run up to the DSEi arms fair linking BAE investors - Southampton and Solent universities.

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"An Existential Threat": The US, Israel and Iran

04-09-2009 08:38

The Guardian article depicts a deeply misleading picture of the US in the Middle East and the wider world, as we have often explained in our books and in media alerts. We are to believe that the world’s number one rogue state is searching for benign solutions to the world’s most “intractable problems”. This fiction is standard in corporate media coverage.

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MoD Official Convicted Of Accepting Bribes from US arms firm for contract

04-09-2009 07:37

noticable lack of uk mainstarem media coverage of this story so am reposting here

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Pic of Smash EDO, Smash DSEi demo

03-09-2009 22:02

On Wednesday 2nd September, despite heavy rain, Smash EDO held a warm up demo against DSEi, the world's largest arms fair, due to be held in docklands from 8-11th September

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Meet and Greet the Arms Dealers - 8am, Monday 7th September

03-09-2009 21:45

From the 8th – 11th September DSEi, the worlds largest arms fair, is being held at the eXcel centre in docklands. Delegations from around the world will converge in London to browse for equipment to carry on the oppression of civilians.

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Disarm DSEi 2009 - City of London - 8th September 12 noon

03-09-2009 17:10

Just a reminder about protests against the DSEi arms fair are taking place next week. This year protests will centre on the investors in the arms trade in The City rather than concentrating on the ExCeL Centre.

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We Will Not Negotiate - Open Letter to the Police re DSEi protests

03-09-2009 13:24

Disarm DSEi explain their reasons for negotiating with the police for protest against the arms fair on 8th September.

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Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

03-09-2009 00:39

A report by the Congressional Research Service on US Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan was leaked by the Federation of American Scientists 'Secrecy News'.
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