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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Oxford Lord Mayor Welcomes Peace Activist (press release)

05-09-2007 11:04

Bruce Gagnon & John Tanner
On Sunday 2nd September 2007, John Tanner, Lord Mayor of Oxford, welcomed US peace campaigner, Bruce Gagnon, to Oxford. Also a call out for a demonstration at 'RAF' Croughton, Saturday 6th October.

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Brighton Volunteers to Help Build School in Palestine

05-09-2007 08:12

Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group Press Release:

Brighton Volunteers to Help Build School in Palestine

For more info tel. 07845039980 or email

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Why Bush Can Get Away with Attacking Iran

05-09-2007 07:26

Many people in the antiwar movement try to reassure themselves: Bush cannot possibly attack Iran. He does not have the means to do so, or, perhaps, even he is not foolish enough to engage in such an enterprise. Various particular reasons are put forward, such as: If he attacks, the Shiites in Iraq will cut the US supply lines. If he attacks, the Iranians will block the Straits of Ormuz or will unleash dormant terrorist networks worldwide. Russia won't allow such an attack. China won't allow it -- they will dump the dollar. The Arab world will explode.

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Two Pensioners Spend Two Hours Inside Nuclear Weapons Storage Base

05-09-2007 06:48

Two pensioners this morning spent over two hours inside RNAD Coulport, where Britain's Trident nuclear warheads are stored. Joan Meredith, who will be 78 next week, and Irene Willis, 62, entered Coulport shortly after midnight and were only arrested at 0230 when they approached police on the main gate from the inside.

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US Presidential Candidate 2008 Visiting Leeds & London, 9 & 10 September

04-09-2007 23:00

Former Congresswoman and US Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney is visiting the UK as part of a European tour and will be presenting a talk entitled ' Confronting Empire ' in Leeds and London on September 9th & 10th respectively.

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Raytheon protestors plead 'Not Guilty'

04-09-2007 18:46

Reduced charges have finally been brought against the peace protestors who occupied Raytheon in Derry last August the ninth. A full trial date will be set on September the fourteenth.

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Call for the immediate release of five university teachers of Bangladesh

04-09-2007 18:32

Five senior University Professors in Bangladesh were arrested on the 24th August on alleged suspicion of organising the recent violent clashes between students and police. All the teachers have constantly rejected these allegations.
Please join the demonstration to stop this gross violation of Human Rights on Thursday, September 6 at 3:00pm outside the Bangladesh High Commission.

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Be Proud to Make a Difference: Subvert an Army Ad.

04-09-2007 12:16

Phonebox before
Army recruitment ads on phoneboxes in Oxford get the treatment they rightly deserve!

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Second wave at Faslane - 3 more arrested for cycling in to nuclear base

04-09-2007 10:19

At 11.00a.m. today, 3 more peace protesters breached security at the North gate of the Faslane nuclear submarine base, entering on bicycles. This second team from the ‘Faslane 365 Serious Organised Crime Investigation and Prevention Team’ follows the earlier arrest of 3 women inside the base. It is understood that they are being charged under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA). The total number of Scottish SOCRAP arrests is now 6.

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3 Arrested for Entering Faslane Nuclear Base

04-09-2007 09:22

3 women have been arrested this morning (4 September 2007) inside the high security fences at the Trident nuclear submarine base after entering the base to get further information on the weapons of mass destruction deployed by the UK government in contravention of Scottish and International Law. According to the police, the women, who were acting to uphold the law, are being charged under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, which is increasingly being used to prevent peaceful protests at sensitive sites, including Britain’s nuclear bases.

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Scotland's first SOCRAP charges - 3 arrested inside Faslane high security area

04-09-2007 09:17

Faslane Naval Base, Scotland, September 4, 2007, 06.30 a.m.
Police say 3 women have been arrested inside the high security fences at the Trident nuclear submarine base after entering the base to get further information on the weapons of mass destruction deployed by the UK government in contravention of Scottish and International Law. According to the police, the women, who were acting to uphold the law, are being charged under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, which is increasingly being used to prevent peaceful protests at sensitive sites, including Britain’s nuclear bases.

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Death at a Distance: The U.S. Air War

04-09-2007 00:01

According to the residents of Datta Khel, a town in Pakistan's North Waziristan, three missiles streaked out of Afghanistan's Pakitka Province and slammed into a Madrassa, or Islamic school, this past June. When the smoke cleared, the Asia Times reported, 30 people were dead.

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Bush Plans War on Iran

03-09-2007 23:45

The Sunday Times of London is reporting that the Pentagon has plans for three days of massive air strikes against 1,200 targets in Iran. Last week, Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, told a meeting of The National Interest, a conservative foreign policy journal, that the military did not intend to carry out “pinprick strikes” against Iranian nuclear facilities. He said, “They’re about taking out the entire Iranian military.”

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Do We Have the Courage to Stop War With Iran?

03-09-2007 23:00

Why do I feel like the proverbial skunk at a Labor Day picnic? Sorry; but I thought you might want to know that this time next year there will probably be more skunks than we can handle. I fear our country is likely to be at war with Iran - and with the thousands of real terrorists Iran can field around the globe.

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Picket War Conference 10th September 4:30pm-6:30pm, nr Green Park, London

03-09-2007 17:04

On the eve of DSEi - the world's biggest arms fair, Jane's 'Defence' are hosting a conference on corporate wars in 2020 and beyond which in their own words is "the definitive event assessing priorities for defence ministries and business opportunities for those who supply defence equipment", but it might just as well be "more wars for less oil". It's being held at the Radisson Edwardian Mayfair Hotel, Stratton Street, London W1J 8LT

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Make Humous Not War visits Bristol

03-09-2007 16:21

bolt cutters, roadblocks and humous - check out the latest direct action films by Israeli anarchists and Palestinians resisting the occupation, get your latest diy patches and badges, and raise funds for the anarchist infoshop in Tel Aviv.

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Radiation Experts: The Next War will Endanger the Planet

03-09-2007 10:21

We cannot allow a war with Iran. This planet cannot stand another conflict. Our time as a species is rapidly running out.

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Iran’s Nuclear Chess Game

02-09-2007 23:56

Larijani’s decision to clarify nuclear activities while under the Security Council sanctions has made grand wizard’s job tougher to get a unanimous support for yet another sanction. That is probably one of the reasons why the war mongering rhetoric from the White House has reached a dangerous level: The opponent does not like Iran’s latest chess move and wants to shake up the board. Bush’s incendiary speech at the American Legion was a clear indication of Cheney’s frustration with Iran and looking to find a way out of this juggernaut, by elevating it to a military confrontation.

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Iran-Iraq first economic seminar

02-09-2007 21:20

Iranian contractors will soon be seriously involved in Iraq's oil refinery projects as investors.

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Behind Bush's Latest Anti-Iranian Threats

02-09-2007 10:22

In a final paragraph entitled "General Understandings," the document asserts five points which must have sent Bush ballistic. Since it is absurd to imagine that the establishment press will give the public any insight into what is going on here between the IAEA and Iran, it is worth quoting the points in full
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