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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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China and USA in New Cold War over Africa’s Oil Riches

21-05-2007 08:11

The present concern of the current Washington Administration over Darfur in southern Sudan is not, if we were to look closely, genuine concern over genocide against the peoples in that poorest of poor part of a forsaken section of Africa.

No. “It’s the oil, stupid.”

Hereby hangs a tale of cynical dimension appropriate to a Washington Administration that has shown no regard for its own genocide in Iraq, when its control over major oil reserves is involved. What’s at stake in the battle for Darfur? Control over oil, lots and lots of oil.

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21-05-2007 08:08



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Email -, tel 07875708873

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Australia: 'Howard's Wood' - picket at Crown Casino

21-05-2007 01:56

The Zionist Project
If he had not chickened out of entering by the front door, John Howard would have been met by a peaceful but vigorous protest last night at Crown Casino ...

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Australia: Poll shows 'mood for change'

21-05-2007 01:04

A vote for Nobody is a Vote for Everybody
A vote for Nobody is a Vote for Everybody. Boycott the election because Nobody represents you! Adam Ant!

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Wrexham Women Remember the Dead

20-05-2007 22:11

The procession in the main shopping thoroughfare
Members of a new group 'Wrexham Women for Peace' and their supporters
held a 'funeral procession', carrying coffins and a peace flag through
Wrexham town centre on Saturday in memory of those whose lives have been
lost in conflict worldwide.

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Operation Iraq Forever

20-05-2007 18:03

To feed itself the empire thus needs to increase its military, it thus needs to maintain over 750 bases worldwide. To feed its peoples’ ever-growing greed and gluttony, its ever expanding waistline, Iraq must remain within the empire’s violent and voracious claws, becoming a colony of imperialism, to be exploited and raped.

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The Globalization of Military Power: NATO Expansion

20-05-2007 11:05

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) did not fundamentally change its mandate after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the wake of the Cold War, NATO continued to expand. In 1999, before the NATO war against Yugoslavia, NATO expanded into Eastern Europe.

NATO is determined to expand its membership circle and to expand its mandate. Ultimately NATO is slated to become a global military force. Moreover, part of the objectives of NATO as a global military alliance is to ensure the “energy security” of its member states. What this signifies is the militarization of the world’s arteries, strategic pipeline routes, maritime traffic corridors used by oil tankers, and international waters.

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Hicks has Landed

20-05-2007 06:52

Hicks has landed, the Eagle is moulting, the Roo has been shot, the Emu has impaled itself on a boundary fence and local mass media outlets are falling over themselves to toe the propaganda line. The first hysterical element of local reporting is the strained phraseology in use by servile journos, “convicted terrorism supporter … confessed terrorism supporter … Australian Qaeda supporter”, etc. Few media outlets seem to have any idea of the implications of the word “convicted”, which implies the result of a legitimate, legal process; a process that was clearly denied David Hicks. History will record it thus as the Truth is widely known!

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Luis Posada Carriles suspect in Kennedy's murder...

20-05-2007 00:48

What's Posada Carriles hiding?
Robert Kennedy's suspicions about the involvement of gangs of Cuban and Italian origin at the service of the CIA in his brother's assassination sheds new light on the Bush family protection of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles...

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Against War. Against the Arms Trade. Two Day: Many Actions. 29-30 July 2007

19-05-2007 14:32

Blockade? Party? Destroy? March? Smash? Infiltrate? Invade? Picket? Harass? Clown? Dance? Light candles? Fight? Lock on? Vigil? Disrupt?
You Decide!
In the run up to DSEi 2007, DISARM DSEi is calling for two days of autonomous actions against the arms trade.

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Is Irun part of the axis of evil?

19-05-2007 12:10

The ongoing 'war on terror' - in reality the 'great game speeded up' as John Pilger puts it could be extended to Iran next. Where is Iran? Could it be confused with Irun in Spain? A certain not too intelligent US President might well do so.

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All Engineers working for arms manufacturers are in breach of code of ethics

19-05-2007 10:20

All Engineers who make weapons are automatically in breach of professional code of conduct guidelines and should be expelled and have chartered status removed.

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Hillary and the Blue Pill Democrats

18-05-2007 13:07

Sure, Democrats will argue, as the 2008 selection closes in, Hillary Clinton is less than perfect—but she’s better than the mob boss stand-in Rudy Giuliani or the Manchurian candidate, John McCain. In fact, we can bet the farm Democrats will once again take the blue pill, believing whatever they want to believe. Democrats will vote en masse, not unlike lemmings stampeding to the precipice, for Hillary or Obama, most likely Hillary as not so subtle indicators reveal she is the One.

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AFP Challenged on False News Story Regarding Iran's Nuclear Energy Programme

18-05-2007 08:06

Campaigners have today demanded that the Agence France Presse (AFP) retract an incorrect and misleading news item regarding Iran's nuclear programme. Despite the immediate rebuttal of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) against AFP's false report last week alleging Iran's non-cooperation with the IAEA inspectors, the AFP has continued to publish the item on its website and refuses to issue an apology or a correction. The IAEA has confirmed that Iran has never denied access to its nuclear facilities by the inspectors.

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5th citizen inspection of the NATO Response Force base in Valencia

17-05-2007 23:41

In the 5th Citizens Inspection, on the 12th May, at 11.30a.m. a team of 7
citizen inspectors entered the main facilities of the NATO Response Force base
despite security vigilance measures, demand its closure and conversion into a
social and ecologically friendly space, as part of a week of actions against
military installations.

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Gordon Brown's visit to Manchester

17-05-2007 21:36

On 16th May 2007, Gordon Brown visited Manchester . “With the kind support of The Co-operative Group, the Labour Party hosted an exclusive opportunity for North West Labour and Co-operative Party members to meet Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP and discuss with him his aspirations to lead our country.”

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Palestinian Pinochet Making His Move?

17-05-2007 19:11

Whatever the precise breakdown within the Bush Administration, it’s plain that Dahlan, like Pinochet a quarter century, would not move onto a path of confrontation with an elected government unless he believed he had the sanction of powerful forces abroad to do so. If does move to turn the current street battle into a frontal assault on the unity government, chances are it will be because he got a green light from somewhere — and certainly not from Mahmoud Abbas.

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London Counter-Recruitment Picket, Friday May 18th 1:30pm

17-05-2007 15:23

Tomorrow - 18th May – at the Bloomsbury armed forces recruitment centre, people will be going armed with fliers to give a counter view of what life is like in the army. The Bloomsbury recruitment centre is located in the same building as the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO), the government's arms sales agency.

With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raging the chances of being killed and injured have increased dramatically over the past few years. But even if ex-services personnel make it back alive many are still scared for life from their experiences.

We encourage everyone to help us hand out fliers and let people know what it's really like in the military!

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Arwa from Hebron Speaks in Manchester and Sheffield

17-05-2007 11:08

Arwa Abu Haikal will be speaking in;
Manchester on Tues 22nd May at 7.30 and Sheffield on Thurs, 24th May at 7.30.

Arwa is in England for 3 weeks, speaking about the experience of her family living alongside an extremist Jewish settlement in the middle of the Palestinian town of Hebron.

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Remember gagging democracy? THE ODD SNEER-SPIN AGAINST MCDONNEL.

16-05-2007 14:35

If you are to EITHER side of the political spectrum from John Mcdonnel, you should see the "influencers of opinion"s PR spin as very, very worrying. . . .
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