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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Suicide among US soldiers to hit new record (by Latuff)

07-09-2008 19:42

Suicide among US troops
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Radical protesters force cancellation of Australian arms fair

07-09-2008 10:11

A MAJOR defence expo due to start in Adelaide on Remembrance Day has been cancelled amid fears of violence by radical protest groups.
Organisers of the Asia-Pacific Defence and Security Exhibition made the decision after talks with the State Government and police over planned protest action against the three-day event.

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Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of th

06-09-2008 15:34

One should judge Nicolas Sarkozy according to his actions, and not according to his personality. Yet when his doings surprise even his own constituents, it is legitimate to take a detailed look at his biography and question the bonds that brought him to power.

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Italy to increase Troop numbers on the street.

05-09-2008 11:50

We all know that the Italian state put 3,000 troops including paratroopers on the streets of Milan, Rome and Naples earlier this year. We were unanimous in our condemnation. Pat yourself on the back. But now we get to see what they did. Figures available today confirm that the Italian army has participated in 97 arrests of which 66 people were migrants. Just in case you're bad at soft maths - that indicates that two thirds of military arrests of civilians have been migrants & the arrest rate is about one to every thirty soldiers. In addition to those fascination factoids there have been 263 reports made and 242 car thefts dealt with.

Obviously Italy needs more troops on the street. & minister of the interior Roberto Maroni has confirmed on his webpage and in an interview that Italy is going to get a surge.

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US/UN Armed Gentrification in Haiti

05-09-2008 09:52

Haiti's UN military base expanding: What is Washington up to in Cite Soleil?

by Kim Ives

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The Criminal Cruelty and Corruption of John McCain's Running Mate

04-09-2008 19:48

The arrow Palin shot into the nose of this moose was removed before the picture
John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin received 616 votes in being elected
to her 4635 resident town. She attempted to
ban books. She went on to a criminal record
against Mother Earth and her animals
as Palin served the interests of BP and was elevated by war profiteers, big game hunters,
oil and vote fraud to the governor's chair.

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03-09-2008 18:24

Marking ten years since their unjust imprisonment

12-3pm, Trafalgar Square (north pavement)

September 2008 marks 10 years since the arrest and incarceration of the Cuban
5, five men wrongly convicted in the US after peacefully defending Cuba from
terrorist attacks planned in the United States.

Come and show your solidarity for the Five and spread the word. Bring placards, stalls, whistles, drums and banners for a lively
demonstration, including street theatre and speeches to inform the British
public about the case.

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RNC/USA: Video From Saint Paul Warzone

03-09-2008 18:17

media resistance

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Palestine Today 090108

01-09-2008 18:49

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Monday September 1, 2008.

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Question 9/11 ... 2008

01-09-2008 17:03

Campaign for an Independent Inquiry into September 11th 2001
An Evening of Interactive Information and Discussion
Hosted by Calum Douglas - Researcher, Pilots For 911 Truth
7:30 pm, Thursday 11th September
Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates. FREE ENTRY

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'The Elephant in the Room Released' to watch for FREE

31-08-2008 22:09

Award winning* documentary now available to watch online

*Won 'Best Documentary' at the London Independent Film Festival

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Direct action in Germany: 18th-30th August

31-08-2008 12:56

Protest against neo-nazi demonstration, fascist car burned, barricades...
Arson attack against the car of a neonazi
Protest against neo-nazi demonstration, fascist car burned, barricades...
Arson attack against Telekom
Arson attacks against neo-nazi cars and color against neo-nazi shops
Arson attack against a police station

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Sarah Palin the Antigore

30-08-2008 18:07

Sarah Palin is the road to the extinction of life on earth forever.

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Anarchists Against the Wall Benefit - Bristol

30-08-2008 17:34

activists destroying a section of the wall
DIY folk punk duo Ghost Mice from Gainesville FL. play all acoustic at the Plough with Clayton Blizzard, Bones at the Bottom of the Barrel, and Dr. Spin with some of Anarco Folko. Any surplus will be donated to Anarchists Against the Wall.

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7 Days & 7 Nights for 7 Years

30-08-2008 07:07

US Embassy, London
A week long protest - 24 hours a day for seven days, directly outside the United States Embassy, raising awareness of the key issue of our time.

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Obama's Choice of Biden: "The Devil Made Me Do It."

29-08-2008 21:36

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Flip Wilson's comedic character "Geraldine" knew who to blame for her own indiscretions: "The Devil made me do it." The same goes for Barack Obama who, his
supporters are quick to explain, is blameless for his political sins and betrayals. The "white folks" made him do it, or "the polls" made him do it - but never the candidate, himself. However, it will be hard to find a devil to blame for Obama's choice of Sen. Joe Biden - "as much a war monger as George Bush" - as his running mate. The fact is, Obama "was never a progressive - he just briefly played one to win points in an Illinois
Democratic primary election six years ago." Let the Devil be.

Click the flash player link to hear this Black Agenda Radio commentary:

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Saakashvili's adventure in South Ossetia (by Latuff)

29-08-2008 19:53

Saakashvili's adventure in South Ossetia
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Pixies in Worthing?

29-08-2008 17:43

There are unconfirmed reports that pixies were spotted in Worthing yesterday.

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Candidate John McCain picks prowar huntress as his running mate

29-08-2008 16:44

Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, guts the moose
she murders herself, wants polar bears removed
from the endangered species list, owned
a commercial fisheries company
McCain picks huntress as running mate.

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B2 Stealth bombers fly into RAF Fairford

28-08-2008 20:17

B2 Stealth bomber flying into RAF Fairford
Two US B2 stealth bombers arrived at RAF Fairford at midnight on Monday 11th August and left on Friday 15th August.
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