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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Voting Rights for Non-US citizens in 2004 US Presidential Elections

26-10-2004 21:24

In recent years, particularly since the tragic events of September the 11th 2001, the United States have taken it upon themselves to follow a foreign policy without the sanction of the global community. The actions taken, especially in Iraq, are likely to have repercussions that affect any person on the planet. It is only right, therefore, that anyone ought to be allowed to vote for the person ultimately responsible for the policy; the President of the United States of America. Now you can express your views in a website namely Hope you may find this interesting!!

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Fallujah's April Civilian Death Toll is 600

26-10-2004 14:33

No Longer Unknowable: Falluja's April Civilian Toll is 600

Today the Iraq Body Count (IBC) website has published its analysis of the civilian dealth toll in the April 2004 siege of Falluja. This analysis leads to the conclusion that betweeen 572 and 616 of the approximately 800 reported deaths were of civilians, with over 300 of these being women and children.

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ALERT -Arms dealers in Piccadily !!!!!!

25-10-2004 13:49

Ello, ello, ello
A group of activists disrupted a session of the 4th "uninhabited combat air vehicles" (UCAVs)Conference, being held at the Cafe Royal, Piccadily today and tomorrow. There was one arrest, of a man who was punched by security. Activists will be assembling outside the Cafe Royal from 5pm to say goodnight to the dealers in death as they leave after their "networking drinks reception"

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So How's Bush and Blair's War Going? NOT GOOD !!!

25-10-2004 12:21

The Americans are losing this war....or should one say, this war is already lost?

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Fairford Coaches at Court of Appeal - Photos of 14 October 2004

24-10-2004 16:01

See below several photos of the support demo outside the courts on the first day of the Fairford Coaches hearing at the Court of Appeal. If the police were willing to post the photos on Indymedia which THEY took at the demo, there would be plenty of sharp close up photos of all of our faces. Since there is no such arrangement, enjoy these photos! For photos of the second day of the hearing see-

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Resistance not responsible for abduction of aid worker

24-10-2004 14:00

Resistance not responsible for abduction of aid worker. Will the CIA have her beheaded and offer another grisly video to assure the American people that our enemy is pure evil and that God is on “our side? The best protection we can offer her is to understand what is going on and spread that understanding. Wake up already. It’s 1984. jamie

"She had been living in Iraq for 30 years and she was a humanitarian. The resistance did not kidnap her because this would have left a bad impression of the resistance in the world," said another commander.


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Song of Guantanamo Base

23-10-2004 19:03

in our bright red overalls...
a poem/song aimed at becoming a collective song, anyone may contribute by adding another stanza anywhere in the poem, the only requirement being that it matches its rhythm, ie metrical and rhyming pattern.

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Oxford Says No To Bush - Demonstrate 30 October

23-10-2004 13:52

Oxford Says No To Bush - British Troops Out Of Iraq
Saturday 30 October 2004
Assemble 12.30, Manzil Way (off Cowley Road)
March to town centre for rally with speakers

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EDO/MBM Visited by a Creature of the Night

22-10-2004 16:44

Dracula pays EDO/MBM a visit and sends an open invitation to all other ghouls, ghosties and creatures of the night...

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"NO to this Constitutional Treaty of the EU!"

22-10-2004 16:14

Declaration to sign (also final declaration of the 3 rd Peace Conference 2004 in Hanover)

On October 29th 2004, the draft for the EU-constitution is supposed to be signed by the heads of state of the EU member states. After that, the ratification process will start in each single member state of the EU. The present German Federal Government e.g. has already expressed its intention to make this process as short as possible.

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Endorse urgent petition to defend our right to protest in Parliament Square

22-10-2004 15:56

Dear friends,
Please ask your organisation to sign this petition to defend all of our right to protest in Parliament Square. Time is short, please return your organisation’s contact details and your signature by the Friday, 29 October, if possible, as the Government wants to include this legislation in the Queen’s speech next month. Return your endorsement to the Global Women’s Strike by email to or by fax or post. Individual signatures are also welcome; please indicate if you are signing for your organisation or as an individual.
Thank you

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Spook the base! Aldermaston, 30-31 October 2004

22-10-2004 10:07

Spook The Base! - Block The Builders camp at AWE Aldermaston

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Tony Blair gives British Troops "Equal Opportunity" to stuff themselves in Body Bags

22-10-2004 03:18

Tony Blair gives British Troops "Equal Opportunity" to stuff themselves in Body Bags as U.S.Soldiers do!

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Time to raise hell Brits. What you going to do?

21-10-2004 16:03

Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, told MPs today that 850 British troops will redeploy from Basra to an area south of Baghdad.Mr Hoon finally confirmed the decision to accede to a US request for an armoured battle group after receiving advice from army chiefs that there was a "compelling military operational justification" for it.

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'Trident sub' that blockaded Downing Street lives to 'fight' another day

21-10-2004 10:42

On Monday 11 October, Sarah from Oxford along with other peace activists
from all over Britain came to London with a Trident submarine to help take a
message to Tony Blair and to challenge Labour to abandon its WMD and to
comply fully with its international treaty obligations.

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Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 4 of 5

21-10-2004 10:41

Photos of the banners and flags on display at the peace demonstration.
For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 1 of 5

21-10-2004 10:14

Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution - Jorge Martin
Photos of the speakers at "Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution", and of the peace demonstration.
For a list of the speakers photographed and associated web links, see the story below the photos.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 2 of 5

21-10-2004 09:53

Photos of the pink and silver sections of the peace demonstration: Code Pink, the samba band and associated dancers.
For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 3 of 5

21-10-2004 09:37

Photos of the creative imagination of peace demonstration participants: DIY placards, banners and sculpture.
For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.
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