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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Faslane Peace Camp open and struggeling on

07-02-2005 18:37

opposing trident- nuclear submarine
Faslane Peace Camp is still open (109919)
Faslane Peace Camp is still open.

This afternoon two CND activists from Helensburgh checked on the camp because they were not answering phone calls.

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Palestine Awareness Day

07-02-2005 09:42

Palestine Awareness Day, Saturday 19 February, Cambridge University. Speakers to include Glen Rangwala, Dr Uri Davis.

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EDO MBM threatens IMC UK: "You can't call us warmongers"

06-02-2005 23:39

On Friday morning the following letter was sent by email to IMC UK's contact address, threatening libel action over the suggestion that EDO:

(a) are warmongerers;
(b) are complicit in the deaths of innocent people; and
(c) make things that kill children.

Since their business is the manufacture of weapons (see, these would all seem to be at the very least fair comment, and arguably simple fact.

(Text below, original M$ Word file attached.)

The subject of the complaint would appear to be the following pages:

and posibly others, which report on the ongoing campaign against this company.

Definite shadows of McLibel and GANDALF here...

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Zengo - Reasons for Fear ( HUNGARY)

05-02-2005 15:46

Those living around the Zengő have so strong affective links to the mountain, to the natural value of their home land which is rather unique in Middle-Europe.
And still: all this is story not merely about their future.

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Bruce Kent speaks in Swindon (report)

05-02-2005 14:34

On Tuesday the 1st February, around sixty people filled the hall of the Moravian church in central Swindon, to listen to veteran anti-nuclear campaigner Bruce Kent on the latest stop of his tour of the UK promoting the concept of alternatives to war.

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EDO MBM Technology

04-02-2005 17:19

With *loads* of Indymedia articles about this fine weapons manufacturer like...
Arms company shut down
Demos against EDO/MBM this week including verdict of rooftop 5 trial
Arms company EDO MBM shut down for a day
Brighton Arms Co in sticky situation
... one wonders what this company does?

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Why was the army in Rotherham? Why wasn't it on the news?

04-02-2005 13:44

Just wondering why the army was here. If you know, then please mail me.

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Star Wars Better at Murder Conference

04-02-2005 12:48

Military Satellite Communications systems have become increasingly important to our ability to project force and conduct military operations around the globe. Rapidly growing information requirements and the increasing unpredictability of who and where we may fight, make our satellite communications systems more critical every day. Military needs are diverse and require a mixture of satellite communications services to support wartime operations.

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Premiere of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception` .

04-02-2005 02:13

WMD weapons of mass deception poster.
This is an announcement of the film premiere in Glasgow of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception` with some photos, a biography of Danny and a review of the film. Even if you can't get to see the film it can be ordered through the film website (given in the article). If you can, you should try and watch it -it's a must see!

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PM Cold Hard Criminal

03-02-2005 23:26

During his visit to Iraq, Mr HoWARd didn't find himself in the unthinkable situation of walking down a main street of Baghdad and taking a telephone call of gratitude from President George W Bushit while Australian militants attacked and maimed Iraqi citizens

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Press release - an Shield Movement Warns Bush – “Shelve Iran Invasion Plan”

03-02-2005 20:29

Following his State of the Union address, President Bush was warned today that any attempt at an illegal ‘Iraq-style’ war against Iran or Syria would be met by a massive mobilisation of western Human Shields, the like of which has never been seen.

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03-02-2005 18:03

World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI)
Rome Session
10-13 February, 2005, Rome, Italy.
The WTI is an international citizen's initiative to examine and establish the truth in relation to the war and occupation of Iraq, in order that it may contribute to the empowerment of civil society movements for peace, human rights and justice. It is comprised of various sessions held around the world (sessions already held include Brussels, New York, Hiroshima-Tokyo, Copenhagen) with a Culminating Session in Istanbul, June 2005. This is a call to individuals, social movements, associations and organisations to endorse the Rome Session of the WTI on Media Wrongs Against Truth and Humanity.

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Public Meeting on Civil Liberties - Thur 10 Feb

03-02-2005 15:29


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BAE Systems university lecture disrupted

03-02-2005 14:52

Members of the University of Birmingham Students Against The War group crashed a lecture organised by arms dealers BAE Systems last week, much to the consternation of the host department.

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Peace News - press release

03-02-2005 11:47

February 2005 issue
On 1 February 2005 the new-look Peace News hit the streets.
After five years of publishing a quarterly magazine with a distinct international focus, Peace News returns to its roots with a monthly tabloid, focusing on issues vital to the broad British peace and anti-war movements.

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Brent Palestine Solidarity Campaign Film Screening and Talks

01-02-2005 23:06

"Remembering Marwan Rahwanji"

An evening to remember the late Marwan Rahwanji with talks by Josie Warshaw and Asa Winstanley and a film screening of 'Arna's Children' in the calm of the spiritual Special Yoga Centre.

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U.S. Encouraged by Vote - in Vietnam - Flashback to 1967

01-02-2005 19:27

This is from the New York Times 1967!

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US Encouraged By Vote Despite 'terrorist attacks' (Sept 1967 Vietnam)

01-02-2005 16:04

From the New York Times, September 1967.

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Stop the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill from going through

01-02-2005 16:00

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill is going to be debated in Parliament next Monday 7th January from 2.30pm.

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EDO defendents benefit night

01-02-2005 15:10

This wednesday (Feb 2nd) @ rampART - a fundraiser to support activists campaigning against EDO MBM, an arms company that makes parts for bombs dropped on Iraq.

or to get some backround

Suggested donation £2 or free if you're really skint!

Food and Drink available

Films start at 8pm (sharp) with 'Dear Mrs Blair' from the Camcorder
Guerillas. Then 'FTA' (Free The Army/Fuck The Army) made in 1972.

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