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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Four events last Saturday, one next Monday for Bradley Manning & Julian Assange

12-07-2012 21:17

World Pride, London. Photo by
Last Saturday 7 July saw three solidarity events for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, as well as the ongoing vigil at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Next Monday, Brad is back in court and there will be a vigil from 3pm at the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London.

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Smash EDO: Final info for July 16th

12-07-2012 15:42

One final reminder about details and lead up events before the weapons inspection on Monday.

If you have any portable sound system, please bring it along to the action!

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Gathering to plan resistance to the G8 - this Sunday in Brighton

12-07-2012 09:29

This is a call for all of those who wish to mobilise for a MASS
MOBILISATION against the G8 summit in the UK in 2013.
A initial meeting will take place on SUNDAY the 15th JULY, from 11am to 6pm, at the COMMUNITY BASE centre in Brighton, hosted by people from the Smash EDO campaign.

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Noise demo at EDO today

11-07-2012 12:00

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Smash EDO: Meeting point for weapons inspection announced

09-07-2012 11:12

With only one week to go Smash EDO activities this week are all about the upcoming mass-action on Monday the 16th of July. We need as many of you as possible to get involved in the weapons inspection of EDO.

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EDO MBM manufacturing parts for US A10 plane as Smash EDO prepares for mass demo

09-07-2012 10:17

On the 16th July Smash EDO will be meeting at 1pm for a mass demonstration against the EDO MBM Brighton arms factory

The meeting point will be the Level.

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4th July: Report from Menwith Hill 'Independence FROM America' event

07-07-2012 08:12

Here's a written report about the annual 'Independence FROM America' demonstration at the Menwith Hill US military base in occupied North Yorkshire. More photos in this previous article.

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Reports from Smash EDO's Summer of Resistance

06-07-2012 15:08

The Summer of Resistance is 3 months of direct action against arms dealers EDO MBM (part of ITT Exelis). more info at

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7 July: Join Queer Friends of Bradley Manning at World Pride event, London

06-07-2012 12:48

Queer Friends of Bradley Manning with banner at Pride London 2011
Queer Friends of Bradley Manning will have a presence at Saturday's World Pride event in London. Join them to show your solidarity with Bradley Manning, the gay US military intelligence analyst with Welsh roots and accused WikiLeaks whistleblower who has been detained without trial for over two years, tortured and denied his rights. Brad faces life in jail without parole if eventually convicted as charged. Exposing war crimes is not a crime!

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4 July at Menwith Hill: Independence FROM America Day. Photo report

05-07-2012 16:42

'Say No' CAAB banner outside Menwith Hill main gate

4th July saw the annual Independence FROM America demonstration at the US base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, organised by CAAB: the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases. We hear a lot about US occupations of other countries, but little about the military occupation of Britain by the US. The base at Menwith Hill, run by America's National Security Agency (NSA), is a very important intelligence gathering and surveillance base, occupied and controlled by the American military and their agencies. The base has the ability to listen in to all our phone calls and intercept emails, as well as several other concerning roles including US 'Missile Defense' (read 'Offense') and intelligence-led warfare.

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Smash EDO anti semitic libel: Tory Story II

04-07-2012 18:57

In response to our earlier story B&H Tories rushed out a statement written by Graham Cox, chairman of the local Conservatives and co-incidentally one-time head of Brighton CID. Unfortunately it didn't shed much light on the issue - so here's what we said in return...

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200,000 4 man coffins ordered for Olympics

04-07-2012 13:37

An undercover journalist has reported that 200,000 caskets that can hold 4 to 5 bodies have been ordered for the Olympics. He also reports that predator drones will be hovering over London and training has been given for a mass evacuation of the city.

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Smash EDO: Events and weapons inspection on July 16th

04-07-2012 10:50

We've got a few things coming up in the weeks leading up to the weapons inspection on the 16th.

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Phone and Twitter Blockade of EDO Today

03-07-2012 10:54

Phone and twitter blockade of EDO. The one last month was a real success so we're having another one! You can participate from wherever you are. Call EDO on +44 (0) 1273810500 and tweet EDO's parent company @ITTExelis with questions and comments about their trade. There are examples of sample tweets you can copy and past from the last time at the bottom of this email or -even better- come up with some new ones. Please hashtag your tweets #SmashEDO

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Faslane Peace Camp and Trident Ploughshares Tresspass at Faslane Naval Base

02-07-2012 15:00

Seven activists from Faslane Peace Camp and Trident Ploughshares entered Faslane naval base this morning with four members of the group slipping past guards and reaching points up to 100 yards inside the base.

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EDO in Brighton developing new generation of micro weapons for US assassinations

29-06-2012 12:03

Smash EDO have called for three months of direct action to close down EDO MBM

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Tory Story

29-06-2012 08:11

That controversial graffiti in full

In Brighton, our fair city, Conservative opposition to long-running anti-arms trade campaign Smash EDO is something of a given. They support the dealing of weapons to human-rights abusing regimes and we oppose them. Recent tactics from their side have included tabling motions condemning Smash EDO's (non-existent) plans to target Jubilee celebrations or Olympic Torch ceremonies. Nothing outside the usual hurly-burly of local politics.

But something nastier has bubbled up from inside the Tory cauldron. Back on April 30th Robert Nemeth, Deputy Chairman (political) of B&H Tories (and co-incidentally manager of the office of Mike Weatherley, Tory MP for Hove) posted a claim that Smash EDO had put anti-semitic graffiti on the inside of a squatted building (since evicted). The date of the 'revelation' was well chosen – the evening before a major demonstration outside EDO MBM's factory.

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EDO MBM and the 'Kill Chain'. R&D into New micro weapons for drones.

28-06-2012 22:50

15 May 2012. John Eaton, an EDO MBM Director and weapons system inventor gives a presentation to the National Defense Industrial Association in Washington about EDO MBM's current internal research and development work.

An abstract and PDF of a powerpoint presentation confirm EDO are at the heart of the global killer drone industry as developers of micro bomb racks for US parent company ITT Exelis.

ITT Exelis already supply the bomb racks for the MQ-9 Predator B/Reaper drone used by the CIA and US Special Forces to carry out extra-judicial assassinations. These attacks that have murdered hundreds of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.

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Bad Music Demo - Smash EDO Summer of Resistance week eight

27-06-2012 20:46

A bad singer outside EDO
Smash EDO have called for three months of direct action to close down EDO MBM - From 1st May to 1st August 2012.

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Faslane Peace Camp banner drop in Helensburgh

26-06-2012 23:07

Banner Drop
Peace Campers scaled the gasometer in Helensburgh to deliver a response to reports in the local media welcoming investment in Trident replacement.
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