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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Low pay leads to poverty in British Army

29-05-2008 13:35

A report on the state of the British Army released this month revealed considerable resentment amongst ordinary soldiers over low pay, leading many into financial difficulties, under-nourishment and the quitting of the armed forces altogether.

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GTMO actions in London:Picnic tomorrow/Public Meeting on Sat. & June demos

29-05-2008 09:25

Tomorrow (Friday 30 May), the London Guantánamo Campaign is holding a picnic in Grosvenor Square next to the US Embassy at 3-6pm with People in Common/On Saturday 31 May, we have a public meeting to raise awareness about Binyam Mohamed in Queen's Park, west London/ and the schedule for actions in June. Join us and let the British and American government know that victims of the "war on terror" have not been forgotten.

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George Bush to visit London 15th June

28-05-2008 11:14

Let’s give the warmonger George Bush a warm welcome

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Smash EDO Press Release - Welcome to the Carnival Against the Arms Trade

28-05-2008 09:32



Contact: Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh

07875 708873

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Women In Black are Back!

27-05-2008 22:19

Non-violent action against war and militarisation planned for Birmingham City Centre

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IAEA Again Confirms: No Weaponization in Iran

27-05-2008 17:01

Not sure how many times he should have to tell us what we already know.

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INTERPOL in Colombia 3 + 3 = 8

27-05-2008 13:09

I have just finished reading INTERPOL's report on the computers that the government of Colombia says it found in an encampment of the FARC-EP on March 1. Reading the report I am once again fascinated with what experts can do with computers. But I am shocked that the world's best known detective agency cannot add three plus three.

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Fitwatch at Carnival Against the Arms Trade

27-05-2008 07:47

4th June, 12 Noon, The Level, Brighton

The Forward Intelligence Teams seem to really love anti arms trade campaigners. Having already made their presence felt through years of DSEi protests, they have also long been a fixture at EDO demos. More recently, they have been travelling further afield, and have been spotted at St Athans demos in Wales, and the Heckler and Koch protests in Nottingham.

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Carter Urges 'supine' Europe to Break with Bush/PNAC Over Gaza

26-05-2008 19:49

Actually, International Law says the governments represented by the EU are colluding in a human rights/war crime.

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Southfields Get Total Oil Out of Burma Protest

26-05-2008 19:39

Southfields Total Sation
Six protesters demonstrated at the Southfields Total Station, 262 Wimbledon Park Road on 21st May 2008. They were protesting against the French oil and gas giant's 500 million dollar a year funding for the brutal military regime in Burma. The money just goes to the evil junta not the poor people of Burma. The regime has allocated just 5 million dollars to cyclone relief, whilst it earned 2 billion dollars in gas exports in 2007.

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So Just Where Does the Madness End?

26-05-2008 19:29

I've begun to notice a particular pattern of media coverage and/or distortion of issues supported by 'the West', and nowhere is this more apparent than on the issue of Lebanon.

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Wrexham marks US Memorial Day with a Picnic for Peace

26-05-2008 18:52

In solidarity with all those marking Memorial Day in the US with messages of peace, Wrexham Peace and Justice Forum and Wrexham Women for Peace held a Picnic for Peace in Wrexham's Peace Garden. Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon, our friend Bridie from Wrexham has read out a message of unity at the Memorial Day service organised by Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 in their Peace Memorial Park. Solidarity across the pond!

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"The air we breathe & the lines we cut" : FARC name Alfonso Cano is new leader.

25-05-2008 18:11

Timoleón Jiménez has appeared in a video passed to TeleSUR lamenting the passing of the founder of FARC whose death began to be reported yesterday. He died of a heart attack.

They have also named the new leader of the paramilitary organisation. Thus the new name and personality who we may consider dealing with all the baggage of FARC. Its guerilla army, its hostages, its loyal population, its political hinterland who eschew armed struggle yet are persecuted, its role in the coca production and supply of cocaine from Colombia which is not already in the hands of the 3 cartels linked to the far right terrorists in the Colombian state. The new leader Guillermo León Sánez, alias Alfonso Cano is thus one of the people who decides how much rainforest should be cleared to grow coca instead of making oxygen. Coz as all you know well, coca only grows on the edge of rainforest for a maximum of two years, being a hungry little plant it needs nutrients when farmed which can only come from burning off jungle.

A short profile of this new man who shall play a small role in what goes up your nose. Be it oxygen or a 17% pure alkaloid.

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trident nuclear /rolls/royce derby prottesters win rights to prottest

25-05-2008 14:18

foe members given rights to prottest against rolls.royce in derby ..but still on bail

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Lebanon: Writings on the Walls of Nahr al-Bared Camp

25-05-2008 11:04

The anarchist film collective 'a-films' has just published another short film from North Lebanon. It documents many racist, sexist, humiliating and insulting graffiti that Lebanese soldiers had written on the walls of the houses in the destroyed Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared.

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European Parliament passes new DU resolution in landslide vote

25-05-2008 09:58

The European Parliament has passed its fourth and most far-reaching resolution yet against the use of uranium weapons. MEPs have called for an EU and NATO-wide moratorium and global ban.

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Pakistan May Turn Over U.S. Terrorists to Iran

24-05-2008 04:12

Curioser and curiouser.

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Bombing Iran: The Extremists' Mad Clamor Persists

24-05-2008 01:02

Why are these whack-jobs still able to make such decisions, when we ALL know who poses the real threat?

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Iran Mosque Blast Plotters Admit Israeli, US Links

24-05-2008 00:59

Or, if they were from any other country, "TERRORISTS" ...

This comes only days after Iran announced it had uncovered one of the CIA rings operating in Iran. For more, see Seymour Hersh's excellent (and virtually ignored) work on the Covert Operations being carried out in Iran by the US from Afghanistan.
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