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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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War and Remembrance: About Patria, Pageants and Poppies

21-11-2009 22:46

Gordon Brown delivers the annual foreign policy speech at Lord Mayor's banquet
Capitalism needs an enemy, real or invented and the demise of communism deprived them of a handy hook onto which they could hang the planet.

All the ‘war on terror’ has done is terrorize everybody and drag us deeper and deeper into the quagmire of the ‘new world order’.

From the former Yugoslavia to Somalia the Anglo-Saxon Empire is busy turning the planet into a graveyard.

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Target Barclays - Shut ITT

21-11-2009 21:15

Smash EDO are calling for autonomous actions against Barclays Bank to force them to stop providing 'market maker' services for ITT Corporation on the NYSE.

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Fuelling Conflict: The Tar Sands and the Military Industrial Complex

21-11-2009 12:42

Why the tar sands are important for anti-military campaigning

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Anti Agrexco Protest Outside Languedoc-Rousillon Offices

21-11-2009 11:49

Protest outside Languedoc Offices
Representatives from London and Brighton solidarity groups picketed the Maison
Languedoc-Rousillon office in London today in protest at the LR department's plans
to build facilities for Carmel Agrexco in Sete harbour. We handed in the attached letter to the office director.

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Report of Edinburgh protest against NATO on Saturday 14th November 2009

21-11-2009 01:51

Here is detailed report of the demonstration against NATO in Edinburgh last weekend. 20 photos of the day are included.

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Fuelling Conflict: The Tar Sands and the Military Industrial Complex

20-11-2009 19:01

Superdrug subvert by Polyp
Why the tar sands are important for anti-military campaigning

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The Washington establishment suffers a serious defeat

20-11-2009 18:29

"In an unprecedented defeat for the Federal Reserve, an amendment to audit the multi-trillion dollar institution was approved by the House Finance Committee with an overwhelming and bipartisan 43-26 vote on Thursday afternoon despite harried last-minute lobbying from top Fed officials and the surprise opposition of Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who had previously been a supporter."

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Anti-arms fair demo at Spirit of Christmas fair

20-11-2009 17:59

Clarion call from "The Spirit of Christmas"

November 12, 2009

Dan Viesnik explains why CAAT supporters dress up for the Spirit of Christmas and the message they are bringing to visitors.

Members of London Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT), East London Against the Arms Fair (ELAAF), the London Catholic Worker and Trident Ploughshares met visitors outside the Spirit of Christmas Fair at London's Olympia, on 7 November 2009

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Anti-Nuclear Activists Protest Arrival of First Astute Submarine at Faslane

20-11-2009 16:16

Trident Ploughshares Press Release

20 November 2009 - For immediate release

Anti-nuclear activists held a banner which read "Disarm the Seas" on the Rhu Spit as the first nuclear-powered Astute Class submarine sailed through the Rhu narrows on the west coast of Scotland at 10:45am this morning (20 November, 2009). Rainbow peace flags and a colourful CND banner fluttered in a brisk wind to greet the crew of HMS Astute, who stood at attention on the deck of the brand new hunter-killer submarine as it sailed into Faslane Naval Base for the first time. The demonstration was organized by Helensburgh CND and Trident Ploughshares.

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Dying for Crooks: US Troops in Afghanistan

20-11-2009 12:28

Karzais corruption ticket
Transparency International reported yesterday that Afghanistan is the most corrupt nation in the world – except for Somalia. ... Heckua achievement, if the only nation on earth that is more shady is one that is full of pirates… Karzai is making Marion Barry look like Mother Teresa. ... The Washington Post reported today that one of Afghanistan’s top ministers took a $30 million bribe to give a special deal to a Chinese mining company. The New York Times reported: “Everything seems to be for sale: public offices, access to government services, even a person’s freedom.” .... So what do Army recruiters say these days? Why in Hades would any American agree to risk his neck to prop up this band of thieves?

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10 months inside without trial

19-11-2009 22:31

resisting war crimes is not a crime
10 months ago, on 18 January 2009, Elijah Smith A former British Soldier was arrested in Brighton. He had spent the previous night decommissioning the EDO/MBM/ITT factory in Brighton, in an attempt to stop it providing parts for weapons being used by the Israeli army to bomb civilians in Gaza. Nobody was injured or harassed during their action, which was one of property damage. He and his co-defendants did not resist arrest.

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Trident Ploughshares Activists Disrupt NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Edinburgh

19-11-2009 11:05

From Indymedia Scotland:

By trident ploughshares, submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 17/11/2009 - 13:04


Anti-War Activists Disrupt NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Edinburgh

Trident Ploughshares Press Release 17 November, 2009 - For immediate release

Just after eight thirty this morning, several members of Trident Ploughshares blocked the entrance of the Edinburgh International Conference Center for quarter of an hour as Parliamentarians from NATO countries met for the final session of the assembly. Foreign Secretary David Milliband and the Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen were due to speak following a minute’s silence. The protesters wore shirts emblazoned with the images of wounded and traumatized Afghan children, graphically demonstrating the fact that NATO’s war in Afghanistan is killing innocent civilians and traumatizing children in violation of international law. They recited the names of Afghan civilians who have died since the war began. Several protesters were blocking the entrance to the Conference Centre so that Parliamentarians could see them on their way into the session or from the escalators inside the building. Police arrested six of them.

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Six protesters arrested trying to enter NATO conference in Edinburgh

17-11-2009 19:25

Published Date: 17 November 2009

SIX people were arrested trying to gain access to the final day of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
The intruders were spotted walking through the front door of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre at around 8.30am this morning.

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ITT Corp. Take 73% Drop in Profits Due to Deadly Products

17-11-2009 09:09

Not content with mass murder through its arms manufacturing business (including EDO MBM in Brighton), ITT Corp.apparently found other ways to kill people with its civilian water pump division which till 1985 used asbestos gaskets in its products.

Unusually for ITT, this time profits have been hit hard rather than increased by sales of life destroying technology.


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Czech president signs Lisbon Treaty/ResultofEU dirty deal regarding human rights

17-11-2009 03:28

With the EU guarantee to the Czech president, that the Czech State should not be exposed to property claims of expelled Germans after World War II, the EU not only implicitly consents with ethnical cleansings, it is also highly hypocritical, since the EU regularly points a finger to human rights violating countries like Sudan, Myanmar and Iran
It is high time the EU should look in its own mirror, among else with regard to police abuse, racism and violation of the rights of migrants and real or alleged terrorsuspects

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Drones: A slam-dunk weapons system or our ticket to hell?

16-11-2009 19:36

"This, then, is the future that you can see just as well as I can. When the Obama administration decides to up the ante on drone use in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as it's soon likely to do, it will be ensuring not the end of al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but the long life of robot war within the US's ever-more militarized society. And by the time this set of robotic dreams fails to pan out, it won't matter. Yet another mini-sector of the military-industrial complex will be etched into the American grain.

Whatever the short-term gains from introducing drone warfare in these past years, we are now locked into the 24/7 assassination trade - with the US's own set of non-suicide bombers on the job into eternity. This may pass for sanity in Washington, but it's surely helping to pave the road to hell.

Haven't any of these folks ever seen a sci-fi film? Are none of them Terminator fans? Are they sure they want to open the way to unlimited robot war, keeping in mind that, if this is the latest game in town, it won't remain mainly an American one for long. And just wait until the first Iranian drone takes out the first Balochi guerrilla supported by American funds somewhere in Pakistan. Then let's see just what we think about the right of any nation to summarily execute its enemies - and anyone else in the vicinity - by drone. "

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15ft tank is next, say 25ft gun protesters!

16-11-2009 19:16

Following on from the recent good turn out against the arms sellers Heckler and Koch, based in Lenton, Nottingham, the activists and artists responsible for building a 25ft model gun and marching it through the streets, are anouncing their intention to build a 15ft tank and would like help to do so...

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NATO delegates on the way to Museum of Flight, Edinburgh

16-11-2009 18:46

Bike spotters have intercepted delegates from the NATO Parliamentary Assembly under police escort travelling in several convoys of coaches apparently heading for the Museum of Flight.

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No Platform for Murderers! NATO Secretary General at Edinburgh University Tomorr

16-11-2009 12:40

Meet outside Old College on South Bridge, Edinburgh at 1pm tomorrow, Tuesday 17^th November. Bring banners and things to make lots of noise with!
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