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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Census refuser on trial in Reading

01-10-2012 16:11

Deborah Glass Woodin, from Oxford, decided not to comply with the 2011 Census. This is the story of her trial at Reading Magistrates Court, including her reasons for resisting the census.

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Drones and Thrones - a London diary

30-09-2012 17:53

"General Atomics -
Bloodsoaked Economics!"

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Report from 27 Sep Veterans for Peace Drones protest at General Atomics

29-09-2012 16:15

Report from Veterans for Peace UK on last Thursday's Drones protest at General Atomics in London. A protest was held the same day by US Veterans for Peace at General Atomics, San Diego.

Background info:

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Census resistance update: including court dates

29-09-2012 11:48

18 months after the 2011 Census, court cases are dragging on against a tiny proportion of those who resisted the Census on anti-war and privacy grounds, mainly but not entirely because of Census data processing contracts with Lockheed Martin (England and Wales) and CACI (Scotland). For background and other reports on this, see the Indymedia census topic, Count Me Out and Ethical Census.

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9 Oct at Menwith Hill: The Faceless Face of US Military Drones

27-09-2012 07:38

The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) will be marking Keep Space for Peace Week and Ground the Drones Week of Action at Menwith Hill during its weekly Tuesday vigil from 6-8pm on Tuesday 9 October in an event entitled The Faceless Face of US Military Drones. CAAB will be joined by Yorkshire CND's recycle the bases cyclists on a three day ride from Whitby to Menwith Hill via Fylingdales.

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Philippines: The Marcos’ Legacy of Fraudulent and Illegitimate Debts

27-09-2012 01:25

AS THE NATION remembers today the declaration of Martial Law and the imposition of the Marcos fascist dictatorship 40 years ago — we recall not only the crimes and abuses, but the valiant struggles of our people to end the tyrannical regime.

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Letter from American Under arrest in Israel asking for Solidarity

26-09-2012 17:18

Asking for Solidarity and Support

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27 Sep: Veterans for Peace Protest Drones at Gen. Atomics in San Diego & London

26-09-2012 07:32

General Atomics is the manufacturer of the Reaper UAV in service with the US and UK military. The Reaper has been used in numerous attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and other countries. People targeted by these weapons have been killed from above without warning and without due legal process. Numerous entirely innocent people including women and children have been killed by these weapon systems.

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3 British Citizens & 1 American Beaten by Army and Imprisoned in Israel

26-09-2012 06:46

Israeli Army chases Internationals through Kufr Quaddoum
Four international volunteers were captured by the Israeli army during a protest in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on Friday. Two of the activists, which include one American and three British nationals, were kicked and choked by soldiers. A third sustained injuries to her arms while being arrested in the West Bank village of Kufr Qeddoum.

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Romney Primary Fraud In 20 US States

25-09-2012 16:31

Because Republicans own or influence several ‘voting machine’ companies such as ESS whose CEO Chuck Hagel counted his own votes to crown himself senator from Republican Nebraska and Dominion, owned by Canadian conservatives (the company which installed Walker as governor of Wisconsin in the recall) and have a much bigger ad machine budget (Karl Rove, Koch Brothers etc.) American readers of Indymedia are asked to work and pray for election monitoring at every step of the process. Many Ron Paul supporters will vote third party for Libertarian Gary Johnson, twice governor of New Mexico, on the ballot in 50 states. He has twice balanced the state budget, calls for immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, a 43% cut in military spending, decriminalization of marijuana (which would reduce border crime) among many other of his principled stands. The following article by Janet Glenn published on describes fraud in 20 US states.

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Preparing for peace with Wrexham schoolchildren

24-09-2012 21:43

banner at the school gate (photo: Paul Lowndes)
Grassroots activists, singers, musicians, poets, artists, cooks, holistic therapists, photographers and film-makers along with teachers, members of faith groups and atheists, council officers and others have been working together to bring the subjects of peace, conflict resolution and nonviolent action into the public domain in Wrexham. These efforts resulted in three days of events last week focused around World Peace Day. The first of these days took place in a local school.

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Exclusive: Roger Cook, how Murdoch's News Of The World killed The Cook Report

23-09-2012 23:45

Friday Drivetime: BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling. At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world. After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers. For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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"NO MORE WAR!" Shout Case Dismissed!

21-09-2012 19:03

I Got Away With It. Why Not You?

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Out of the Frying Pan...

20-09-2012 13:39

Charged with 'threatening and abusive language' for shouting "No More War!"

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The Innocence of Muslims

20-09-2012 11:03

Anti-Islam film: Christian and Islamic fundamentalists leaning on each other

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20-22 September: Three days for peace in Wrexham

19-09-2012 10:53

Last year, people in Wrexham came together for an inclusive day of music, celebration, information and sharing for International Peace Day on 21 September. Read about it here:

This year, we're going to be back, for three days.

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Ground the Drones Week of Action: 6 - 13 October 2012

18-09-2012 17:09

US, British and Israeli drones have killed hundreds of innocent civilians in Pakistan, Somalia, Yeman, Afghanistan and Gaza. These pilot-less killing machines are fuelling anger and terrorism around the world, endangering us all, and are paving the way for a future in which robots make "decisions" to kill with no human oversight. Next month, campaigners from around the UK will be taking part in a week of action to oppose the growing menace of drone warfare.

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EDO parent corp director to chair secret Pentagon meeting on Iran

16-09-2012 21:28

John J. Hamre is a former US Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the current chairman of Defense Policy Board, a secretive federal advisory committee to the United States Department of Defense. Hamre also happens to be a paid director of ITT Exelis, the parent of Brighton's own EDO MBM Technology Ltd. has recently released documents of a secret meeting to be chaired by Hamre on the subject of ' national security issues regarding
Iran, including Internal Political Dynamics and Security Posture and

As the war drums beat louder it appears those with a direct financial interest in any military attack on Iran are at the heart of policy making machine that could make it happen.

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