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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Palestine Today

08-06-2006 14:21

Palestine Today a service of the international Middle East media centre for Thursday June 8th, 2006

Army invades Kofer Ra'e and Fahma villages west of Jenin, Army arrests one resident from Tulkarem, and invades Balata Al Balad village near Nablus also arresting one . The Israeli Army hands out military order to demolish four houses in Al Kader village near Bethlehem

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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UK Unreported April 29th, 350,000 marched for 'Peace, Justice,and Democracy'

08-06-2006 08:53

April 29th United for Peace and Justice March in Nyc

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New Zealand joins Australia’s military occupation of East Timor

08-06-2006 08:49

The New Zealand Labour government last month dispatched nearly 200 troops to support the Australian-led military occupation of East Timor. Underlining the close Australian and New Zealand collaboration in neo-colonial exercises throughout the region, the contingent includes soldiers who were deployed in the initial 1999 intervention in East Timor, some who had recently served in the Solomon Islands, and a group of military police just returned from Afghanistan.

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This is absolutely ...UNFORGIVABLE

08-06-2006 02:50

Now, this is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE, And yet, how many more innocent lives have been taken this way? What about tomorrow?

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War On Terror: Only when It Affects Us!

07-06-2006 22:21

Is it any wonder the hotbed of anti-western feeling in the Islamic world is resulting in more and more terrorism? When time and again mainly America, but also other western countries display a willingness to go further than, or create new laws when it comes to attacking and/or occupying oil bearing countries, ejecting Muslim clerics alleged to have incited or glorified terrorism, or imprisoning alleged terrorists for years without charge, and (in the sham War on Terror) invading the countries where they helped Islamic terror to flourish when the terrorists aims no longer coincide with U.S oil interests

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Fatal Signal

07-06-2006 21:01

Washington recognized India as a nuclear power in the middle of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. That was a fatal signal. Governments of the third world wonder why India was given priority while Iran is treated so harshly.

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Happy birthday Peace News (70 yesterday!)

07-06-2006 17:13

Then and now
On 6 June Peace News marked seventy years of radical peace publishing. Below is press release from the day, plus an invitation to the birthday party on 17 June in London.

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Plaestine Today

07-06-2006 15:23

Palestine Today a service of the international Middle East media centre for Wednesday June 7th, 2006

Army shells several areas in the Gaza strip, the new security forces clash with unknown gunmen in Gaza, two injured. One resident killed in the Wednesday market in Khan-Younis town in the Gaza strip

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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South African Mercenary Boonzaaier to be released

07-06-2006 15:06

Equatorial Guinea releases failed coup plotter, mercenary and Ex South African apartheid Reconnaissance commando man Marius "Bones" Boonzaaier

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Breaking news - Bin Laden did 911 is 'whacky conspiracy theory'

07-06-2006 11:20

Many people decry 911 sceptics on the basis that they "have no evidence" for their theories. They claim themselves to be rational and sensible and 'conspiracy theorists' as nuts, idiots, and tin hats. Now we have the FBI saying they have no evidence that Bin Laden did 911, that is, Bin Laden did 911 is a conspiracy theory.

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Getting the truth out of Iraq

07-06-2006 09:53

An interview with Dave Crouch of Media Workers Against the War

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The walling up of Al Numan village in the illegally occupied West Bank

06-06-2006 21:56

Al Numan village situated in the SouthWest bank between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, was ignored by Israel when it illegally extended Jerusalem's borders and occupied Palestinan land in 1967. The community of Al Numan are severed from the rest of Palestine by the Apartheid wall, yet they are not considered Arab Israeli so are forbidden from entering Eretz Israel as they have not been issued with the required blue card.
Listen to an audio report about the difficulties this small community struggles against.

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06-06-2006 20:32

There is no "war on terror." The invasion and occupation of Iraq are not part of a "war on terror." Neither are the current threats and war preparations against Iran. The "war on terror" doesn't exist—no matter how many times the Bush administration cites it to justify its aggressions, no matter how often Republicans and Democrats debate how to best carry it out, and no matter how frequently it's referenced in the U.S. bourgeois media.

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Fathers for INjustice not welcome in Yorkshire

06-06-2006 16:41

George Bush Senior will be addressing the Yorkshire International Business Convention at Harrogate Yorkshire Event Centre on Friday 9th June.

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Plaestine Today

06-06-2006 15:43

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, June 6th, 2006.

Five injured in a RPG attack on Preventative Security headquarters in Gaza meanwhile in the West Bank One resident injured in unexplained explosion in Hebron and Army sets farms in Tayasser village on fire

These stories and more coming up stay tuned

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Faslane 365

06-06-2006 10:59

Dates and meetings for Faslane 365

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Today in Palestine

06-06-2006 09:19

An Audio report fpr Today on Palestine recorded from occupied Bethlehem.
Palestine Today

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, June 5th, 2006.

Army arrests four residents from Jenin Refugee camp and one resident from Al Thahria town near Hebron. Also today, the Israeli Army stopped farmers in Tubas from harvesting their crops and arrested one resident from Beit Ola village west of Hebron

These stories and more coming up stay tuned

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Kidnapped by head hunters a group of Uighurs was released from Guantanamo Bay by

04-06-2006 17:36

Kidnapped by head hunters a group of Uighurs was released from Guantanamo Bay by the U.S. military last month after five years in detention, only to face new terrorist charges, this time by China……

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Israel Attempts to Deport Palestinian Activist to Jordan

04-06-2006 12:52

ACTION ALERT: Israel Attempting to Expel Bil’in Family Man to Jordan

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Phone Blockade of edo mbm on monday - call them!

04-06-2006 12:22

Tie up edo mbms phones tomorrow
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