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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Petraeus signals escalation of US military violence in Afghanistan

30-06-2010 18:56

In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, General David Petraeus, Obama’s new commander in Afghanistan, said he would reconsider the rules of engagement as part of an intensification of the US assault on the Afghan people. He also made clear that American troops would remain in the country well beyond the July 2011 date set by the administration to begin a withdrawal.

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#504 - Just Cause, Just Laws & Just Wars (On The Desperate Edge of Now)

30-06-2010 15:53

Unwelcome Guests episode 504, about how WW2 was justified (Adam Curtis), the Reality of War (David Halpin) & the legal status of the Attacks on Iraq & Afghanistan (Chris Coverdale).

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Obama Wants Kagan to Become US Supreme Court's 6th Serial Killer

30-06-2010 14:57

Obama Wants Kagan to Be US Court's 6th Serial Killer
The US government remains among the less than 12% of countries still involved
in the ancient barbarism of execution. 3/4 of US states do not execute, yet Obama
has nominated a woman who supports illegal prisoner detention, execution,
war, Monsanto, and Harvard primate torture.

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Parliament Action stations 6 arrested beginning operation rolling thunder

29-06-2010 23:19

Calling all up for it crew to action.

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Another EDO decommissioners trial update

29-06-2010 20:01

The jury went out in the EDO decommissioners trial this morrning.

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Palestine Today 06292010

29-06-2010 19:17

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Tuesday, June 29 2010.

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EDO decommissioners verdict imminent

28-06-2010 22:48

The judge has started his summing up of the EDO decommissioners court case.

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Masked intruders storm and sabotage UN Gaza kids' camp

28-06-2010 14:15

No claim of responsiblity yet, but Islamists suspected.

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Did 9/11 justify the war in Afghanistan?

28-06-2010 10:57

There are many other questions that have been, and should be, asked about this war, but in this essay, I focus on only one: Did the 9/11 attacks justify the war in Afghanistan?

This question has thus far been considered off-limits, not to be raised in polite company, and certainly not in the mainstream media. It has been permissible, to be sure, to ask whether the war during the past several years has been justified by those attacks so many years ago. But one has not been allowed to ask whether the original invasion was justified by the 9/11 attacks.

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28-06-2010 10:10

P+E Poster
We extend a warm welcome to the people of Liverpool and beyond to enjoy a full day of FREE entertainment at our fourth Merseyside CND Peace & Ecology Festival at St. Luke's church in Liverpool City Centre.

July 4th is American Independence day and at St.Lukes CND underlines our urgent need to regain British independence from American military bases.

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28-06-2010 02:03

Peace & Ecology Leaflet 2010
We extend a warm welcome to the people of Liverpool and beyond to enjoy a full day of FREE entertainment at our fourth Merseyside CND Peace & Ecology Festival at St. Luke's church in Liverpool City Centre.

July 4th is American Independence day and at St.Lukes CND underlines our urgent need to regain British independence from American military bases.

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EDO Decommissioners' verdict getting closer!

27-06-2010 19:05

Just a short update and some reminders...
The EDO decommissioners' trial is now almost over with only a few closing speeches to go! Although exact time frames are hard to predict, we are currently expecting the jury to retire on Tuesday the 29th. It could then take them anything between a few hours and several days to reach a verdict. If you can, please come along and show the defendants some support!

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BP Hires CIA General Counsel Stanley Sporkin As Lobbyist

27-06-2010 02:27

Voiceless Victim
Poster's note:
Stanley Sporkin was General Counsel for the CIA 5 years under William Casey during
the Iran Contra years. This is the same CIA which with MI6 responded to Iran's
sovereign right to nationalize oil by overthrowing her elected government in 1953-4 and
installing the torturing Shah of Iran and BP. Next Sporkin, like
several other CIA employees, was moved DIRECTLY into federal
judgeships through Orrin Hatch, Mormon Republican from Utah,
then head of the Judiciary Committee.

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Americans Prosecuted as Terrorists

26-06-2010 20:19

Americans in Gaza Freedom Flotilla Prosecuted as Terrorists ......... AMERICA is still embarrassed by the infamous McCarthy Hearings which ruined the lives of thousands of innocents during the Fifties. Anyone then, suspected of being linked to communism was arrested, interrogated and either imprisoned or forced to give names of others suspected of communist tendencies. And so the fear and intimidation spread like a great plague across the USA. Names were blacklisted, careers and lives ruined as the authorities ruthlessly traded on peoples’ fears, paranoia and weaknesses.

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Kick Israel out of European football

25-06-2010 09:38

Israel’s New Humanitarianism
Time to kick Israel out of European football ...... “The lesson of South Africa is that the sports boycott helped change the old politics.” – Jim Murphy, Labour MP for East Renfrewshire. “It is a question of boycotting racism, not sport, precisely in order to restore to sport all the magnanimity of its first purpose.” – Amadou Mahtar-M’Bow, Director -General of UNESCO to the International Conference on Sports Boycott Against South Africa in 1985. “The sights in the territories even turn the stomach of someone who grew up under apartheid. The occupation reminds me of the darkest days of apartheid, but we never saw tanks and planes firing at a civilian population. It’s a monstrousness I’d never seen before.” – Ronnie Kasrils, South Africa’s minister for intelligence services in 2007.

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After Lula: New cannidate of the left in Brazil takes lead

24-06-2010 15:12

After Lula: New cannidate of the left in Brazil takes lead

"Rousseff has the support of 40 percent of those surveyed during the past three days, compared with 35 percent for the opposition candidate Serra, Veja reported on its website."

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EDO decommissioners trial update and verdict date demo

22-06-2010 20:34

A short update from the decommissioners trial and verdict date demo info.

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Brazil’s 2010 Elections, Part 2: Dilma Rousseff: Our Choice

22-06-2010 16:32

"If elected, Dilma would likely carry on many of the same policies that Lula has advanced. This means a strong role in the economy for state companies and the continued development of Brazil’s social programs. Dilma would also be likely to maintain Lula’s foreign policy strategy of creating alliances with other developing nations, especially China, India, and Russia, as well as the friendly outreach to bordering countries that has made Brazil the leading nation in South America. Dilma, like Lula, would probably be generally friendly towards the US and the rest of the first world, but she would probably also be unafraid to take an independent stance on many key issues. Brazil’s continued opposition to US plans for renewed sanctions against Iran is an example of the type of independent stance that Dilma would likely continue. She is also likely to continue Brazil’s push for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council."

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21-06-2010 20:58

Protesters in Oakland Cal. successfully block unloading of an Israeli ship (Zim Line) in protest over the blockade of Gaza & attack on the Free Gaza flotilla.

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Independence FROM America Day, July 4, at Menwith Hill

21-06-2010 18:44

Mark Thomas at Menwith Hill July 4th
Come and join Mark Thomas and friends at THE Independence gig of the year. With live music, great company and good food.
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