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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Meeting - The Implications of Bush's Re-Election

10-11-2004 11:00

An open meeting, led by a panel of local speakers, to discuss the implications of Bush's re-election.

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IRAQ: Fallujah - History in the making.

10-11-2004 10:54

Even here in Amman, I can still feel the suffering of the Iraqi's. The slaughter of Fallujah is underway. I spent time there during April's offensive, I know the place and many of the people. While the 'insurgents' defend their positions with AK47's and Rocket Propelled Grenades, the Americans attack with Howitzers, Planes, Helicopters, Cluster bombs and Hellfire missiles. The weaponry sums up the situation, but one thing is certain - these coming days will be marked down in the pages of the history books.

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Fallujah leaflet

09-11-2004 23:19

PDF leaflet regarding the Orwellian distortions of the corporate press when speaking of the attack on Fallujah.

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Activists attend Rolls Royce recruitment event

09-11-2004 18:55

After the die-in event last week, four people went on to attend a recruitment event that Rolls Royce were holding at the university.

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Naomi Klein at 'Making a Killing' Iraq Event (london 24th nov) + Other events

09-11-2004 15:58

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from the author of ‘No Logo’ Wednesday 24th November 2004 at 6.45pm, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. (opp Euston Station)

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"FALLUJAH - RESIST THE SLAUGHTER" protests in Scotland

09-11-2004 13:43

U.S. forces launched a major offensive on Monday night 8th November to regain control over the Iraqi rebel-held city of Fallujah. As of the morning of Tuesday 9th November fierce fighting is taking place within Fallujah. Ground troops are meeting opposition, while US artillery and missile-firing helicopters are pounding city buildings. Many civilian deaths are expected. Meanwhile on Monday another Black Watch soldier was killed.

In response in Edinburgh red paint and anti war slogans were sprayed on the US consulate [report | update and picture]. 100-150 protested in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, while protesters blocked roads in London and demos were scheduled for Monday evening in at least 30 locations Britain-wide. [Indymedia UK feature]

Protests are being called for town and city centres across Scotland from 5pm on Tuesday 9th November. In Glasgow meet in George Square. In Edinburgh meet in Parliament Square, marching on the Scottish Parliament around 5.30pm. Anti war demos are being called for town and city centres across Scotland from 5pm on Tuesday 9th November.

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Demonstrate against the attacking of Fallujah. 5.30pm churchill square Brighton.

09-11-2004 09:59

Sussex Action for Peace the Brighton anti-war coalition has called a demonstration today to protest against the illegal bombing of Fallujah.

Please come we meet at 5.30pm to churchill square.

Whos city? Our city!!!..

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Brighton Activists Trash Army recruitment centre.Viva Fallujah.

09-11-2004 09:44

Things that go bump in the night! Lots of little gnomes, fairys and Goblins very unhappy with Englands complicity in Genocide, in particular the illegal bombardment of Fallujah, visited their local Army recruitment center in the dark of night and left several messages for the warmongers.

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Illusionary demons blamed for US led Attack on Iraq, Falluja

09-11-2004 07:01

The US propaganda monster the CIA Organisation with its doctrine of Pre-Emptive War on Sovereign nations like Iraq has not claimed responsibility for the latest propaganda media release or would they however, when you take into account the US, bombing, killing, torture, hostage taking and some of the bloodiest occupation in history they ought to fess up.

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Foreign Office Minister: Iraq war 'was illegal'

09-11-2004 06:32

Foreign Office minister, Bill Rammell MP, seemed to reveal more than he intended during an interview with Jon Snow on last night's Channel 4 News.

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BBC is Legitimising Mass Slaughter of Fallujah

09-11-2004 05:07

Pacifying The Population-BBC

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Dresden II: Bush takes on Falluja

09-11-2004 04:37

Bush's re-election bears blood-drenched fruit with the assault on Falluja.

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Civilian death toll to rise in Fallujah

09-11-2004 03:03

The US led attack to occupy the Iraqi city of Fallujah will take time according to US terrorist Donald Rumsfeld but he said, "US-forces will see it through to the end. I think it's a tough business, and it's going to take time," he said.

Perhaps a little bit tougher Rumsfeld if you happen to live there?

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Song...Deir Yassin

09-11-2004 02:25

Old Woman From Deir Yassin Made Homeless By Zionist Aggression
My sincere wish is that people, the world over, shall hear my song, Deir Yassin and be moved by it's message of hope for the Palestinian people. This work is in the public domain and hopefully some Irish, Scottish, or British folk group will find it worthy of recording. None of the groups that I have contacted have ever gotten back to me, so I guess my song sucks!!!

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Roads Blocked in London in Protest Against Falluja Attack (more NVDA on wed)

08-11-2004 20:59

This evening (monday 8th November) around 100 people met in central london to take part in NVDA (non violent direct action) in direct response to the attack launched today by the US against the city of Falluja in Iraq. Actions are planned again on Wednesday 10th November - meeting at 7pm at the statue of Edith Cavell (see below).

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York protests at attack on Fallujah

08-11-2004 20:58

A mother mourns
To raise awareness of the present situation in Fallujah, members of York Against the War organised a demonstration in Parliament Street on Monday evening, to coincide with the coalition forces' long-planned assault on the city.

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Pixie strike on Marble Arch

08-11-2004 20:31

An unnamed Pixie struck today on a bridge at Marble Arch station...

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Swindon vigil for Fallujah

08-11-2004 20:19

Candlelit vigil
Allawi gave the nod today for the occupation forces to start their ground invasion of Fallujah. In Swindon this evening, a candlelit vigil was held at the cenotaph, with a poetry reading, some songs and a minute's silence.
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