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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Brighton Council Release On The Verge Censorship Papers

18-04-2008 20:50

internal BHCC email 18/3 explaining events (redacted)
Under the Freedom of Information Act Brighton and Hove Council have released a handful of documents related pulling of Smash EDO anti-arms trade campaign film On the Verge on March 17 2008

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The film police tried to ban in Wales

18-04-2008 17:56

On the Verge is a film about Smash EDO, an anti arms/anti war campaign from Brighton. For the last four years Smash EDO has used a variety of tactics including direct action to try and shut down an arms factory that was proud to supply weapons used against the people of Iraq, Palestine, Somalia.......The campaign is no stranger to dirty police tactics as it fought and won an injunction in the High court costing the company 1 million pounds!

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carnival aginast the arms trade 4th june

18-04-2008 13:19

4th June
Carnival against the arms trade

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Extraordinary Rendition - ER, what does it mean to you?

18-04-2008 10:54

The folllowing is the new information leaflet produced by the London Guantánamo Campaign about Extraordinary Rendition, as part of our new campaign on extraordinary rendition - please distribute widely.

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Privatising War: NATO contractor rearms Taleban

18-04-2008 10:17

AFP reports a "private helicopter company" hired by NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has dropped ammunition , food and water into a Taleban held area in southern Afghanistan.

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Fighting dirty wars: spying for the arms trade

17-04-2008 21:14

Fighting dirty wars: spying for the arms trade

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

By Eveline Lubbers

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Police repression of activist film

17-04-2008 18:49

come and see the film they tried to ban

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Police try to repress activist film

17-04-2008 18:44

Come and see the film they tried to ban

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The film they tried to ban

17-04-2008 18:38

Come and see the film they tried to ban!

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Showing of the film they tried to ban

17-04-2008 18:30

Birmingham showing of the film by the Schmovie collective that has faced down repression and harassment around the country..

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Sailors weren't in Iraqi waters - MoD

17-04-2008 07:43

The Times just published a Freedom of Information request about the location of the 15 British sailors 'kidnapped' by Iran last March. The Defence Secretary told parliament that they were in Iraqi waters when he already knew that this was a lie. The Iraqi brigadier in charge of these waters immediately rubbished UK claims but was ignored in the mainstream media.

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Babs Tucker "... it's the Kids ... stupid"

17-04-2008 06:49

Video of arrest on 26th February 2008

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Latuff's Palestine-Israel-Lebanon cartoons available for download NOW!

16-04-2008 21:23

Download for free a Zip file containing 283 high-resolution artworks (cartoons, photomontages, comics) produced by me from 2002 to March, 2008. All the artworks can be freely reproduced, without my formal permission.

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FLASHBACK: Philanthropic imperialism: the National Endowment for Democracy

16-04-2008 13:53

Democracy building becomes the cover for a policy goal that has always been surrounded by an enormous amount of deception. But we can identify a chain of command: organisations that were designed to engage in a duplicitous process of marketing philanthropic imperialism as democracy.

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London-Geneva walk starts Chernobyl Day, Sat 26/4 + London film screening 24/4

16-04-2008 12:14

Parliament Square, London, Aug '07 - (c) L. Viesnik 2007
Ceremony to mark Chernobyl Day will kick off London to Geneva anti-nuclear walk

You are warmly invited to join Footprints for Peace on Saturday 26 April for the start of their three-month, 1500km International Peace Walk towards a Nuclear-Free Future, from London to Geneva, through France, in collaboration with the main French anti-nuclear coalition Sortir du Nucleaire.

Also, London screening of documentary of last year's walk from Dublin to London on Thursday 24 April (read on for details).

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Zimbabwe and the Power of Propaganda: Ousting a President via Civil Society

16-04-2008 11:44

As the case of 'democratic' interference in Venezuela has been well documented, this article will provide a critical – although by no means exhaustive – investigation into the complex issues raised by the current political interventions by foreign organizations into Zimbabwe’s political affairs. Initially, this article will examine how ostensibly progressive mainstream media have acted as imperial flak machines to legitimize ongoing inference in Zimbabwe. Subsequently, it will demonstrate how Western governments’ carried out an overt cultural war to successfully manipulate Zimbabwean civil society, and will then conclude by recommending how concerned citizens might best further the protection of human rights in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

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Faslane Punx Picnik Benefit: Birmingham

15-04-2008 19:57

Benefit for Faslane Punx Picnik on Saturday 19 April at the Wagon and Horses on Adderley Street, Digbeth (near the Rainbow pub)

£5 in 6 til late

Free Curry from 6-7pm - so get there early!

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John C. Yoo-- USA's EICHMANN --photos essay

15-04-2008 17:12

Author of Bush's Torture Policy
John ("Jack") Choon Yoo is America's Eichmann. Bear with me, I am not making this up; I'll give you the links to "reputable" MAINSTREAM sites. Furthermore, Yoo is the biggest personal threat to the U.S. Constitution. He wrote two infamous Torture Memos of the U.S. Justice Dept. He has prepared legal briefs paving the way for George Bush (or some successor) to become an actual -- not virtual -- dictator of the United States. This testicles bit is so incredible I will just give you the link: He would authorize U.S. military and intelligence to crush the testicles of young boys to get their parents to talk! (And U.S. troops and CIA agents have proven themselves capable of worse atrocities.)

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Israel's Architecture of Occupation

15-04-2008 15:10

Book review of Eyal Weizman's pioneering 2007 book "Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation"

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Anti-corruption chiefs 'protect UK arms fraud & corruption'

15-04-2008 12:08

Transparency International officials privately accept that there has been widespread fraud on contracts to supply equipment to Britain's armed forces. They also concede this has been shielded by civil servants and government ministers from both parties. Yet the world's leading anti-corruption organisation is more concerned with maintaining its own image, and its relationship with the British government, than it is with fulfilling its mission to publicly expose this corruption.
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