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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Flashback: One person’s account of a train action – From DSEI 2003

09-09-2011 18:44

We were a small affinity group of about eight, that wanted to take action against the DSEI 2003 arms fair but were unable to take an action together that involved lots of preparation, and the train action was ideal. It turned out to be straightforward, effective and VERY replicable.

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How I (nearly) got into an arms trade conference

09-09-2011 18:09

How shameless is the government’s arms sales unit? Even as ordinary people across the Middle East are laying down their lives in the struggle for democracy, UKTI DSO organises a seminar to help arms companies to sell weapons to the repressive regimes of the region.

The event was called Middle East: A vast market for defence and security companies, it was presented by London Chamber of Commerce, and it was to be hosted in the City of London by Royal Bank of Scotland. (The very same RBS that Amnesty International recently forced to stop financing the makers of cluster bombs.)

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Confront the arms dealers! Destroy the death fair! 10am, Tuesday 13th September

09-09-2011 17:24

Confront the arms dealers! Destroy the death fair!
10am, Tuesday 13th September 2011.
Custom House DLR station (inside the station and on the trains).

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Stop The Arms Fair Day Of Action: Tuesday 13th September!

09-09-2011 17:02

It's only four days till the DSEi arms fair opens its doors and the global arms trade arrives in London. There is a wave of actions planned for the first day of the fair, September 13th. You can find the full list at

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Bashir the butcher of Darfur travels at will despite ICC arrest warrant

08-09-2011 23:40

It is an outrage that the architect of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Darfurians and now responsible for bombings in South Kordofan may travel with impunity outside Sudan.

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two banks close ahead of planned protest - bristol against dsei

08-09-2011 23:11

Planned Protest Targetting Investors In Arms Achieves Early Success!

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The post-9/11 decade of lies

08-09-2011 19:05

1st Sgt with Baker Company stationed in Iraq, September 2003
It has been and will be the same since the day it happened. The same exhausting exercise, whether one, five years, ten or fifty years since 9/11. Another orchestrated orgy of mass propaganda-stoked ignorance and “war on terrorism” hysteria.

The propaganda myth of 9/11, imbedded inextricably into the fibers of society and culture, and into the brain cells of naïve, willfully uninformed people, is back for another sickening “commemoration”.

Who chooses to “commemorate” the lie of 9/11? Undoubtedly, the high officials and elites who planned the event, who successfully achieved everything they wanted---unending war for oil, naked fascism and militarism, and economic conquest---from this ultimate false flag operation. The atrocity of 9/11, the desperate act of an empire facing extinction, was not an “intelligence failure”, but the greatest intelligence success and criminal operation in history.

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Comedian Mark Thomas Turning Conflict Into Comedy In Palestine

08-09-2011 17:08

Former TV comedian Mark Thomas is down at the Tobacco Factory from Monday to Saturday as part of a national tour with his usual biting satire and his new show about rambling in the Israeli Palestinian War Zone. Friday Drivetime's Tony Gosling spoke to Mark about his ramble round the Palestine wall and marvelled at his ability to turn conflict into comedy.....

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Hail to the true victors of Rupert's revolution

08-09-2011 15:22

On 13 September, one of the world's biggest arms fairs opens in London, backed by the British government. On 8 September, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry will hold a preview entitled "Middle East: A vast market for UK defence and security companies". The host was the Royal Bank of Scotland, a major investor in cluster bombs. According to Amnesty international, the victims of cluster bombs are 98 per cent civilians and 30 per cent children. The Royal Bank of Scotland has received £20 million in public money. The blurb for the bank's arms party reads: "The Middle East is one of the regions with the greatest number of opportunities for UK defence and security companies. Saudi Arabia... is the world's top defence importer, having spent $56bn in 2009... a very worthwhile region to target."

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NATO’s glorious race war in Libya

08-09-2011 12:56

The western media find it more difficult to deny a pattern of murderous ethnic cleansing by the racist Libyan rebels they have treated as saints and heroes for the past six months. Thousands of black Libyans and sub-Saharan immigrants have been murdered by NATO-financed, heavily Islamist fighters who, as African Union chairman Jean Ping says, seem to “confuse black people with mercenaries.” In truth, the Libyan rebels are no more confused about the identity of their victims than South Carolina lynch mobs or German Nazis; they’re racist killers, pure and simple.

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one source published :Iraqi Kurdistan caught between rebels, Iran and Turkey !!!

08-09-2011 11:23

stop bombing innocent Kurdish people
Despite worldwide condemnation of bombing and shelling Kurdistan region by Turkey- Iran , their criminal war machine continues destroying the environment and life of innocent Kurdish people.

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blair gaddafi graffiti

07-09-2011 14:59

graff relating to the hypocrycies of it all!

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9/11 and Ten Years of the "War on Terror"

07-09-2011 08:43

Ten years ago terrorists used hijacked aeroplanes to destroy the Twin Towers in New York City, killing nearly three thousand people. This was a crime which Stop the War Coalition condemned at the time, and it reaffirms that condemnation today.

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End the Arms Trade! Defend the Right to Protest! March from Westminster to DSEi

07-09-2011 06:51

End the Arms Trade! Defend the Right to Protest!
- March from Westminster to the Arms Fair, Wednesday 14th September

A march for peace and freedom will take place on Wednesday 14th September, from Westminster to the ExCel Centre in east London, where DSEi (Defence and Security Equipment International), the world's biggest arms fair will be in progress.

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LCC promotes defence industry at Fortnum and Mason

06-09-2011 19:38

After apparently cancelling its Middle East defence seminar at the RBS headquarters on 8 September, the London Chamber of Commerce has found a new venue to promote defence sales – Fortnum and Mason!

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Media manipulation of 9/11 Truth

06-09-2011 11:59

To this day, 9/11 mythology remains official dogma on air and in print. As a result, most Americans remain unaware of the biggest lie of our time and its horrific consequences, touching their lives directly.

Sunday marks the 10th 9/11 anniversary. As on previous anniversaries, the media cover everything except what Americans most need to know - the truth.

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Help Stop the US Army From Poisoning Monkeys!

06-09-2011 05:03

help stop the monkey chemical casualty training During the week of September 12, 2011

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Environmental effects of warfare - video of bombing and shelling

05-09-2011 10:44

war machine criminality
The video of Human and Environmental disaster due to Turkey-Iran war criminal machine!

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A Secret Iraq-Iran-Turkey deal to continue bombing and shelling Kurdistan region

05-09-2011 10:16

Bombing and shelling Kurdistan villages
Recent bombing of the Iraq-Iran and Iraq-Turkey border areas have displaced hundreds and killed dozens. It has also led one MP to suggest that Iraq, Iran and Turkey have a secret ‘gentleman’s agreement’ allowing illegal, cross border incursions

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9/11 anniversary: French, Italian, German media to leave US and UK in the dust

04-09-2011 15:50

If you thought the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 would be an endless barrage of media coverage rehashing the official story and taking occasional swipes at the 9/11 truth movement, think again.

Well, if you live in Europe, that is.

This coming Sunday, September 4, three major European channels will air in-depth stories on the Remember Building 7 campaign. M6, among France’s largest channels, will show a 90-minute documentary about various 9/11 family and first responder groups, a significant portion of which will cover Remember Building 7 (click here to see the trailer). In the same vein, RAI 3, Italy’s BBC, will show a feature length documentary that devotes significant time to Remember Building 7. And RTL, one of Germany’s largest channels, will show a Spiegel TV special about Remember Building 7 and the 9/11 truth movement.
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