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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Emergency Sheffield demo against Israeli state agression

19-07-2006 14:01

Sheffield StWC, along with the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Sheffield branch of the MAB, have called a local demonstration this Saturday (22nd July) against the barbarism of the Israeli state towards the Lebanese and Palestinian people and against any threatened attack on Iran and Syria

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Emergency War Demos flyer HERE: please print & post

19-07-2006 13:13

Emergency War Demos flyer please print & distribute
Nottingham edition of STWC Emergency demos flyer,
detailing Birmingham, Manchester & London Demos.

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"Theo-Poetry" against Religious Illiteracy

19-07-2006 12:51

The language of having replaces the language of being.. Our relation to the world is defined by the most important idols worshipped by our culture: money and violence. Many people fall into a strange helplessness toward everything that cannot be acquired, possessed and marketed - as if language only exists to transform everything into a deal.

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Protest against atacks on Lebanon and Gaza

19-07-2006 12:26

Several hundred to a thousand people demonstrated in Parliament Square
last night against the continuing Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza,
at a candle-lit vigil called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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From Israel to Lebanon, with love... (by Latuff)

19-07-2006 05:34

Lebanon: 208 civilians SLAUGHTERED by IsraHell!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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EDO Corp Forbes Listed As Years Biggest 'Losers'

18-07-2006 23:24

Independent Stock Market News

A Forbes website report has put the boot into troubled warmongers EDO Corp. as they are named NYSE official losers of the year due to a distasterous loss of high court case against anti-war protesters in Brighton. EDO wre once listed by Forbes as one of the fasted growing companys in America.

Not any more.

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18-07-2006 20:44

National Demonstration in London on Saturday 22nd July

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Chossudovsky interview: "Al-Qaeda Is a U.S.-sponsored Intelligence Asset"

18-07-2006 20:32

Michel Chossudovsky

Michel Chossudovsky, author of the international bestseller America's War on Terrorism, personally graced the jam-packed local launch of his latest book held at the Asian Center at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City last June 24. During the launch, he gave a lecture about the imminent danger of a U.S.-made nuclear catastrophe amid the Bush administration's preparations for war with Iran.

Joel Garduce of Center for Anti-Imperialist Studies (CAIS) caught up with the director of the Centre for Research in Globalization (CRG) during his short weekend stay in the Philippines and conducted the following interview.

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UK sends more troops to southern Afghanistan as fighting escalates

18-07-2006 20:26

British Defence Secretary Des Browne has announced the deployment of almost 900 extra troops to southern Afghanistan.

The reinforcements—which will increase UK troop levels from the current 3,600 to around 4,500 by October—will be sent to the volatile Helmand province. It will include 320 engineers from 28 Regiment Royal Engineers in order to “accelerate the reconstruction effort,” the government said.

A company from 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines is to provide “force protection” for engineers and an extra infantry company, from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, will also provide more mobile forces.

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NEWCASTLE Lebanon/Gaza Emergency Demonstration this Saturday

18-07-2006 20:10

Just to let you know details of the Stop the War Coalition Demostration in Newcastle this Saturday at 1pm at Grey's Monument in the city centre

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Israel Readies for Iran Showdown by Attacking Lebanon

18-07-2006 18:35

What are Bliar's connections to Israel and its Lobby?

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Iraq Vet and NJ Native Tells His Story

18-07-2006 18:32

Another casualty of war speaks out about what he has witnessed.

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Lebanon/Gaza emergency demo London/ Manchester Labour Party Protest

18-07-2006 14:52

Lebanon crisis- Emergency London Demonstration this Saturday (22nd July) and National protest outside Labour Party Conference September 23rd.

EOSTW Coach tickets for Manchester from Quakers shop/ Uhuru foods / Inner bookshop.

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Dublin Ploughshares/Shannon 5 Trial Reaches soon to Conclude

18-07-2006 07:34

The Pit Stop Ploughshares charged with $US2.5 million "criminal damage without reasonable excuse enter the 8th. day of their 3rd. trial at Dublin Four Courts today (J18). Charges arise from their nonviolent disabling of a U.S. Navy warplane en route to the invasion of Iraq at Shannon Airport (3(/203). They face a max sentence of 10 years imprisonment if convicted. all 5 have now testified. Kathy Kelly testifies this morning.

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Picket of Israeli Tennis Team, Sat 22nd July

18-07-2006 07:20

Boycott Israel
Picket Israel’s tennis team in their Davis Cup tie with Britain
On Saturday 22nd July from 1.00pm
At Devonshire Park Tennis Club, College Road, Eastbourne, E Sussex, BN21 4JJ

Contact for info about transport from Brighton

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Valerie Plame's CIA Unit Spied at 3rd-World Nuke Conferences

18-07-2006 06:00

Jean C. Edwards is a former CIA agent who recently listed Valerie Plame's famous CIA front company Brewster Jennings Associates as her own former employer. Edwards attended at least three conferences with nuclear engineers and scientists from Iran, Pakistan, and other prospective and actual nuclear nations, apparently to spy on them.. The conferences were held in Trieste, Italy, in 1991, 1992, and 1995 while Edwards worked for the CIA. In the lists of attendees below, Edwards is listed as Jean C. Edwards from Jamaica.

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A Century of Oil Imperialism

18-07-2006 04:58

The current Iraq war, waged primarily to seize incredibly rich oil resources for the benefit of the U.S.-UK Oil Cartel, was predictable. This type of imperialistic evildoing has been going on for a century. The countries and individuals that get in the Cartel's way tend to meet violent ends.

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"Realist" as Swearword in Bush's Iraq Quagmire

17-07-2006 18:12

The great crisis of the 1860s produced Abraham Lincoln. The great crisis of the 1930s produced Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We can only hope the political system of the US will produce similar leaders in the future. Alternative concepts of foreign policy and security policy are imperative.

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From 9/11 to WW3

17-07-2006 13:11

Let there be no doubt that the current military crisis in the Middle East could potentially take this world to the very brink of a global crisis.
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