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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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02-05-2004 17:05

Can we please stop calling it a quagmire? The United States isn't mired in a bog in Iraq, or a marsh; it is free-falling off a cliff. The only question now is: who will follow the Bush clan off this precipice, and who will refuse to jump?

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Report of Edinburgh May Day march and rally May 1st 2004

02-05-2004 12:48

Assembling in East Market street.
This is a report with photos of the march and rally in Edinburgh May 1st 2004.

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Palestine: Film screening, speakers, discussion. 7.30pm May 9.

02-05-2004 09:29

An evening with a Palestinian theme, organised by Oxford Indymedia. A couple of the latest independent films from Palestine and several speakers including members of Oxford's Palestinian community. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere of these regular monthly screenings also provides an excellent opportunity for learning, open discussion and meeting interesting new people. Occasionally there is even food....

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US deserters claim refugee status in Canada, 30 years on...

02-05-2004 07:22

I wonder how many refugees there are here from Greece? conscripts fleeing conscription.
During Nam Sweden was a big haven for several thousand (i think) Yank conscripts.

Two American soldiers have deserted, claiming asylum in Canada rather than serve in Iraq. They argue that the war is illegal under international law

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Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions To launch new UK Campaign

01-05-2004 14:06

ICHAD UK Launched

We know that you’ll be interested to learn that the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is being launched in the UK at the end of June.

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01-05-2004 13:18

NEW YORK – The American Civil Liberties Union and New York Civil Liberties Union today disclosed documents in an extraordinary sealed case in federal court involving the Patriot Act’s expanded “National Security Letter” power.

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The abolition of Mayday (or Anarchist blindness and delusions of grandeur)

01-05-2004 11:39

Activists and protestors are astounded and bemused by the so called cancelling of May Day
protests by a handfull of anarchist leaders, who claim not to have had sufficient support at "their meetings" to organise the protest. They do not call on people to go to the demo of the Labour movement, "that one is run by dinosaurs". Instead they want a picnic (seriously folks only a picnic)in St James park front of her majesty's palace.

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War Against War: Sweet Dreams

01-05-2004 06:24

For thousands of Iraqis, liberation has been laser guided destruction and horror. Clinton Fein’s 'Sweet Dreams', 'Uncomfortably Numb' and 'One Summer' provide three brutally realistic audio-visual commentaries.

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Solidarity march with prisoners, Dublin morning

30-04-2004 14:51

This morning there was a quick march to the local prison to demand Polly to be released, where she is held against bail of 2000 Euros (?). She is being held in connection to the eviction of a squat on Tuesday evening.

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this is not a war against Islam: Bush

30-04-2004 10:02

this is not a war against Islam: Bush
this is not a war against Islam: Bush

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Nightline: War Dead Reading , Censored in 24% of U.S.A.

30-04-2004 06:46

24% of the US tv market will not hear Ted Koppel read off the names of American war dead. Sinclair Broadcasting (which gave Bush $130,000) is censoring it because it paints the war in an unfavorable light.

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Join the Virtual March on the White House!

29-04-2004 18:50

Sign up to join in this virtual march on the White House on the 29th August 2004!

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Poll shows most Iraqis want US to go

29-04-2004 15:13

Results of 2 new polls, one showing that the majority of Iraqis see the US as occupiers, not liberators, and want them to leave; the second showing that there is no longer a majority in the US supporting the occupation.

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Iraq Procurement Protest 27 April 2004

28-04-2004 23:30

Pig Mask
Having arrived at the protest, guided to the protest by the sound of a distant megaphone through what has become in my experience as my wettest day in London, I arrived at one of the smallest yet dramatic protests I have yet experienced.... and by the end I came away with the deepest wish that the work of these brave few could have chipped away even in the smallest way at the relentless force that confronts the hope of our future through such an admirable display of human spirit and perseverance.

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Gala Dinner Protest at Iraqi Procurements 2004

28-04-2004 01:42

A Spirited and Defiant Protest was held outside the Iraqi Procurement 2004 Galla Dinner on Tuesday evening. There were three people arrested as the crowd raised their voices against the corporate carve up of iraq.

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The unexpected ending of the case against the Oakland 25

27-04-2004 21:46

The DA had been prosecuting 25 victims of the police assault which took place on April 7, 2003 in the Port of Oakland. A year later, the ordeal of these people finally ended in a strange twist.

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Anarchy In Our Souls - Personal Account From Women's Demonstration Palestine

27-04-2004 15:06

1) Activists released - Court decision and increasing violence against protesters. TAKE ACTION
2) Anarchy in our souls - personal account from women's demonstration

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oxford indymedia screening - PALESTINE - 9th May

27-04-2004 15:00

Woman describes the killing of her husband by the IDF
oxford indymedia screening - East Oxford Community Centre - Sunday 9th May - 7.30pm
The main feature is "IN THE SPIDER'S WEB" by Hannah Musleh (produced by Al-Haq from Ramallah, West Bank). This extraordinary, heart-rending film shows the reality of living under the shadow of Israel's apartheid wall.

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Pix of Art Not War Exhibition: 'One Year On' @ Diorama Gallery - Mon 26 Apr 04

27-04-2004 12:55

An exhibition by an international group of artists in protest against war.
Photos of some of the exhibits, and some of the artists, snapped at the private view.
The exhibition runs from now until 14 May 04, 10:00-18:00, Mon-Sat at the Diorama Gallery, 34 Osnaburgh Street, London NW1 3ND. Tel: 020 7916 5467. Tube: Great Portland Street. Wheelchair accessible.

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Bush's dirty war (by Latuff)

27-04-2004 08:56

Bush send others' sons to die for him...
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.
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