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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Obey or Die - The Pathology of Organised Treason in Europe

21-02-2014 16:43

Is it legitimate to use weapons of mass destruction against the imperialist scourge when there are no means to reach into its national borders? This question is now gripping the world for many reasons. First, the signals of the last days have left no reasonable doubt that any attack that forces the Washington regime into unconditional surrender would be more legitimate than their own bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If it was successful to end the spying against the people of the world and allow them to take back their data the loss of the entire population of Unitedstates would be completely justified. That might sound hard but should have been considered by them before their regime brought the world to that point. Second, in order to pursue its terror and destruction, that regime has a number of assets outside its borders whose loss could make a significant difference in terms of human survival. Not only would their neutralisation benefit the regions they are occupying but other places as well. E. g. an attack on a hop between Washington and Kabul somewhere halfway would benefit Afghanistan, even if several of them were necessary to bring about a significant throttle. Third, the analysis of possible targets shows that their design accepts such attacks as possible scenarios and prepares for them by taking local populations hostage by means of collaboration of local regimes, and such preparations nullify any necessity to respect any cover of neutrality that would make a difference to Unitedstates territory. And fourth, the natural feedback cycle makes it that in the middle or long term imperialism is not only producing weapons of mass destruction, it is itself such a thing and therefore any approach to stop it justified by extraordinary circumstances.

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Charges dropped against DSEi protestors

21-02-2014 10:09

On Tuesday 18 February 2014, the CPS dropped its charges against the activists arrested during the day of action against the DSEI Arms Fair on 8 September 2013. Different activists had been charged with different offences including obstruction of the highway and obstructing a police officer.

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Charges dropped against campaigners who intended to put arms fair 'on trial'

21-02-2014 09:56

The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped charges against six activists arrested during a four hour blockade of London's DSEI arms fair on 8 September 2014, in which the activists blocked one entrance with their bodies using “lock-ons” and blockaded an HGV at the other entrance. The protest saw military equipment turned away in the final hours of the arms fair's set up.

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Prince Charles should promote human rights in Saudi Arabia, not arms sales

18-02-2014 15:24

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has called for Prince Charles to use his ongoing visit to Saudi Arabia to speak out against the government repression taking place in the country, and has renewed calls for the UK government to cease all arms exports to the regime.

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The new US-Russia Cold War

18-02-2014 13:39

Meet the new (cold) war, same as the old (cold) war. Same same, but different. One day, it's the myriad implications of Washington's "pivoting" to Asia - as in the containment of China. The next day, it's the perennial attempt to box Russia in. Never a dull moment in the New Great Game in Eurasia. On Russia, the denigration of all things Sochi - attributable to the inherent stupidity of Western corporate media "standards" - was just a subplot of the main show, which always gets personal; the relentless demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin. [1]

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Suicides of bank executives, fraud, financial manipulation and Tony Blair

16-02-2014 21:29

JPMorgan Chase is the unspoken architect of fraud, corruption, not to mention the establishment of the largest Ponzi scheme in World history. The agenda is to steal and appropriate wealth through market manipulation.

It is worth noting that in 2003 after the invasion of Iraq, during Tony Blair’s mandate as Prime Minister JPMorgan Chase was designated to run the Trade Bank of Iraq. Upon his retirement from the position of Prime Minister, Tony Blair was appointed to a senior advisory position at JPMorgan Chase. Mr Blair is a war criminal who was slated to use his network of crony political relations in Britain and the Middle East to serve the interests of JPMorgan Chase.

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Organ smuggling: Turkish hospitals traffic injured Syrian citizens’ organs

11-02-2014 17:54

Dr Yusef Sonmez and Moshe Harel
Were it not for the well-documented terrorism and atrocities that we know are being committed by Turkey's Erdogan government in Syria, we might pass over as political fiction the hand-me-down news report (below) about injured Syrians being robbed of their organs when taken to Turkey's public hospitals for treatment. But in the context of Turkey's role in supporting and arming the terrorists to overthrow the Assad government in Syria and its history with trafficking human organs, there's reason enough to take the report seriously.

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Attack on Royal Marine Reserves in Bristol: rearm anti-militarism!

11-02-2014 14:26

11-02-2014, Royal Marine Reserve base in Clifton, Bristol

Military propaganda portrays the armed forces as protectors of 'the people'. Since the first civilisations this has been used to justify conquest and occupation of territory for the ruling classes, sacrificing their lackeys to build up empires big or small.

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Terrorism with a “Human Face”: “Freedom Fighters” are “Not Killing Civilians"

10-02-2014 10:49

The attacks by opposition forces largely integrated by Al Qaeda terrorists can no longer be denied.

What is now occurring is a re-branding of the various terrorist formations covertly support by Western intelligence.

The latest slur of media disinformation consists in providing a “human face” to Al Qaeda.

While the media acknowledges that the Al Nusrah front is integrated by Al Qaeda affiliated rebels, the Islamist rebels affiliated with the New Islamic Front –which has received Washington’s ascent– are now portrayed as “freedom fighters” involved strictly in para-military operations.

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"The Lancet" : Another front in NATO's psychological warfare against Syria

09-02-2014 19:28

Serious accusations targeting the Syrian government (for having discarded, on purpose, poliomyelitis vaccination campaigns in those areas occupied by the armed gangs) come from various sources: the doctors of the so-called “opposition” in the USA (Wasim MAZIAK, head of the US-“research” centre on tobacco in Aleppo, in particular); their “active” colleagues in Lebanon (mainly inside the US-American University of Beirut) and in the UK (Adam COUTTS, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, here associated with the Lancet journal). And as if such a war were not enough, the same protagonists are involved in a concurrent war on a trivial peaceful object particularly associated with the daily life of Middle East culture.

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Should Cameron be prosecuted for recruiting Brits to fight in Syria?

05-02-2014 10:41

London Evening Standard, 3 February 2014
According to the London Evening Standard, a top British prosecutor has “warned that Britons who travel to join the Syrian conflict will face prosecution and potential life sentences on their return.” What the British prosecutor fails to address is that the British “freedom fighters” are being recruited with the full support of the British government of Prime Minister David Cameron in defiance of UK laws. Does this mean that those who finance and recruit terrorists at the highest levels of the British government also “potentially face life sentences” as suggested by Crown Prosecutor Hemming? Or is Her Majesty’s Government immune from prosecution?

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US to step up war on Syria after Geneva

02-02-2014 14:28

Exposed: Human Rights Watch propaganda on August 2013 chemical attack in Ghouta
Just as the designed-to-fail Geneva II negotiations between the Syrian government and the Western-backed fake opposition came to a close at the weekend, another media smear campaign against the Damascus authorities conveniently surfaces.

The latest "sensational" story is that the Syrian state army has been "wiping civilian residential areas off the map" in the cities of Damascus, Aleppo and Hama.

This must be seen as not just another sporadic Western propaganda stunt. It appears to signal a concerted effort to intensify the US-led agenda of regime change in Syria - an agenda that is criminal to the core. It dovetails with the "failure" of Geneva talks and reports of increased weapons supply from the US to the Al Qaeda proxies waging a war of terror inside Syria, as well as renewed threats of military aggression by Washington's top diplomat, John Kerry.

Human Rights Watch - a proven propaganda tool for the US government - presented satellite images that purport to show large residential areas having been "razed to rubble" by deliberate Syrian army demolition. In an all-too familiar pattern of dissemination, the story was duly given prominence by Western media, including France 24 and the [state-run] BBC.

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Campaigners join Rown Williams in supporting Christian anti-arms protesters

31-01-2014 00:42

Campaign Against Arms Trade has joined former Archbishop Rowan Williams in pledging its support and solidarity with a group of five Christian activists who are on trial for non-violent direct action at the DSEi arms fair in 2013.

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Imperial conquest: America’s “long war” against humanity

30-01-2014 18:18

US military presence per country (2009)
The world is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US has embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. This “war without borders” is being carried out at the crossroads of the most serious economic crisis in World history, which has been conducive to the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population. The Pentagon’s global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of US-NATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously.

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GCHQ: Failure Acknowledged

29-01-2014 17:33

As result of the failure of an assassination attempt against NSA renegade and whistleblower Snowden in which British agencies were involved, Iain Lobban has resigned. The announcement came amidst denial that the resignation had been unprepared, in order to silence the chatter which has long built up within their ranks. It should be noted that while the timing suggests an attempt to escape responsibility for what was leaked, no guarantees have been offered that the agency would not continue to pose a mortal threat against its targets.

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Anarchist Action Network / Stop NATO Cymru Meeting - 22nd-23rd Feb

28-01-2014 15:37


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Campaigner followed from home by Counter Terror Command

28-01-2014 13:05

An activist involved in the campaign against the forthcoming NATO summit was accosted this morning by anti-terrorism police after being followed from her house. The woman suspects that police were approaching her to ask her to inform on other activists.

A video of the incident can be viewed here or here

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NATO. Obituary to a Nukepool

27-01-2014 18:46

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was a military confederacy during the 60 Years Armistice. Historically, it is part of the fallout of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack, which among other things caused the unprepared separation of occupied Korea and the ensuing war on the peninsula. During the armistice period this brought about a new form of international diplomacy that expressed itself in military confederacies. Their formation followed the administrative structure of American imperialism, but of three regional branches positioned around Asia only the European one survived its first years. It turned out to be a mirror of the imperialist hierarchy involving its collaborators at a high profile. In the special case of Germany, it also became a pretext to resurrect an army that had been dissolved with the ultimatum against Japan. With the revocation of the 60 Years Armistice this informal anachronism now has become a formal anachronism. Although in an administrative sense the entity does still exist, it is already displaying its first significant fissures.

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Exposing John Pilger & U.K. Stop the War Coalition

26-01-2014 07:41

Parliament Square, London, 15 May 2012

We recently exposed how John Pilger had never accurately reported on our campaign, including that he lied about the fact that our campaign continued.

Nevertheless, John Pilger who is unapologetic about his own lies for the British Establishment of media and government, uses his latest article to continue to position himself as one of...the people.

The tactic of controlled opposition like the media, and including John Pilger, is to invent and use the role of "journalist" to put out selective facts, with the purpose of "informing"...the people, that there is nothing...the people can do about those facts.
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