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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Beekeepers at war over funding from chemical companies

05-05-2010 11:32

The Telegraph, 5 May 2010. Beekeepers at war over funding from chemical companies
Angry bee keepers have blamed Britain’s rapidly decreasing population of honeybees on their own organisation. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent .
Sorry to quote the Torygraph, but we have been running a campaign in Europe, for two years and when the mainstream media occasionaly wakes upto reality, we pump it .

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The Protest Psychosis

04-05-2010 13:11

Great piece of historical research into the diagnosis of political protest as a psychiatric disorder amongst black men in the 60 & 70s USA.

'Protest Psychosis' was the actual term applied by psychiatrists to angry black demonstrators.

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'Supreme Master' cult promote breatharianism

30-04-2010 01:07

The 'Supreme Master' cult have come to prominence in the UK vegan scene in recent years. The bleach blonde 'enlightened' cult leader 'Supreme Master Ching Hai' has an estimated 20,000 followers world wide mostly in Taiwan and other parts of South East Asia but increasingly in Europe and the US. They are prominent in the UK at animal rights and vegan events and have opened two restaurants in London (Peking Palace and Loving Hut). They have a tv channel on Sky tv (in the UK) which mostly features programmes with the repetitive messages on the virtues of the 'Supreme Master' and her magical mediation method, promoting veganism/health and the environment.

Harmless enough? Yes, but the cult has taken a sinister turn recently, promoting through their programmes the idea of 'breatharianism'. The untrue idea that a person can live without food or water.

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Bayer Schering: UK Primodos victims demand apology

29-04-2010 12:00

Bayer Schering: UK Primodos victims demand apology
Primodos victims appear in Bayer shareholder meeting in Cologne tomorrow

Karl Murphy from Liverpool and John Walmisley Santiago from London will speak at Bayer´s shareholder meeting in Cologne/Germany tomorrow. They will demand that the company apologizes to Primodos victims and offers a compensation scheme. Attending will be Bayer´s board, supervisory board and about 4000 shareholders.

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Anti-nuclear protests in Germany – "We'll be wherever they don't want us to be"

27-04-2010 11:09

After long years of agony, the anti-nuclear movement has reported back with full force. At Germany's largest anti-nuclear protests ever, some 150.000 people demonstrated last Saturday against the plans of the conservative-led German administration to revoke the nuclear phase-out compromise. Wherever parties didn't dominate the picture, the claims went much further – the call for demonstration in Biblis in southern Hesse demanded an immediate exit. Also, the close connection between nuclear energy and our capitalist society was addressed.

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St Ann's Well Café to close

24-04-2010 13:43

St Ann's Well, Malvern Hills - Steve Luttrell
After 20 years, St Ann's Well Café in the Malvern Hills is due to close.

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The Animal Protection Party v The Vivisectors

20-04-2010 13:06

The APP & The Genaral Election
At last a reason to get excited about a General Election!

Keith Mann v Dr Death and the Oxford Animal Lab.

The Animal Protection Party v The Wickham Labs.

The APP Hunt the Hunt Hag at the General Election.

The APP v HLS – Kick them in the Djangoly's.

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Pensioners Lead March in London

12-04-2010 14:18

Billions for Bankers, Peanuts for Pensioners
Pensioners led thousands in a march through London on Saturday backed by the trade unions to defend the welfare state and oppose cuts in public services. London, UK. 10/04/2010. Photographs copyright (C) 2010, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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Communities in Resistance – Opposing New Coal Together

09-04-2010 15:12

Saturday 8th May 2010, 10:30-18:30, St. Brides Centre, Douglas, South Lanarkshire

Despite the Scottish government’s ambitious Climate Change Bill, the coal industry in Scotland grows day by day as companies profit while the communities who are directly affected by this are ignored.

We believe in the power of community and that people can combine forces and work together to resist the many negative aspects of coal; from the destruction of local wildlife habitats and community health to the global effects of climate change.

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London’s gay art festival GFEST offers opportunity for sponsors

07-04-2010 11:21

GFEST logo
GFEST – an unrivalled platform – will perform well for its sponsors – A ‘’ news update in 2009.

GFEST – Gaywise FESTival in London has put up the sponsorship package on the website:

An overwhelming 96% of audiences recommended that funders should continue to sponsor GFEST.

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Keeping the Lights On in South Yorkshire: Is Our Future Nuclear Free or Nuclear?

29-03-2010 14:11

Join the debate on Wednesday 28 April 2010 from 7pm to 8.30pm
Find us at Sheffield Hallam University
Furnival Building Room 9130 Arundel Street S1 1WB (view map: )
register now and submit your questions:

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Stop the cuts public meeting: 12th April

28-03-2010 20:07

Public meeting
Monday 12 April 2010
12.30 - 2.30PM
Venue: Nottingham Deaf Society, 22 Forest Rd West, Nottingham

No to cuts in city council adult social care services and other council services

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Save Newark Hospital

26-03-2010 19:45

The Save Newark Hospital Campaign was officially launched on Monday 22nd March 2010. Following on from the public meeting held on 15th March key attendees from that meeting met to discuss formalisation of the alliance, which is made up of concerned residents, town councillors and health professionals.

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Big Pharma spies on World Health Organisation

26-03-2010 08:43

Big Pharma received documnets obtained from a "confidential source" well before member governments of the WHO did. According to wikileaks

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Cabaret night in bristol for a community gym 26th march

23-03-2010 11:30

A night of fun to help fund a new community gym

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Government petition to end Halal animal slaughter in the UK.

13-03-2010 15:08

There is an online gvot petition to end Halal animal slaughter here in the UK.

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Protest against cuts at city council

08-03-2010 19:09

On March 8th, Nottingham City Council met to approve the 2010/11 budget. Like many council budgets this included a series of cuts to services, in this case amounting to £18.8 million. Nottingham City Unison called a lunchtime protest outside the Council House to show their opposition.

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Benefit Film Night This Sunday Southampton

04-03-2010 15:54

Subvert The City Arts Collective presents an evening of film and food raising money for the Anarchist Black Cross.

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Stop the Executions: London picket 4th March

02-03-2010 15:52

MALAYSIA is to be the target of international protests at the Malaysian government’s mandatory death penalty policy for drug trafficking on Thursday March 4th.

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Lydd Air exansion- what YOU can do before council decision- 3/3

25-02-2010 15:20

Below is some further info for those mainly OUTSIDE the Shepway District area. (Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh) against the expansion plans of tiny Lydd Airport of Romney Marsh
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