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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Cherie Blair cashes in on Cancer Victims

30-01-2005 09:25

Cherie Blair was accused last night of "trading on her husband's name" after it was reported that she stood to earn a six-figure sum from a charity fund-raising tour of Australia.

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(International) March on WDC to End AIDS , May 2005

28-01-2005 20:43

Salih Booker (Africa Action) arrested in front of White House WDC . 26nov02
Planning has begun for a May 2005 'National March to End AIDS' in Washington DC. Leading national AIDS groups including ( invite you to plan to participate in a national and international 'March to End AIDS' that will kick-off in mid-April 2005 and converge on Washington for four days of action, support and prayer on May 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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Kiss It!xx Campaign March Against Psychiatric Assault

27-01-2005 10:12

March against psychiatric assault (forced treatment) Monday 14 February 2005 Valentine's Day demonstration 11am gather at Whitehall Place (nearest tubes Embankment and Charing cross) For more information, visit:

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linslade urgent newsflash

26-01-2005 12:27


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Schroders:Crest Nicholson Protest Goes Ahead Despite Boat Show Ban on Five Girls

24-01-2005 00:16

Schroders Photo Banner
About one week ago, the Schroders London Boat Show 2005 finally closed and the Shalom ‘Family Campaign for Justice’ from Wales, are claiming that their one man pubic representations at the show, were very well received, except by one particular company, namely 'Quay Marinas'.

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DIY Culture Weekend has begun in Birmingham

22-01-2005 17:38

DIY Culture has begun in Birmingham. Hosted by the Nursery Social Centre Collective, DIY Culture is a long weekend of events and workshops aiming to foster the technical skills and intellectual defenses necessary to confront capitalism and sow the seeds of a better world within the shell of the old.

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March to stop Oxford Animal Lab - January 29th

19-01-2005 00:56

The half built concrete structure that stands only ten minutes from Oxford city centre is a monument to cruelty and blind predjudice. Oxford University believe they can ignore the voices of those who expose their lies and deceit but not any longer. The chance to stop this animal abuse lab becoming a reality lies in our hands and we must not fail the countless thousands of animals that could one day become the future 'assets' of the university vivisectors. Oxford University does not want its academic image tarnished by its unwillingness to stop the discredited practice of abusing animals in the name of science but no recourse to injunctions and bully boy tactics will stop us SPEAKING out for the voiceless. Please make every effort to join the demo on the 29th January, your support is vital if we are to prevent the new lab from ever being built.

STOP THE OXFORD ANIMAL LAB, meet 12.30pm, Broad St, outside Balliol college, Oxford, OX1 3BJ.

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Linslade Bypass Protests Begin

17-01-2005 16:24

Reisdents of Linslade, Leighton Buzzard and other places in the region held their first protest today at the site of a proposed dual carriageway across farmland on the route form Aylesbury to Milton Keynes.

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Chesterfield Rd Supermarket Protest

15-01-2005 13:38

No New Super Stores
Protestors gathered today to oppose the planning application to allow the Arnold Laver DIY store on Chesterfield Road, Heeley, Sheffield, to be developed into a supermarket.

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Make Your Tsunami Donations Go Further - Vegetarian Relief

13-01-2005 09:08

Tsunami/earthquake/tidal Wave Relief - vegetarian & vegan appeal
Make you money and donations go further when helping victims of the Tsunami , earthquake, Tidal wave in the Indian Ocean. Vegfam offers vegetarian/vegan relief and spends money on people not expensive advertising campaigns.

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Intimidation, Politics and Drug Industry Cripple U.S. Medicine

09-01-2005 18:32

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is supposed to safeguard the nation's medical products, but they're "taking care of business rather than patient safety",says FDA's associate safety director Dr. David J. Graham. In interviews, he and others highlight the all too brutal facts.

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Yet Another 3G Mobile Phone Mast Planned for Sheffield

08-01-2005 18:17

T-mobile have applied for planning permission to put up a 3G mobile phone mast on Psalter Lane, near its highest point, the junction with Brincliffe Hill, within 250 metres of Greystones school. Local people are campaigning to have it stopped.

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Covance laboratories new Animal Lab

07-01-2005 11:55

Covance laboratories are building a new animal torture laboratory at their site in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. If this lab is built then it will be the fate of thousands of animals every year, who will die in cruel, pointless experiments that have no value to human health. Covance have applied for a rodent laboratory. Although have just finished a new large "rodent" lab this is suppose to be phase 2, we suspect this is just a lie to cover-up what the lab is going to be use for and what animals they will experiment on in this new hell hole!

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31-12-2004 02:26


By Celia Farber, in the New York Press:

Let us not forget that Nevirapine is a drug that was pulled by its own manufacturer from use in the West, after an investment of many millions of dollars. It remains banned for use in pregnantfirst-world women.

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Another Aspartame Nightmare

29-12-2004 12:39

Poisoned By Love: The dangers of Aspartame

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MALDIVES Emergency Latest Updates

26-12-2004 15:46

MALDIVES Latest Updates >>>
Dhivehi Observer

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24-12-2004 23:29

Los Angeles Unified 8th grade student NICHOLAS BAKER receives Los Angeles Times Community Service Award.

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The World Bank and the Politics of Hunger

24-12-2004 01:45

Backgrounder on the social origins of world hunger and on the policies of the I.M.F. and World Bank.

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Schroders: Houseboat Family Banned Entry to Schroders International Boat Show

22-12-2004 14:57

Schroders A Family Protest
"The smash hit of the year is back! The 2005 Schroders London Boat Show in association with The Daily Telegraph at ExCeL in London's Docklands from 6th - 16th January offers everything the boating or watersport fan could dream of..." except for one Family, with five young daughters, who have been banned.........

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Vendetta against Anna Scher must stop now

22-12-2004 00:34

Mind UK Service Users in Campaign to support Anna Scher 2005
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