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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Tara Defys Corruption

14-03-2008 03:20

What the interchange will look like at Tara.
Here's some background history and up-dates on what's happening at Tara, Ireland.
Whatever you dream you can do begin it.
Boldness has genius,power & magic in it.
Begin it now.

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Eviction At Tara!!!

13-03-2008 17:29

The M3 Motorway is cutting through one of the most beautiful ancient places in Europe.
Help is needed to support the protesters in County Meath, Ireland who are currently sitting in tunnels, after an illegal dawn raid on the direct action camp this morning!!
UK activists going to Tara this Saturday, for more info contact,
Week of solidarity action starts Paddys Day 17th March, read more....

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pills profit protest ; film night at the vaults this friday (14th march).!

13-03-2008 01:52

pills, profit protest chronicles the international aids protest movement 7.30 at the vaults an ganden on .

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Iris scans for mental health service users

12-03-2008 16:28

The Wells Road Centre, used by mental health service users, introduced iris scanning to control access to the building in January this year. This was, ostensibly, to keep users of the building safe. The scheme has already been discontinued because it was found to be a waste of money.

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1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection

12-03-2008 05:40

Hans Ruesch's book 1000 Doctors Against Vivisection now available online.

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DIY Women's Health Weekend - March 15th - 16th

11-03-2008 23:06

DIY Health Weekend
March 15th-16th @ wominspace
4a Corbridge Crescent
London E2 9DS
Tel. 07939381562

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Sneinton: Festival Planning and Discussing the Future of the Market and Baths

11-03-2008 08:34

Sneinton Alchemy is a project that aims to provide a forum for local residents, community groups and businesses to discuss the future of Sneinton - economically, socially and environmentally. This week the group meets to discuss the future of the Victoria Leisure Centre, and make plans for the Sneinton festival.

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sawley .nr long eaton.greedy garage owner allows mobile phone mast

10-03-2008 10:10

greedy property owner allows mobile phone mast to be errected at wilne lane sawley long eaton ..greed of a wealthy man..never mind locals i get paid 4 it

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March 8th:Newcastle Women make shoppers think twice about buying beauty products

09-03-2008 23:00

A woman's collective caused confusion in make-up counters in department stores and pharmacists in city centre Newcastle on 8th March, International Women's Day. Stickers with slogans such as, 'You're beautiful without make-up' were placed on mirrors and beauty products. Leaflets offering 'free beauty tips', with some of the costs of using beauty products, were inserted into women's magazines in city-centre newsagents.

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Rally for Dignity and Democracy, London 8 March

09-03-2008 17:14

Diana Holland, Unite
Dignity and Democracy for Zimbabwe Rally, London 8 March 2008
Pictures and text.
Pictures copyright © 2008, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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Leeds street medic training, 28th-30th March

06-03-2008 13:28

The UK Action Medics are running a 2 1/2 day street medic training in Leeds at the end of this month. This is a 20 hour course that will teach you the basics of general First Aid, as well as skills to deal with medical situations specific to direct action, such as dealing with chemical weapons and the police. The course will involve scenarios and hands-on practice and, although we cannot offer you any official accreditation, the 2 1/2 day training is the minimum standard for membership of the Action Medics, and will equip you for a wide range of situations, from hypothermia to baton wounds.

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Volunteers or Vultures: Scientology's disaster relief

05-03-2008 16:19

Having given Narconon the once over, a few of our less devout priests decided to take a moment away from tending to our Dark Lord Xenu (his Thetan be praised) to look into Scientology's other most prominent social project, the Volunteer Ministers. They can be seen at most major disasters, from terrorism and university shootings to earthquakes and hurricanes. They even get priviledged information from the Metropolitan Police. Just what are they up to?

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Scientology: what's wrong with Narconon

05-03-2008 13:35

One common response to criticism of the Church of Scientology is to point to its social action projects (less charitably referred to as front groups.) Crime rehabilitation, emergency relief, drug treatment - whatever problems the Church may have internally, they are going out and helping people. Right?

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Nottingham University Nominated For Peta2 US's First 'Most Vegetarian-Friendly Uni

04-03-2008 20:54

After a busy autumn term, Nottingham University Vegetarian & Vegan Society are incredibly proud to be receiving national recogntition. Please help us to further bolster Nottingham's reputation as a veggie and vegan stronghold by casting a vote for us to be the UK's top veggie-friendly university. Thank you!

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Challenging ignorance

04-03-2008 19:43

A new Mental Health Charter was launched in Leicester 4 March

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Anti Incinerator Public Meeting at Rainworth

04-03-2008 19:23

PAIN, ( the group leading the local campaign against the Veolia Incinerator proposals with a meeting scheduled for 7pm at Rainworth Village Hall on Wednesday 12th March, all welcome.

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National Drug Prevention Alliance Funded by Child Abusers!

02-03-2008 22:33

It’s never pleasant to kick a man when he’s down but we’ve never shied away from dirty jobs at the void.

In their own words the National Drug Prevention Alliance (1) plans for the future are sparse:

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McDonalds on 11 H & S charges in Leicester

02-03-2008 21:09

McDonalds face 11 Health and Safety-related charges at Leicester Magistrates' Court on 28 March 2008.

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Victoria Leisure Centre Public Meeting to Oppose Closure

02-03-2008 17:43

On Saturday 1st March, people gathered in the Market Square [at 11.30am], and with street performers and a samba band, snaked their way across the city. They went the the Victoria Leisure Centre.

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Yet More Bollocks About Cannabis

28-02-2008 22:44

We feel a campaign coming on so the void is taking out the prohibitionists one muppet at a time.

It makes a change from shooting fish in barrels.

We’ll leave Debra Bell (1) to fester in her ignorance for a while and move on to Mary Brett, UK spokesperson of ‘Europe Against Drugs!’ or EURA (2) for short.
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