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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Opening the Box: Sarah Shourd on Humane Release for Herman Wallace

20-07-2013 17:47

Herman Wallace, out of solitary, no shackles, on bike.
On July 10, Amnesty International launched a campaign directed at Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, calling for Herman’s immediate release on humanitarian grounds. "After decades of cruel conditions and a conviction that continues to be challenged by the courts, he should be released immediately to his family so that he can be cared for humanely during his last months," said Amnesty USA campaigner Tessa Murphy. A special UK action link is below.

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Please can anyone help Veggies at Peace News Camp

17-07-2013 12:35

Help lovingly appreciated at Peace News camp.Yes your chance to don a magical Veggies t shirt,not available in the shops!!:>)

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UG#653 -The Biopsychosocial Approach (The Growth Of Child Development Disorders)

11-07-2013 10:40

Following on from last week, another show on a very important but commercially sidelined scientific backwater. Dr. Gabor Maté combines personal testimony, anecdotal evidence and a lot of scientific research to tell a story of child development very different to the one pedalled by institutions such as the Drug Industry, the criminal justice system or other profiteers of human disfunctionality. Increasing ill health, Maté suggests, is a natural response to an increasingly sick society.

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Summer Peace News Camp In-Line!

11-07-2013 10:34

How to jump dinner queues at Summer Peace News Camp!!

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UG#652 - Is Humanity In Its Right Mind? (The Rise and Rise Of The Left Brain)

07-07-2013 02:28

This week, a remarkable set of ideas by an unknown speaker with a highly unusual credential (a sleep deprivation record of 11 days) whom I first came across only a few days ago. His ideas are such a close fit with many of the others we have heard on the show that I felt I had to share them with you. If they are even partly true, we all need to know about it.

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Peace News Summer Camp 2013 YES!!!

03-07-2013 09:43

Forget corporate Glastonbury and the rest!Last Call for Peace News Summer Camp 2013.

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Big Vegan Fair in Brum City Centre, Sat 6th July

26-06-2013 21:23

leaflet for event
A vegan paradise is coming to Birmingham City Centre, for one day only! On Saturday 6th July, Carrs Lane Church Centre will be filled with nearly 50 vegan stalls, top vegan caterers, inspiring talks, mouth-watering cookery demos and much more! Open from 10.30am - 4pm. Admission is FREE.

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US Comic TV Satire Of Iowa Congressman Trying To Make Battery Hen Cages Smaller

24-06-2013 18:40

Stephen Colbert's Satire Of US Congressman
US TV comic Stephen Colbert has an hilarious satire on US Iowa congressman Steve King, who wants battery hen cages smaller.

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Why I Don't Eat Meat

13-06-2013 17:24

Owen Parrett MD describes his odyssey to a vegetarian diet and why

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Qantas, Virgin Airlines, 6 US Prison Systems, Join UK's Boo Boo in Pig Flesh Ban

07-06-2013 19:16

Boo Boo, a clothing outlet in the UK, is not the only concern banning pig flesh.
2 Airlines, 6 US State Prison Systems Ban Pig Flesh

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Journal Of The AMA Reports 70,000 Person Study: Vegetarians & Vegans Live Longer

05-06-2013 23:46

A Loma Linda University study of 70,000 people
over 6 years reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association released in June 2013 has found vegans and vegetarians live longer, as have a number of other studies.

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Questioning the Medical Model of 'Psychosis'

03-06-2013 20:33

The article questions the dominant medical model used to understand experiences such as hearing voices, suspiciousness and unusual beliefs. The attached articles start to outline alternative ideas, which connect these experiences to what has happened and is occurring in a person's life.

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Smithfield, World's Biggest Pigkiller with Norwich Holdings, Acquired by Chinese

30-05-2013 18:14

Lives Like Sardines in a Can
Smithfield, the world's largest pigkilling company, with holdings in Norwich, one criticized around the world for its factory farming cruelty, dumping of unprocessed pig waste into the watershed, human disease causation has
been acquired for several billion dollars by a Chinese corporation. Chinese companies already kill 450 million pigs annually.

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Hospital Campaign Song Heading For The Charts

20-05-2013 08:56

Clare Palmer in Studio
CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save acute services at Stafford Hospital have teamed up with a singer-songwriter from the town to release a song in protest of the cuts to the NHS and Mid Staffs.

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UG#636 - Bilking The Afflicted (Addiction, Drugs & Capitalism)

11-05-2013 15:33

This episode we turn our attention to the 'War on Drugs', which as addiction specialist Gabor Maté points out is of course a war on drug users. We start with a hour on "The Science of Drug Politics" by former UK Government Chief Drugs advisor, Professor David Nutt whose testimony clearly suggests that scientific considerations were of minor interest to the politicians he was supposed to advise. Next we hear Dr. Maté who touches on some of the reasons why the War On Drugs may not be failure after all...

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American "Leftist" TV Show Promotes Pigeating

10-05-2013 20:58

"Steer" 534
An American tv show ostensibly leftist has given animal flesh promoter Michael Pollan
one hour on publicly owned airwaves to promote the toxic disease, environmental devastation, animal agony, energy waste and expense of eating mammals.

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Britain’s Poverty Addiction

09-05-2013 08:28

I was absolutely horrified to read that the UK Government may be underestimating the numbers of families in poverty, by up to an estimated 40%, according to academics at Edinburgh University.

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Residents rally at 6 PM at Trahorn Close E1 focuses on Tower Hamlets Council

07-05-2013 13:34

Tower Hamlets Council's transfer of Council housing stock was done under dubious
promises. One promise Tower Hamlets Council made was that tenants, residents would enjoy the same rights when their homes were taken over by the "social landlords" as they had enjoyed under Council control.
This evening, Tuesday 07 May 2013, residents at the Trahorn Close, near Vallance Road, are rallying to question Tower Hamlets Council's pledge.
They have already petitioned the Borough’s “executive Mayor” Lutfur Rahman demanding action over the “social landlord” outfit’s behaviour.

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Howard Lyman Continues To Expose Mad Cow Incidence In US And Elsewhere

02-05-2013 21:01

Hero Howard Lyman
The Canadian Parliament has been investigating the
fraud regarding US testing for Mad Cow. Recent
outbreaks in Brazil, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan,
Switzerland and the US to name a few make silence
on this issue criminal.

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Bayer Shareholder Meeting Speech by Valerie Williams

26-04-2013 21:29

Good afternoon. My name is Valerie Williams and I speak on behalf of the victims of the Association for Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Testing in the UK. I also speak as a mother of a Primodos/Duogynon victim, a drug which has had a tremendous impact on thousands of lives across the globe, the wildlife, and environment.
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