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UK Health Newswire Archive

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xtra invest 4 recycling in scotland:-)

27-09-2004 22:49

below is a random news stream and comment, mostly drawn from the bbc, covering the last six months progress etc... big up

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TETRA mast in central Oxford

27-09-2004 14:59

Their is compelling evidence that the new police radio communications system, TETRA, poses a considerable threat to health. See

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27-09-2004 10:00

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money are being passed over to private companies by your council. Article today Monday 27 September 2004 in THE DAILY TELEGRAPH page 32
How much do YOU pay to have your council rubbish bin being cleaned?
Is it done properly? How many times a month is it actually done?
Are YOU happy enough with their services?

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BRENT Council appalling ways

27-09-2004 09:39

Do you know at which dates please?

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Chemtrails, Greenpeace and er... donations

21-09-2004 11:58

Greenpeace has been conspicuously silent on the subject of chemtrails. If it was a question of maintaining their integrity, why do they not come out and state categorically that chemtrails do not exist. Instead they appear to be hedging their bets, or maybe just firmly stuck on a fence of compromise.

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20-09-2004 02:43

MAD CHICKS is launching with a glorious afternoon of mad women's art, writing, discussion, workshops, info fair, creche, massage, cafe and video followed by an evening of live art, comedy and musical abandon on November 27th.

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The Truth behind the Vaccine Coverup

08-09-2004 16:12

This information should be shared with as many people as possible, if you take a few moments of your time to share this you may save a child a lifetime of suffering.

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Cyclists force City of London 20mph zone u-turn in High Court

06-09-2004 16:17

Campaigners outside the High Court handing out leaflets
Cycling in central London could become a whole lot safer thanks to a groundbreaking court victory to revive plans for a 20mph zone. A 20mph speed limit could mean far more and lead to the centre of the capital being a vibrant space for people not a congested corridor for cars.

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Infected rubbish council bins

06-09-2004 14:37


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biotech review exeter

06-09-2004 12:02

tonight, exeter, disclosure of gm info: farm scale trials

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Officials Halt MMR Vaccine: Brazil

05-09-2004 17:44

this was in my inbox.. it concerns the MMR vacine, seems quite informative

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ALMO - half way privatisation, Labour government betray council tenants!

04-09-2004 12:28

ALMO ownership by 2006
Arm’s-length management organisations could take over ownership of council homes by 2006 under radical new proposals drawn up by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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McDonald's trashing today!

03-09-2004 11:14

supersize me!
Tonight at 8pm at the rampART (15-17 Rampart Street, off commercial rd)

FREE unofficial premiere of SUPERSIZE ME, the latest McDonald's trashing blockbuster movie from the USA. Plus the McLibel documentary Two Worlds Collide, plus McSpotlight, plus a twenty minute version of THE CORPORATION, plus much more AND BURGERS!

Watch the film, JUDGE FOR YOURSELF...

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McLibel case in Strasbourg court

02-09-2004 16:03

Media Release: 31st August 2004

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Nuclear Solutions Lost In Ambiguity

01-09-2004 15:31

Ambiguity: Mordechai Vanunu; a lawyer in Israel representing Dimona employees; two solutions for nuclear waste that give us alternative viable energy; a portable nuclear weapons detection system since 1999; blackmail and extortion; another dead scientist and the closing of the National Lab in Los Alamos

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MICRA march on Town Hall

01-09-2004 13:24

Local children join the protest
Marybone Inner City Residents Association march 1st September

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Anti-Copyright Cinema : SUPERSIZE ME! : this friday @ rampART

31-08-2004 23:51

Friday Night Anti-Copyright Cinema @ the Rampart Social Centre

On the 25th August, Tufnells Parks' ex-Grand Banks Social Centre was evicted in a pre-dawn raid by baliffs and police. The liberated space had been a thriving centre of community activitiy for over six months. One of the regular events, held every Friday evening, was the Anti-Copyright Cinema. Described as acts of disobedience against intellectual property rights and the monopolisation of accumulative knowledge - free films in other words!

This week only (in defiance against the closure of autonomous spaces and in solidarity with those who have had their social centre taken away from them), the rampART is hosting it's own Friday Evening Anti-copyright Cinema, featuring a premiere of Supersize Me which gets it's official release in UK cinemas seven days later.

Also screening
* The Corporation (19 minute version)
* Consumption
and, if we can obtain copies in time
* McLibel Two Worlds Collide
* McSpotlight the video
plus loads of other amusing shorts.

There will be appropriate food and drink available (do you want fries with that?)
and a late night jam session (so bring your instruments) as we'll have the stage and PA setup for the gig on Saturday night [4th Sept : Gertrude + God Like Animals + The Rub]

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200 Birds: The First Victims of Dimona's Nuclear Reactor

24-08-2004 14:52

GAZA, August 24, 2004 (IPC + Al Bayan) -- Israeli environmental officials declared that about 200 migrating birds between Africa and Europe died when they stopped near the Israeli nuclear reactor Dimona.

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mcdonald's action today

20-08-2004 11:19

Today McDonald's are filming an advert in Whitechapel at the McDonald's opposite the hospital in commerical rd. activists are invited to attended...

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Report of Venezuela Solidarity day in Edinburgh with 6 photos

15-08-2004 20:45

Banner at start of march.
Here is a short report with 6 photos of today's Venezuela solidarity march in Edinburgh. Six photos of the day are attached as well as an AP (Associated Press) article on the election turnout.
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