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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Planning Application Now In for UKCMRI Huge Lab proposed for Central London

03-10-2010 13:51

After years of controversy a planning application for the huge UKCMRI bioresearch laboratory proposed for central London has now been registered with Camden Council. Anyone living anywhere can email or write to the council with objections/comments - there is a limited amount of time for people to put in objections, officially until 14th October 2010. More details below......

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Stop Nuclear Power UK gathering

30-09-2010 17:36

- Meet, make plans, take action -

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New Aldermaston nuclear W.M.D. facility rubber-stamped

30-09-2010 11:00

West Berkshire Council has approved another multi-million pound nuclear warhead facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston, England despite 1331 objections from members of the public. The new hydronamics facility, or 'Project Hydrus', will form an integral part of the £5bn+ ongoing modernisation of AWE designed to equip it for producing a new generation of nuclear warheads, with no public consultation or parliamentary scrutiny or debate.

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Risk of another Chernobyl disaster with new EPR nuclear reactor design

30-09-2010 10:38

The French Nuclear Phase-Out Network (Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire) has received new confidential internal documents belonging to French utility EDF that show that flaws in the Areva EPR nuclear reactor design, the same type due to be built by EDF at Hinkley Point in Somerset and Sizewell in Suffolk, could lead to a Chernobyl-type disaster.

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Devonport Big Blockade, Plymouth - 1st November 2010

29-09-2010 13:06

Aldermaston blockade, Feb 2010 (D. Viesnik)
On Monday 1st November, join Trident Ploughshares for the Big Blockade of the Devonport nuclear submarine base in Plymouth, Devon.

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An age of consent of 14?

27-09-2010 15:33

Peter Tatchell’s speech to the Sex and the Law conference in Sheffield, England, on 23 September 2010, organised the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health:

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Obama signs legislation to make supplements and alternative remedies illegal

26-09-2010 20:12

Right through the back door, while everyone was focused on the gulf oil spill, Barack Obama gave his signature to legislation permitting the U.S. Government to outlaw supplements and alternative health treatments.

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Pope logo

15-09-2010 16:11

An old but appropriate logo for the Pope's visit.

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Environmental Justice Groups’ Concern Continue As Carson-Gore School Opens

14-09-2010 03:50

Parent Exposed to Toxic Vapors from Nearby Oil Operations

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UG#516 - The Politics & Economics of Food (Promoting Famine & Creating Sickness)

13-09-2010 06:34


This week's show looks at food, focussing specifically on the US food system. In our first hour, we hear from Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food. He speaks of the economic pressures that promote energy intensive agribusiness and the growing backlash and grassroots opposition. He casts doubt on the modern, reductionist approach to understanding food, remarking that "in matters of food, so far, culture, historically has been a more reliable guide to what to eat than science." In our second hour, we hear from Raj Patel, author of "Stuffed and Starved", on "The Hidden Battle for the World Food System".

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Alternative Vegan Festival, London

10-09-2010 13:00

Can't afford to be vegan? Think again... veganism isn't a privilege for the rich!

The Alternative Vegan Festival is a DIY, grassroots event which will show how being vegan doesn't have to cost the Earth.

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Victory for Queens Market!!

09-09-2010 19:54

After six years of local resistance, property developer finally throws in the towel with its plans to redevelop Queens Market in Newham, East London

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Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-Reporting of Fallujah's Cancer Catastrophe

07-09-2010 14:00

Compassion is sometimes a central theme of media reporting. On August 25, journalists across the UK described how a British woman, Mary Bale, had been filmed dropping a cat into a wheelie bin. The cat was later released unharmed. The Guardian reported and commented on the story on August 24 and 25. Matt Seaton wrote:

“OK, there are lots of acts of random cruelty involving humans on humans every day, but this was somebody's pet, for Pete's sake. Who would do such a thing?” (

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Warhead Lab Plans Prompt Blockade of Nuclear Weapons Factory

07-09-2010 05:29

Credit: B. Larkin / Trident Ploughshares
Around twenty members and supporters of Trident Ploughshares joined a blockade and protest at one of the gates to the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston, Berkshire during this morning’s rush hour in protest at plans to build a new multi-million pound warhead testing facility at the site. Four of the activists chained themselves together with arm tubes and lay down in front of the gate for two hours, but released themselves without any of them being arrested at around 9.30am. Others stood close to them with banners, and sang songs. Many workers trying to enter the base were diverted away by Ministry of Defence police, who were in attendance; but traffic on the public highway appeared to be unaffected.

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The Bath Vegan Fayre 2010: “Fayre Play”

05-09-2010 18:11

Campaigners and volunteers with Bath Animal Action are pleased to announce that the Bath Vegan Fayre 2010 event went swimmingly yesterday, with over 150 happy punters passing through the doors.

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Male's discrimination

04-09-2010 17:42

Male's discrimination: does it exist, where it exist and how does it works

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Bullying Council Takes Anti-Open Cast Community Council to Court

30-08-2010 18:28

South Lanarkshire Council threatens Douglas Community Council after they reveal corruption.

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SSHD and ACMD to be judicially reviewed re Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

30-08-2010 01:35

Incarcerated US LSD chemist, serving 20 years in UK, seeks to judicially review the SSHD's and the ACMD's political exclusion of alcohol and tobacco from the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Though the claim is in the public interest, Casey Hardison ultimately wants equal treatment.

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Bath Vegan Fayre announcement

25-08-2010 15:37

Get ready to tickle your taste buds in the westcountry...
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