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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Save east London hospital - march and rally on 2 Feb, 2007

28-01-2007 14:19

March and rally planned to highlight anger at proposed closure of Whipps Cross hospital in Leyton, east London.

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Livermore Pro-Nukers Move to Kill More in San Francisco Area

28-01-2007 03:17

Normally, the weaponized radioactive poison gas munitions are to be used on America's many "terrorists" enemies around the globe. The battlefield product has no "turn off" switch and is deadly forever. Apparently, the rogue Livermore Nuker Lab has declared war on San Francisco.

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“Sea rise would inundate German nuclear waste dumps”

26-01-2007 22:04

German nuclear opponents say a predicted rise in sea level of up to seven and a half metres in the next ten to thirty years would inundate the Gorleben nuclear waste depots and put radioactive isotopes into the biosphere.

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Bayer reaches settlement over drug disclosure

24-01-2007 18:31

Bayer Corp. will pay $8 million to 30 states, including $200,000 to Texas, as part of a settlement requiring the company to fully disclose when drugs pose risks for patients with specific health conditions. take note, these are the same people who if phoney Bliar had his way would be growing YOUR food, not surprising that they are about as trust worthy as he.

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'Survivors' of truama and abuse caused by Ombudsman... Reply from LGOwatch....

24-01-2007 14:06

I am tryingto gather up further support and ask further advice and any action that needs to be taken urgently on this matter with Local Goverment Ombudsman's abusive behaviour is being monitored by Gary Powell and other at LGOWatch, in which is impacting on some of the most vulnerable disabled people and their familes and carers within our society here in the UK which is causing many 'victims' of basic human rights abuses.

With others within the disabled peoples and other movements in the UK I am asking for allies within the UK and global indymedia on this urgent basic human rights matter. Please read below....

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Stop Lydd Airport Expanstion-Public Mtg etc.

20-01-2007 16:30

Rspb to hold public meeting against Lydd Airport Expansion- Council consultation period opens...

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MP yet again pictured promoting McDonald's

19-01-2007 17:35

For the second time in a week, Gerald Howarth MP is pictured promoting McDonald's.

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Haiti: Outbreak of Sickness in Prisons

18-01-2007 02:21

A newly released investigation into the deadly scourge of Beri-beri in Haiti's National Penitentiary uncovered evidence that the clash between the manufacturing process used in U.S. processed rice and the traditional Haitian rice cooking method has been killing poor young men behind bars and leaving others morbidly ill. - Jeb Sprague and Eunida Alexandra*

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MP promotes junk food

17-01-2007 13:24

Aldershot's MP serves up a Big Mac
Obviously oblivious to the links with childhood obesity and aggression, and probably doesn't care, Gerald Howarth MP was recently pictured on the front page of his local paper serving a Big Mac.

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Indonesia and South Africa banning neurotoxic artificial sweetener Aspartame

13-01-2007 17:21

For different reasons, each Nation is moving towards such a ban, eventually to result in medical bans resulting from neurotoxic by products of aspartame, including methanol, formaldehyde, and diketopiperazine. Legislation proceeds in NM Legislature to the same for New Mexico, sponsored by NM Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino.

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Crucial petition on People living with Autism/NeuroDiversity basic human rights

12-01-2007 13:01

Can I ask all my friends and allies within Indymedia and other networks, to follow Larry Arnold, myself and others within the 'NeuroDiversity' movement to sign this petition... Larry has educated me in why 'you' should follow him, others and myself in signing this petition...... Larry said..... see below....

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Lords consider mental health laws

10-01-2007 16:48

He said: "People should retain as much autonomy as possible. People may have decision-making ability over many of the areas where decisions need to be made.

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Collins Stewart London Boat Show Banned Family - Limited Picket

10-01-2007 12:07

St. Stephen's Entrance BMF House of Commons Dinner Picket
Apparently, ‘Kids Go Free!’ at this year’s Collins Stewart London Boat Show but not if you belong to the SHALOM Family from Wales - previously banned by BMF National Boat Shows Limited, following their Houseboat eviction by Crest Nicholson plc. This year at Excel, the Family highlight peaceful request to Tullett Prebon plc, owners of Collins Stewart, London boat show main sponsors.

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Advertising Cancer Infects NHS

09-01-2007 18:46

Yes, you read it right. Now that we have 'choice' in what hospitals we consume (sorry, 'use'), Merseyside NHS hospitals are going to start flaunting their wares in public spaces, in a bid to make you choose Southport General over the Royal Liverpool or whatever. Of course, as with any business, the money spent on advertising will not be available for wages or the actual services. And in hospitals, the services are quite important.

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Fortnightly rubbish collection creating a plague of rats

08-01-2007 12:04

Across the country, fortnightly rubbish collection is creating a plague of rats.

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Green Hero : Erv Klaas, Ames, USA

07-01-2007 20:00

Erv Klaas
Green Seniors is pleased to recognize the environmental work of Erwin “Erv” Klaas, our featured Green Hero. Erv is Professor Emeritus of Animal Ecology at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. To the people of Ames, he is known as the person who spearheaded the effort that safeguarded our city water supply and created a beautiful city park for all to enjoy.

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Manchester Bicycle Exhibition

05-01-2007 18:12

Manchester Bicycle Exhibition will be taking place from Friday 30th March to Friday 20th April at The Basement, 24 Lever Street Manchester M1.

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NYT exposes Eli Lilly lies about Zyprexa

30-12-2006 04:55

"Eli Lilly Said to Play Down Risk of Top Pill"
"Eli Lilly Said to Play Down Risk of Top Pill"

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"Scientist" The Board Game! - Vivisection fun for all the family!

30-12-2006 01:16

"Scientist" The Board Game....

This fantastic board game takes you through the world of medical research and is suitable for all ages!

Will you be respected by your peers or end up a nobody? Roll the dice to find out!

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Critical mass this Friday 29th Dec

27-12-2006 16:29

The next critical mass bike ride in Manchester is Friday 29th December
We suspect lots of santa's will be on bicycles!
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